Jyoti Amge
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Her pictures are one of the easily recognized search engine results on the internet. She holds the record of the world’s smallest living woman but has turned around the misfortune (if it were to be termed that way) life brought her to earth with. Jyoti Amge is living life to the fullest and is, in fact, more famous than the tallest person that was born on the same day as her.

In recent times, she has become the much talked about for doing ordinarily what most women of her age normally do – she got married and this got a lot of people wondering for “reasons” best known to them. Perhaps you are wondering too if she is really married? Find out more about that in this article as you read on. You will also learn a couple of things about her you probably never knew. So read on…

Family and Childhood of the World’s Smallest Woman – Jyoti Amge

Jyoti was born the 16th day of December in the year 1993 in Nagpur, India as the daughter of Kishanji Amge (father) and Ranjana Amge (mother). In her family were four others who are her beloved siblings; Archana Amge, Rupali Amge, and Vaishali Amge are her sisters while Satish Amge is her only known brother.

Growing up, which you can well guess was pretty anomalous for her parents and others around her, she got enrolled at the local children’s school in Nagpur. While in school, she was remarkable for having her own customized miniature chair and desk set right in the middle of the front row in the class. The regular school furniture was typically gigantic for her and would have made her schooling days wasted.

Her other personal effects like clothes, shoes, jewellery, plates, utensils, bed and other basic necessities most women need are custom made to measurements that will just be ideal for her. These where all in a bid to make life seem as normal as it could to her and thank goodness it did work out well.

Jyoti Amge
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Well, her school books, textbooks, and other stationeries weren’t custom made for her. She made do with the regular and this didn’t in anyway set her on an unequal footing with the rest of her classmates. For all we know, Jyoti Amge wasn’t reported to be academically handicapped, neither was she known to be a number cruncher. At best, she has brains that function/ed just the way they should at any age she was and is.

Not much information exists on Jyoti’s background, but from all that can be deduced from the events in her life, she embraced life with a positive outlook and made do with every opportunity that came her way.

She is gradually rising in the ladder of Bollywood celebrities as she has featured in a couple of films. In 2009, she was the lead cast in the movie Body Shock: Two Foot Tall Teen and equally was a guest participant Bigg Boss 6 a popular Indian television show. In 2012 she was with Canale 5 (an Italian channel), with  Teo Mammucari as a co-host of the show Lo show dei while in 2014, precisely in the month of August, she got her biggest role yet as she was cast in the American horror story Freak Show where she played the role of “Ma petite,” a character you rightfully guesses depicts her stature. The movie premiered on 8th October 2014

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She hopes to be a top star in Hollywood and is determined to work her way up to the top as she has always done with things in her life.

Jyoti Amge’s Husband

Jyoti Amge
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The world’s smallest woman is not without a man in her life, contrary to expectations. Love found her just the way she is, probably the same way it would have found her if she were taller like most other ladies. Pictures of her and her heartthrob exactly the one above surfaced on the internet on 30th August 2017.

Her husband, from the look of his pictures, is obviously not on the short side in terms of height, he looks and should be around 5 feet or so and most likely should be Indian. Though details of her marriage and personality of her husband are not publicly known, one can easily infer that this union is simply nothing else but “love in action.”

Jyoti Amge still enjoys her married life with her husband, if you are guessing whether she is going to have a baby or not, well, we don’t know for now; that should be decided between Jyoti, her husband and of course the doctors. Nonetheless, her marriage is still going on fine and there are no rumours making the rounds about it.

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