Justin Bieber’s Net Worth, House and Cars He Lavishly Spends On

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who has a net worth of $285 million. Among other things, Justin Bieber’s net worth currently estimated at $285 million proves he’s one of the most successful personalities in the music industry.

The Canadian singer began his career in a massive way. After he joined RBMG Records in 2008, he dropped his debut EP titled “My World” the following year and made history as the first singer to have seven songs from a debut release chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Bieber is yet to take a break since then; he became a teen idol and is now vastly regarded as one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

No one needs to be told that the music career of the pop star is the primary source of his massive fortune. But over time, the “Baby” hitmaker has been able to capitalize on his popularity to make money from other avenues. While he continues to pull in millions of dollars for himself every year, his multitude of fans and indeed the public at large have become curious about what the singer does with his money. Also, his life has been gauged by the kind of house he resides in as well as the kind of car he drives. Such information about Bieber is never hidden, thanks to the media and paparazzi that follow him like his shadow.

Justin Bieber’s Music Career Is The Major Source of His Massive Net Worth 

Justin Bieber is the only child of Jeremy Jack Bieber, a former carpenter and pro-am mixed martial artist, and Patricia “Pattie” Mallette. Pattie had a rough childhood that led to the birth of the popular singer and, she was never married to Justin’s father. For a while in the early years of Justin Bieber’s life, his father was hardly around and Pattie had to take on the responsibility of raising Bieber.

Justin Bieber has always been drawn to music. At a very young age, he learned how to play multiple musical instruments like trumpet, piano, guitar, and drums. His mother noticed he would thrive in the music industry and gave him all the support he needed. His breakthrough came when he participated in a local singing competition in 2007. A 12-years-old Bieber performed Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” and as fate would have it, his mother recorded the performance and later shared it on YouTube, not for the public: her intent was to showcase his son to members of their family and friend.

She also continued to share other videos of Bieber performing R&B songs of already established artists. The YouTube page became popular over time and when Scooter Braun stumbled upon one of the videos, it marked the beginning of Justin Bieber’s career. Braun tracked down Bieber and he soon began singing for Usher. In 2008, he was signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG), a recording company co-founded by Braun and Usher.

List of the Most Popular Songs of The Canadian Singer

  • “Baby”
  • “Never Say Never”
  • “Boyfriend”
  • “Love Yourself”
  • “Sorry”
  • “As Long as You Love Me”
  • “Intentions”
  • “10,000 Hours”
  • “Yummy”
  • “I Don’t Care”
  • “Where Are Ü Now”
  • “What Do You Mean?”
  • “Mistletoe”
  • “Friends”
  • “Beauty and a Beat”
  • “One Time”
  • “One Less Lonely Girl”
  • “Eenie Meenie”
  • “All Around the World”
  • “Holy”
  • “All That Matters”
  • “Confident”
  • “Company”
  • “Somebody to Love”
  • “U Smile”
  • “Pray”
  • “Lonely”

The “Baby” Singer Has Sold an Estimated 150 Million Records

Justin wasted no time in popularizing his name in the music industry. He released his debut EP “My World” in late 2009 and immediately became a force to reckon with in the competitive industry. His body of work now includes six studio albums, three remix albums, and three compilation albums.

The singer released his full-length debut studio album titled “My World 2.0” in 2010 and it solidified Bieber’s status as a hitmaker. The album dominated the charts not only in the United States and Canada but in other nations like Australia where it equally attained multi-platinum certification. The following year, he released a remix album, “Never Say Never: The Remixes” and his sophomore album, “Under the Mistletoe”: they were both a commercial success. People were still hooked on his 2011 releases when the singer dropped his third studio album “Believe” in 2012. The album topped the charts in no fewer than 16 countries.

He waited until 2015 before he released his fourth studio album, “Purpose”. Debuting atop the US Billboard 200 chart, the album sold over half a million copies in its first week. Bieber’s fifth studio album “Changes” came in February 2020 and also debuted atop the US Billboard 200. He is working on his sixth studio album “Justice”, it is expected that the album would be released on the 19th of March 2021. In all, it is estimated that he has sold as many as 150 million records across the globe. Almost all of his albums received more than one platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America.

