Justin Hakuta

Justin Hakuta is not an actor, comedian, nor does he have anything to do with the show business, however his marriage to someone in that line of work has made him a subject of interest in the media. That person is no one else other than the California-born comedian Ali Wong whose career is only getting better by the year with a couple of Netflix Specials under her belt. Justin Hakuta’s mild popularity in pop culture is all thanks to his wife Ali Wong whose material is half made up of jokes about her husband. Here is to satisfy your curiosity about what you’ve always wanted to know about Ali Wong’s husband, Justin Hakuta.

Who Is Justin Hakuta? (Bio)

Justin Hakuta may be best known in the media as Ali Wong’s husband, but there is much more to him than his marriage to the ace comedian. The Filipino-Japanese entrepreneur may not be an entertainer but Hakuta does have some artistic genes as he was born to a father who was a fairly popular television personality in the 1980s.

Named Ken Hakuta, Justin Hakuta’s father is best known as the host of the popular kiddies show The Dr. Fad Show which focused on educating kids about scientific inventions. In addition to his hosting duties, Hakuta’s father also excelled as an inventor and a businessman.

He was a recipient of many awards including the Inventor of the Year Award given to him by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Ken Hakuta reportedly made a fortune of about $20 million from selling the Wacky Wall Walker toys which were a fad in the 80s. He is also the founder of the eCommerce site Allherb.com which sells herbal remedy products.

Justin Hakuta’s mother is named Marilou Cantiller, a Filipino who works with the World Bank where she met Hakuta’s father Ken. They had both worked in the World Bank before Ken dabbled in show business. At one point, she worked as a research assistant in the legal arm of the world bank.

Hakuta’s parents got married 1977 and the day they had Justin was on the 18th of October 1982, and also had two other children named Kenzo and Aki. The three were raised in near Washington National Cathedral where his parents owned a Victorian mansion.

For his education, he attended Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C and got his college education from the Carnegie Mellon University from where he earned a B.S. in Decision Science and minored in Spanish. He graduated in 2004 but while at the school, spent a year at ITESM where he studied cognitive psychology, economics and Mexican history.

Fresh out of college, Justin Hakuta spent a few months working as a sales associate at Honest Team before joining the Center for Court Innovation as a research analyst. After becoming a Fullbright Scholar with the Institute of International Education in Manila, Philippines, Hakuta returned to the US in 2008 to attend Harvard. Three years later in 2011, he earned an MBA from the prestigious college.

His Net Worth

Justin Hakuta obviously inherited his father’s business acumen and has done very well for himself in his career as an entrepreneur. After graduating from Harvard, Hakuta went ahead to found a number of businesses and organizations that have achieved impressive success.

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Hakuta, like his father, has a passion for health and general wellbeing and has tailored his career around his passion. Per his LinkedIn profile, He has worked for health and wellness institutions like; Seventh Generation and Patagonia.

He launched philanthropic organizations like All Day Buffet, and The Human Trafficking Project. For over two years, he served as the Product strategist at DIRECTV- Digital Innovation Lab. He later worked as a product manager at Cargomatic, Inc. before joining GoodRx in August 2016 where he now serves as the Vice President of Product. Justin Hakuta is also the founder of YogaStart, an online application for yoga.

He has never made any of his earnings public, thus making it difficult to estimate just how much he is worth. However, it is most likely that Justin Hakuta has booked a seat in the millionaire’s club. His wife, on the other hand, is said to be worth over $2 million.

Other Facts About Ali Wong’s Husband

Justin Hakuta with wife Ali Wong – Instagram/aliwong

• Justin Hakuta’s parents are masters in Japanese cuisine and passed on the cooking abilities to him as he loves to cook most of the meals at his home.

• The doting hysband gets to vet all of his wife’s material involving him before she puts them out publicly.

• For three years, Justin Hakuta served as the Vice President of the Young Alumni of the Harvard Business School Association of Southern California.

• He met his wife Ali Wong at a wedding in 2010 and they got married on the 27th of November 2014.

• Hakuta shares two kids with Wong.

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