Julian Henry De Niro

Information about Julian Henry De Niro is hotly sought-after by millions of adoring fans across the world and there could only be one reason for this: he is the son of Hollywood heavyweight Robert De Niro and the grandson of renowned American painters – Henry Martin De Niro and Virginia Admiral.

Unlike his other siblings, Henry did not come into the world alone. He was rather born alongside his twin brother, Aaron Kendrick De Niro and it’s been an amazing ride and journey together for the brothers ever since their parents gave birth to them. Here’s everything you need to know about Julian, his family, and other facts about him.

Julian Henry De Niro Bio

Julian Henry De Niro was born in New York City on the 20th of October 1995 to Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith. The young man is an American National with a multi-racial background that includes Dutch, French, Italian, German, English, Irish (on his father’s side) and African-American (on his mother’s side).

Besides this information, nothing else is known about the young man’s early life, childhood, and educational qualifications. Julian has always been very far from the spotlight and this makes it a bit difficult for the media to get specific details about his life. However, in regards to what he does for a living, some media houses report that he is a producer and an actor.


Julian Henry De Niro
Julian (center), Aaron (Left) and Robert (Right) – image source

Julian’s immediate family is made up of his parents; Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith, and his twin brother Aaron Kendrick De Niro. There is no information about what Robert De Niro’s other son does for a living, where he resides, and other facts.

Other members of Julian’s family include his older half-siblings; Raphael De Niro and Drena De Niro. Raphel is an actor, a real estate broker, and a partner with his dad in the Greenwich Hotel. In addition to starring in films like James Abbott is Gone (2013), Love Streams (1984), Awakenings (1990), Raging Bull (1980), and West 4th (2007); Robert’s son has delivered jobs for celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Douglas Elliman, Renée Zellweger, Jon Bon Jovi, and Travis Kalanick.

Born in Los Angeles, California, in the year 1976, Raphel is currently based in New York. Until 2016, he was married to Claudine De Matos, with whom he had three kids following their marriage in 2008. Right now, he is dating Hannah Carnes, a fashion stylist, whom according to reports he intends to marry.

Drena De Niro is Raphel’s only biological sister and Robert De Niro’s adoptive daughter. She is a producer and an actress who has featured in several projects alongside her famous father. They include The Intern (2015), City by the Sea (2002), and Showtime (2002) to mention a few.

Drena took up Robert’s last name after the actor adopted her following his marriage to her mother in the year 1976. The beautiful actress was born on the 3rd day of September 1967, in the United States of America. She started selling her craft in the entertainment industry in 1996 and currently lives with her son in New York City.

Raphel and Drena’s mom is none other than New York City-born singer and actress, Diahnne Abbott. She launched her professional career in the year 1976, which doubles as the year she tied the knot with Robert De Niro following a failed marriage with Drena’s biological dad.

Unfortunately, Robert and Abbot divorced twelve years later, precisely in 1988. Regardless of this, the two share a cordial relationship with their children who are now successful in their own rights as well.

Julian Henry De Niro also has another half-brother called Elliot De Niro. He is a product of his dad’s marriage to popular singer, socialite, philanthropist, and actress, Grace Hightower. The entertainment elites got married in 1997 and gave birth to Elliot in New York City, on 18th March 1998. Their second child, a daughter named Helen Di Niro, was born in the year 2011 through a surrogate.

Robert and Grace divorced in 1999 but later reconciled and then renewed their marriage vows in the year 2004.

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Facts About Robert De Niro’s Son

1. Robert De Niro and his Toukie Smith conceived Julian Henry De Niro and his twin brother through in vitro fertilization and they were delivered with the help of a surrogate mother.

2. His maternal uncle was one of the successful Afro-American fashion designers prior to his death in 1987. Willi Donnell Smith died of AIDS-related pneumonia complications.

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