Highest-selling Albums of Justine Bieber and How Much They Made

  • My World 2.0 (EP – 2009)
    • Copies Sold – 1,080,000
    • Amount Generated – $15.1 Million
  • My World 2.0 (2010)
    • Copies Sold – Over 4.1 Million
    • Amount Generated – $57.4 Million
  • Under the Mistletoe (2011)
    • Copies Sold – Over 1.5 Million
    • Amount Generated – $18 Million
  • Believe (2012)
    • Copies Sold – Over 1.8 Million
    • Amount Generated – $21.6 Million
  • Purpose (2015)
    • Copies Sold – Over 3.4 Million
    • Amount Generated – $37.4 Million

What Other Investments Does Justin Bieber Earn From?

Apart from what the singer has made from selling his music, he has been able to make money through other means like concert tours, endorsement deals, YouTube, and acting. Thanks to all of these alternative sources of income, the Canadian hitmaker pulls in millions even in years he doesn’t have any album on sale.

He Has Grossed Over $520 Million from Concert Tours 

For an entertainer of his caliber, it would be strange if Justin Bieber doesn’t embark on concert tours to promote his music. Being a teen idol, the Canadian singer commands a massive number of followers who are always eager to witness him perform his songs live on a stage. The “Yummy” singer has had several worldwide tours since his career took off and all of them grossed jaw-dropping millions of dollars.

The singer who is currently working towards his 2021 Changes Tour embarked on his first concert tour in November 2009 after the release of his debut extended play, “My World”. He collaborated with Urban Behavior, a unisex clothing retailer to pull off the Urban Behavior Tour which had him perform for five days at five different locations across Canada. In December that year, he featured as a guest performer for Taylor Swift’s Fearless Tour before embarking on his first debut concert tour the following year. The My World Tour which promoted Justin Bieber’s EP and his debut album was announced in March 2010. It began on the 23rd of June and ended on the 19th of October 2011. From the United States to Canada, multiple European, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania countries, the My World Tour saw Bieber perform over 120 shows and grossed a total of $53 million.

After the My World Tour came the Believe Tour which was launched in support of the pop star’s third studio album, “Believe”. The concert tour kicked off on the 29th of September 2012 and lasted until the 8th of December 2013. It had the “Sorry” singer perform in no fewer than 150 shows across the world, including Africa this time. The Believe Tour was super successful more than his debut concert tour. It was ranked among the most successful tours of the period as it grossed an enormous $210 million.

The Believe Tour was followed by the Purpose World Tour. It was the third concert tour of the singer and was embarked upon in support of his fourth studio album “Purpose”. Starting on the 9th of March 2016, it lasted until the 2nd of July 2017 and saw Justin Bieber perform as much as 140 shows on all the continents of the world apart from Antarctica. Like his previous tours, it was a massive successful outing that pulled nearly 3 million people altogether. Even though the last 14 shows scheduled were eventually cancelled because Bieber was depressed and exhausted, the Purpose World Tour was counted among the highest-grossing concert tours of not only 2016 but 2017 as well. It grossed an enormous $257 million at the end of the day.

A Breakdown of Justin Bieber’s Earnings from Concert Tours

  • Urban Behavior Tour (2009) – Undetermined
  • My World Tour (2010–2011) – $53 Million
  • Believe Tour (2012–2013) – $210 Million
  • Purpose World Tour (2016–2017) – $257 Million

The Singer Has Also Made Jaw-dropping Millions from Endorsement Deals

Justin Bieber is currently the most followed singer on Twitter and the second most followed individual on the platform. The only person that has more followers than him is the former president of the United States, Barack Obama. If anything, this shows that the Canadian singer is super influential; through him, one can reach hundreds of millions of people in a go.

Big companies of the world know this and have been scrabbling to have the singer promote their products and the services they offer. Because of this, Justin makes millions of dollars yearly from endorsement deals. The pop star has endorsed some of the most popular brands over the years.

Below is a list of some of the singer’s endorsement partners:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Urban Behavior
  •  Proactiv
  • O.P.I
  • Adidas
  • Beats By Dre
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Best Buy
  • Crocs

Proceeds from His Clothing Line and Other Offerings

In addition to endorsing popular brands, he has partnered with some of them to create products that have dominated the marketplace. For instance, he co-launched “The One Less Lonely Girl Collection”, a nail polish line with Nicole by OPI in 2011 and it reportedly sold a million units within 60 days. Sometime in June 2015, the Canadian also partnered with Kevin Harrington to launch a shopping app called StarShop.

