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The names Karina and Ronald won’t be strange names if you are a YouTube regular. Karina and Ronald are the young Tube personalities who have an astonishing number of subscribers on their YouTube channel “Sis vs Bro”. Social media platforms have become a lot more than an avenue for entertainment or passage of information, they have now been used as a fast stream of income even for children – with little or no professional experience.

The Sis vs Bro channel was launched in May 2016. It includes DIY (Do It Yourself) videos, competitions between the siblings, among other activities. The channel is not the only one owned by the siblings; they both have their individual channels. Karina is popularly known as GamerGirl while Ronaldo goes by moniker RonaldOMG.

All You Need To Know About Karina and Ronald of Sis vs Bro

Karina (GamerGirl)

Sis vs Bro

Karina is the elder sister of Ronald. She was born Karina Calor in Canada on March 23, 2007. Pictures of her parents have been shared by her on the internet, however, their names are not known. The internet sensation currently leaves in Spain with her family and attends an institution in Spain – the name of which is not known as she has not disclosed it.

She seems to have a very close relationship with her family as she shares photos of family trips and other activities which involves her family on the internet. Karina is also a kind and caring sister who likes to spend time with her younger brother, Ronald.

Karina Calor is a popular young girl due to her presence on YouTube. She began featuring on the social media platform in November 2015 with her channel which she hosted originally called Karina Kutzawa. The channel was created to show her personal vlogging, DIY videos, and product promotions. Her first video on this channel was How to make DIY Picture Frame | Easy Kids Crafts and it has had 540,000 views since it was uploaded in February, 16th, 2016.

The young vlogger was very active in the first four months of its launch but gave it a break and returned a month later – bigger and better. While uploading more videos on her first channel, she launched yet another one called GamerGirl in April 2016.  Its content includes games and game reviews. She keeps her subscribers and casual viewers coming back for more with her eccentric and interesting video upload, it is little wonder then that she has an amazing 2.9 million subscribers and millions of likes and views on almost every post.

Karina has a total worth of $2.5 million which she has accumulated from her personal YouTube channel (two of them) and the channel she runs with her kid brother Roland – Sis vs Bro.

Ronald (RonaldOMG)

Sis vs Bro

Ronald was born on September 5, 2008, in Canada to the same parents as Karina. He also resides in Spain and attends the same school as his sister. Asides the joint YouTube channel that he co-hosts with Karina, he also has a personal YouTube channel named RonaldOMG which was launched in early 2016.

He became popular even before he owned his YouTube channel because as a much younger kid, he was a famous gamer for Roblox and Minecraft. Roblox is a gaming platform that allows users to play a wide variety of games and also allows them to create their own games.

However, with his YouTube channel, RolandOMG, came increased popularity. His channel mainly features gameplay videos of Roblox, live games, gameplay tutorial, and commentaries on the game progression. His ever first video on this channel was MINECRAFT: BLOODIEST CRAFT. Since its uploading until now it has had an amazing number of views and likes. He has 2.1 million subscribers to his channel.

Some of the young gamer’s most popular videos are Escape From The Office Obby, CREPPY PERSON, My Final House, etc. His most-watched video is Murder Mystery Roblox. His channel is very children friendly and has no use of R rated words, images or expression. Its contents are very safe for kids and adults alike.

Roland makes a whole lot from his regular and very popular videos on YouTube. With RonaldOMG and the number of views he gets, he earns around $19,000 a month and $700,000 yearly. In addition to the income generated from Sis vs Bro, the gamer is worth $500,000.

About The YouTube Channel – Sis vs Bro

Wherever the duo got their idea for this channel is simply fantastic and about 6 million people – active subscribers – agrees. Asides their individual channels, Karina and Roland own their collective channel called Sis vs Bro. The channel was launched on March 16, 2016, with the video What’s in my mouth challenge! | Kids Playing. The channel is the duo greatest success in YouTube channels and has garnered them a whopping 6 million subscribers. Beat that!

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The regular routine of the channel includes questionnaires, funny challenging videos, vlogs, gaming advice, gaming tutorials and a whole lot more. The years that followed its launched have smiled on the siblings and have seen very successful videos such as the Nighttime Routine which has about 50 million views so far.

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