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The journey of a thousand miles they say begins with one sure and dedicated step. A little Alabama boy started his fitness journey way back in 1999 in a bid to improve his size and strength. True to his passion, he did not only succeed but also drew a throng of followers after him through the years. This personality was born Jon Call but became known to us as Jujimufu, the anabolic acrobat.

He is somewhat of an anomaly in the world of strength and bodybuilding. He rose to fame after a video of him doing mid-air splits between two chairs while lifting 100lbs went viral and he also competed on America’s Got Talent Season 11. Jujimufu became an internet pioneer with his acrobatic arts known as tricking and built an online community long before the evolution of social media.

Jujimufu’s Biography, Age

The Anabolic acrobat was born Jon Call in Huntsville, Alabama sometime in 1986. He has two siblings; a brother and a sister and parents who are still together and loving as ever. As a child, he played video games and engaged in various other activities typical of kids but was soon weary of them and wanted something more challenging. One of his friends, who was already a black belt in taekwondo introduced him to the art and it was love at the first trial.

At the age of 13, he started training taekwondo which acted as a bridge to bring him into the gym and he also began dieting. Seeing his commitment to body fitness and good health, his parents got him a gym membership in a gym right across the street from his school in 2000. Hence, after classes each day, while he waited for his folks to pick him up, he lifted weight, fell in love with deadlifts and squats and has not stopped ever since.

After then, Call discovered acrobatic martial arts aka tricking which is an aesthetic blend of flips, twists, and kicks at 15. He taught himself the basics in his backyard as there was a dearth of tricking tutorials on the Internet. The discovery brought him fully into the fitness world and he credits it as the biggest pivotal change for him. Besides, it triggered his entrepreneurial spirit leading to the creation of numerous how-to videos and articles about tricking online when social media was still an idea in the minds of its founders. Also in 2002, he formed an organic, online community of tricksters via his website trickstutorials.com which he managed until 2010 when he graduated college. Therein, he is lauded for his entertaining and funny approach to teaching.

Unlike other 15-year-old high schoolers then, Jujimufu had a big picture of what he wanted and set a definite goal for it. He wanted to become flexible enough to get the free kata in his Taekwondo training. Consequently, he trained every night within 2 hours, and in 2 months, he got what he wanted. His years of commitment to training flexibility inspired an ebook on the same, Legendary Flexibility.

As he grew and garnered more experiences, he incorporated acrobatics and anabolic workouts into his tricking regimen resulting in the online coaching business, Acrobolix (a wordplay on Acrobatic and Anabolic) in 2014. With his new brand, Jujimufu developed increased credibility as an icon in the online fitness community.

With the advent of social media, he joined YouTube, Facebook, and then Instagram in 2014 and began gaining steam as an influencer. His exponentially growing IG (over 1.2 million followers) and a geometrically growing YouTube channel (more than 500k subscribers) has established him as an internet heavyweight.

The mastery of his art besides earning him accolades and internet celebrity status also racks up primetime appearances on national television. He garnered national attention in 2016 when he appeared as a contestant on the 11th season of America’s Got Talent. He enthralled the audience and the judges alike with his overhead barbell chair split.

JujimufuAfter that, he lifted one of the judges Heidi Klum and in turn, got yes from the judges including Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Simon Cowell which sent him to the Judge Cuts.

On his training pattern, he does the resistance training about six days a week, and during the summer and fall, he tricks three days a week. To keep up with his dieting, he feeds on a generic bodybuilder diet which constitutes 6 meals a day which includes a daily PCF (protein, carbohydrate, fat) ratio of 40:40:20.

Jon Call has pursued his passion and invested in his ideas which have ultimately paid off. Not only does he have an epic life but he also rakes in money from having fun and being himself daily. He was a technical manager for a small biotechnology company for 7 years but quit the job in December 2016 to focus fully on creating content and creating his own businesses. He has his sights on expanding his product line as well as expressing his fitness capabilities with a coloring of humor and wisdom to reach the broadest audience.

Is Jujimufu Married? Wife

The self-ascribed anabolic acrobat is a married man. While he has not given elaborated details about his partner, he did mention her in an interview as well as shared a couple goal video on his Instagram feed.

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Jujimufu’s Height and Other Facts You Should Know

He may not be the tallest of bodybuilders but he is a hulk of a man. Call possess the body of a strongman and the flexibility of a gymnast and his insanely acrobatic feats channels larger-than-life wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.

The blond, curly-haired acrobat stands 5′ 11″ (1.80 m) tall and has a body weight of 235 lbs (107 kg). His maximum lifts include 650 lb deadlift, 405 lb bench press, and 550 lb back squat.

He adopted the moniker Jujimufu at the age of 14 after several failed attempts to pick an AOL messenger username. It is his nonsensical creation in a fit of keyboard-bashing rage.

He grew the largest community of online trickers before social media became the go-to place for learning. Call also built a hefty YouTube and Instagram following and his own fitness brand.

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