It was in 2019 that the hitmaker launched his clothing line called Drew which has been a cash cow for him. He also has four lines of fragrances: Someday, Girlfriend, The Key, and Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition. After the first, Someday, launched in 2011, it was reported that it generated $3 million in sales within three weeks.

Around June 2016, it emerged that the singer had released an emoji app called JustMoji on Apple’s App Store. The app goes for $2.99 and comes with a meme maker, GIFs, and emojis of the singer. As of March 2021, Bieber has over 164 million followers on Instagram and over 114 million on Twitter. Out of that massive number of followers, if only a million are using his JustMoji, it means that the singer has made over $2.9 million from this effort.

More so, through his online shop, the singer offers an extensive range of merch items. What he makes from this avenue may not be known to the public but there are no doubts that it has added a significant sum to Justin Bieber’s net worth.

Bieber Has Made Over $138 Million from YouTube

It’s no longer news that people make money from YouTube through sharing their videos and getting a cut of Google’s ad revenue based on the number of views they are able to generate from the platform. According to what has been estimated on various quarters, an average YouTube channel makes anything from $3 to $5 for each 1000 video views.

Now, one of Justin Bieber’s channels on this platform as of March 2021 has over 61.1 million subscribers and has pulled almost 23 billion views. A rough estimation based on those figures suggests that the singer has made at least $72 million from his Justin Bieber channel which has been active since January 2007.

He also has a JustinBieberVEVO YouTube channel that has been active since September 2009 with over 22.1 billion views. What this means is that he has been able to make as much as $66.3 million from the channel.

Earnings from Television and Movie Appearances

The singer isn’t someone you would describe as an actor but has been a part of the television and movie industry. Thanks to his popularity, he has made cameo appearances in a few films like “Behaving Badly” (2014), “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” (2016), “Zoolander 2” (2016), and “Killing Hasselhoff” (2017). You will also find Justin Bieber in multiple documentaries and concert films like “Justin Bieber: Seasons” (2020), “Zendaya: Behind the Scenes” (2012), “Katy Perry: Part of Me” (2012), and “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” (2011).

Bieber has also been all over the small screen, featuring in television films and series like “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” “Ridiculousness”, “Saturday Night Live”, “Comedy Central Roast”, “The Doctors”, “One Love Manchester”, and so much more. The musician has also been seen in several commercials of brands like Calvin Klein, Macy’s, Best Buy, and Proactiv. What he has made from his television and movie appearances has undoubtedly added a meaningful amount to his net worth.

Major Sources of Justin Bieber’s Net Worth Estimated at $285 Million

  • Income from record sales
  • Revenue generated from concert tours
  • Millions made from endorsement deals
  • Proceeds from his clothing line and other offerings
  • Earnings from his YouTube channels
  • Paychecks from television and movie appearances

Justin Bieber Has Spent a Great Deal of His Money on Houses

Justin Bieber’s net worth affords him the audacity to live a life of luxury and one way he does this is through acquiring luxury homes. It may interest you to learn that Bieber was raised in a low-income house in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Now, his talent and endorsement deals have earned him enough wealth to rent a large mansion anywhere he wishes.

The singer once lived in a glass mansion located in Los Angeles which he rented for a massive $60,000 per month. He moved out of the luxurious home in early 2015 and moved into another large and luxurious house in Beverly Hills, California. The house has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with everything the superstar loves such as a sweeping view of the city and graffiti art. The two-story house sits on 6,000 square-foot prime land and was listed at $35,000 per month.


The successful artiste seems to be nomadic as he has lived and moved out of multiple homes, some of which he owned. To the best of our knowledge, the first home he owned was a mansion in The Oaks, Calabasas. The singer reportedly part with $6.5 million to own the home in a gated community which he later sold to Khloe Kardashian for $7.2 million in 2014.

After he got married to his wife, the Canadian singer purchased a mansion in Los Angeles, California for $8.5 million. It was sometime in March 2019 that he acquired the 6,100-square-foot property located in Beverly Hills. Among other fine features, it was reported that the five bedrooms, seven bathrooms mansion has a wine cellar with a small bar and a home theater. The “Never Say Never” singer and his wife had been living in a home they rented for $100,000 per month in Toluca Lake, LA before he bought the Beverly Hills home.

He Currently Lives With His Wife In a Beverly Park Mansion Worth Over $25 Million

A few months after they moved into their new home, Justin took to Instagram to look for who would buy the home. In a series of posts, he shared pictures of the home, asking people to make an offer. The mansion was eventually sold in February 2021 for $8 million, $500,000 less than what the singer paid for it.

