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Kala Savage is an actress who seems to be cut out for acting since birth. She started acting even before she was a teenager and has come to appear in a number of films and TV shows. Although she didn’t get to have many roles to her name between the times she started acting and when she stopped, Savage has become popular for some of her roles including Undressed and Santa Barbara among others.

She has also been involved in music as a member of the band Biirdie together with her husband Jared Flamm and Richard Gowen. Here is all there is to know about the multitalented actress and singer.

Kala Savage Biography (Age)

While she has come to be famous simply as Kala Savage, the actress was born Kala Lynne Savage on October 16, 1978, in Highland Park, Illinois, U.S.

The actress and musician is a Jew and has her roots traced to Poland, Ukraine, Germany, and Latvia, from where her grandparents came. Because of that, she grew up in Reform Judaism.

Kala was brought up alongside two siblings; an older brother Fred Aaron Savage who is a famous producer, director, and actor known for works such as The Wonder Years, The Grinder, and most recently, Friends from College. Her other brother is Ben Savage who also happens to be in the entertainment cycle as an actor known for Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, and A Family for Joe among many others.

Just like her other siblings, Kala started her career as an actress since she was a little girl, even before her teenage years. Interestingly, her parents were not involved in any way in the entertainment business. While her father worked as an industrial real estate broker, her mother, Joanne, was a consultant.

Kala got her first acting job as a film actress in 1989 when she was just 11 and was offered the role of Little Monster in the film, Little Monsters. The next role that she would take as a film actress was Vanessa in Dead Write and then Raven in the Allison R. Hebble and Zed Starkovich-directed romantic film, La Cucina. Both movies were in 2007 and they became her last films to date.

Kala Savage has had more roles on TV, also starting in 1989 when she got to appear in Santa Barbara, playing the role of Anisa. In 1999, she appeared in Undress as Gwen and then in 2001 she was in That ’70s Show as Teenage Paula, Diagnosis Murder as Sandra, and Felicity as Lila Rotundi. In 2002, Savage was in NYPD Blue, then she also appeared on Boston Public in 2003, 8 Simple Rules from 2003 to 2004, and then in what has come to be her last acting role in 2008 when she was in an episode of Aliens in America.

In 2003, Kala Savage got married to Jared Flamm who according to some sources, she had dated since 2001. The two would go on to join Richard Gowen to start the Los Angeles based band, Biirdie.

The band remained active until 2010, the last time they posted anything on their social media platforms. In its active years, Biirdie released two albums but did not record any serious success beyond Los Angeles. It first album Morning Kills the Dark was released in 2005 and then in 2007, it released Catherine Avenue.

Net Worth of The Actress

Kala Savage is a woman who has been involved in a number of things in the past. Coming from a successful family, she has also recorded some successes as an actress but nothing serious as a musician. Since she has stepped off the entertainment scene, nothing serious is known about her and what she has in terms of net worth and earnings.

However, as stated, her brothers have been successful in their careers as while Ben Savage has a net worth that is estimated at $12 million US dollars, Fred Savage is said to have a net worth of $18 million dollars. Both brothers made their fortune from their careers in Hollywood.

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What Is The Height of Kala Savage?

Needless to say, Savage is a woman who has been blessed with beauty and good body build. In the department of height, the actress stands at only 5 feet 4 inches (1.65 meters). She has a body weight of 123.46 pounds (56 kg).