He currently owns another mansion in Beverly Hills which he bought in late 2020 for $25.8 million. Located in a gated community in Beverly Park, the home is a 2.5-acre estate with some of the finest amenities one could wish for: from an infinity-edged swimming pool to a den, formal dining room, library, tennis court, and what have you. See details of the home once listed for $42 million below.

The Pop Star Is Also a Big Fan of Fancy Cars

Fame comes with luxury and for a young successful artiste like Bieber, there is really no better way to flaunt success than to ride in luxurious cars. The Canadian singer has a crazy collection of cars once estimated to be worth several millions of dollars. Most of his cars are state-of-the-art SUVs that cost him good money, and such rides that are built for speed and efficiency to deliver the best performance and value to their owners.

Thanks to his massive fortune, Justin Bieber has been seen over many years driving a number of cars which we can confirm he owns. Among them are the following:

Cadillac CTS-V “Batmobile” ($90,000)

Justin Bieber

This is one of the most popular rides of the singer-songwriter and a favorite among the rest of his car. Originally a red CTS-V Coupe, the car was customized to deserve what Bieber would come to call it, “Batmobile. From what we gathered, it was West Coast Customs, an American tuning company that customized the car for the singer. The ride was even featured in the company’s show, “Inside West Coast Customs” sometime in November 2011.

Powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine, Batmobile got suicide doors and its interior was beautified with an elaborated sound system that complements its black leather and suede. CTS-V goes for as much as $90,000 but Batmobile is probably worth twice that amount considering the fact that it was extensively customized.

Fisker Karma ($100,000)

Bieber's fisker karmaProduced by Fisker Automotive in 2012, the Fisker Karma is a luxury, electric sports sedan. The range-extended hybrid vehicle has two electric motors that support its 125 mph top speed. The Canadian singer was gifted the eco-friendly ride on the Ellen DeGeneres show by his manager – Scooter Braun and Usher. Bieber had turned 18 and Braun and Usher wanted him to have a befitting car that would stand him out.

To further beautify the car, the singer had it chrome wrapped. It later emerged that Justin got tired of the car and gave it away to his friend, Sean Kingston.

Blacked-Out Smart Car ($32,000)


The Smart Car isn’t a ride that would get any attention on any given day, unless if Bieber is behind the wheel. The singer has been spotted several times cruising around with the 2 passenger hatchback microcar. He had the matte black car pimped out with black wheels and replaced its “Smart Car” emblem with another that reads: “Swag Car”. That explains what the ride is for the singer, a ride that brandishes his self-assurance of style and manner.

Flat Black Land Rover Range Rover ($80,000)

range-rover-sport-supercharged-matteThe Range Rover is the go-to ride for celebrities and it is not difficult to see why this is so. From its impressive LED lights to the front grille, bonnet, and front bumper, the car sports a domineering exterior that is as striking as its interior features. So, it is not surprising that this is one of the cars you will find in Justin Bieber’s garage.

However, the singer had to distinguish his Rover. He had the luxury SUV powered by a supercharged V8 engine customized by Kahn Design to have a military theme, with everything about the car blackened out. The 2012 Land Rover Range Rover now has lowered suspension, custom bumpers, and tinted windows.

997 Porsche Turbo ($165,000)

porscheManufactured and sold by Porsche between 2004 and 2012, the 997 Porsche Turbo is a fancy beast of a ride admired for its aggressive stance and retractable rear wing, among other features. Built with an engine that utilizes VTG turbochargers and structured within a two-stage intake manifold system, it is said that this car accelerates from a standstill 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds. It is undoubtedly one of the finest cars that the pop star owns.

Matte-black Ferrari F430 ($105,000)

bieber ferariIt was in 2004 that Ferrari F430 was unveiled at Paris Motor Show. Produced from that year to 2009, the car admired for its aerodynamic efficiency is powered by a 4,308 cc V8 engine. Its body styling and features like the steering control knob are part of the things that set this ride apart. Justin Beiber’s F430, like many of his other cars, wears a matte black. It is said that the Canadian singer-songwriter purchased the ride when he was 16 years old.

Lamborghini Aventador S ($500,000)

The mid-engine sports car is one of the toys you will find in Justin’s garage. Named after a fighting bull, the Lamborghini Aventador was launched in February 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show. The singer owned a previous version of the car and must have liked it so much that he acquired the S version revealed sometime in December 2016.

Around July 2018, it was reported that Justin Bieber took delivery of a new Lamborghini Aventador S at a hotel in Laguna Beach, California. Equipped with a 6.5-liter V12 engine, the ride can travel from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

Ferrari 458 Italia ($180,000)

Justin_Bieber_Ferrari_458The Ferrari 458 Italia has a lot of features that have endeared it to critics and indeed the public at large. Its V8 engine is not only regarded as one of the best performance engines but also counted among the best engines above 4 liters. With an exquisite aerodynamic design, the car has an aggressive sporty look that complements its interior and technical details. It’s exactly the kind of car one would expect Justin Bieber to own.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van ($65,000)

Mercedez vanThe Canadian pop star also owns a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. He has been seen with this ride several times. In one of the instances, he and his ex-girlfriend went to see a movie with the vehicle which he customized. One may wonder what inspired his need to own a commercial vehicle but the simple fact is that the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has become a celebrity trend. Other popular figures like Snoop Dogg, Floyd Mayweather, Will Smith own this car which they customized to satisfy their luxury taste.

Leopard Print Audi R8 ($150,000)

Bieber's Audi

The Audi R8 sports car launched in September 2006 comes with a V8 engine and gained a lot of attention for its full-LED headlamps, among other features. As much as its interior has an understated comfy design, it sports a refreshing exterior styling to complement it. But Justin Bieber would have his stand out from the rest, so he modified it with leopard spots. He was quite crazy about this ride as he was seen with it all over Los Angeles.

He Also Owns a Private Jet Worth $60 Million

In addition to the cars listed above, the singer has other rides like an MV Augusta F3 which he calls a “Bat Bike”, a Campagna T-Rex 14R, Cadillac Escalade, Porsche 911 Turbo, Mercedes G65 AMG, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, and even a private jet which he reportedly acquired in 2014.

It has been reported in some quarters that he isn’t the owner of the jet but there are reports from credible sources that suggest otherwise. Also, considering his massive wealth, the singer can surely afford to own a private jet.

Justin Bieber Is Richer Than Chris Brown But He Isn’t a Billionaire

Owing to how successful Justin Bieber’s career has been, the multiple sources of income he has, and how lavishly he has been living, it is not hard to see why one may wonder if he’s a billionaire. The Canadian singer has a long way to go if he must join the billionaire club. But given the pace at which he has grown, it is very possible he would be worth $1 billion in the future.

Over the course of his career, Justin has been compared to other acts like Chris Brown, his fellow Canadian singer, Drake, Usher, his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and other similar artists like Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, and Cody Simpson.

Chris Brown’s net worth is estimated at $50 million, so Justin Bieber is very much richer than the “Yo” singer. But how wealthy is he compared to the other artists listed above? Check it out below.

His Net Worth Compared to Other Similar Artists

  • Justin Bieber Net Worth – $285Million
  • Chris Brown Net Worth – $50 Million
  • Drake Net Worth – $180 Million
  • Usher Net Worth – $180 Million
  • Selena Gomez Net Worth – $75 Million
  • Ariana Grande Net Worth – $150 Million
  • Ed Sheeran Net Worth – $200 Million
  • Bruno Mars Net Worth – $175 Million
  • Shawn Mendes Net Worth – $60 Million
  • Cody Simpson Net Worth – $5 Million

A Look at How His Net Worth Grew Over Time 

As much as Justin Bieber’s net worth is massive, it hasn’t always been so. He was able to grow his wealth over many years through his music career and capitalizing on his fame to embark on other profitable endeavors as discussed above. Before 2009, Bieber couldn’t boast of $500 thousand.

Consecutively from 2011 to 2014, Forbes named Bieber among its top ten highest-paid celebrities under 30. According to the American business magazine, the singer made $56 million in 2016 and $83.5 million the following year.

Below is a look at how his net worth grew over the last decade:

  • 2010 – $500 Thousand
  • 2011 – $5 Million
  • 2012 – $40 Million
  • 2013 – $100 Million
  • 2014 – $200 Million
  • 2015 – $210 Million
  • 2016 – $240 Million
  • 2017 – $250 Million
  • 2018 – $265 Million
  • 2019 – $275 Million
  • 2020 – $285 Million
  • 2021 – $300 Million
  • 2022 – $285 Million
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