Jordan Mcgraw
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Born to a highly renowned psychologist and TV personality father, Dr. Phil and a mum who is a best-selling author of the New York Times, there is certainly no doubt that Jordan McGraw grew up with so much attention on his family, thus, he decided to follow suit and stepped into the spotlight, but neither as a TV personality nor as an author but by doing music.

Jordan Mcgraw – Biography

Jordan McGraw was born on the 21st day of October 1986 to TV personality Phillip McGraw who is popular for his TV show the Dr. Phil show, where he is addressed simply as Dr. Phil. His mother, Robin McGraw is a New York Times bestselling author.

His elder brother Jay McGraw took a little from his dad and mom, he studied psychology in college and is also an author like his mother. Jay has made a number of noticeable appearances on his father’s show and is also the CEO and President of a company he co-founded with his dad called Stage 29 production. Jay is married to Playboy model Erica Dahm, with whom he has his only child.

Jordan McGraw decided to move a little away from all the family have come to be known for, to become a well-known singer and guitarist. He is the frontman and lead singer of the Hundred-Handed band. McGraw started playing the guitar when he was barely a teenager. He created his first band named the Upside in 2005.

In 2010, he signed for Organica Music Group. The following year he began playing as the lead guitarist for the Stars in Stereo band up until the group disbanded in 2015. In the same year, Jordan joined his current band Hundred Handed as the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist.

The Hundred-Handed comprises of Jordan, who sings and plays the guitar, Matt Black and Drew Langan who each plays bass and drums respectively. The band’s name was chosen after considering several optional names like Nickedback which was already taken. The three band members did settle for Hundred Handed which came as a reference to the only class Jordan attended in the course, Greek and Roman mythology, during his time in college.

The band gained popularity the same year it was formed. It gained eternal fame for its 2015 debut album love me like the weekend. The theme song Love me like the weekend from the self-named album was co-written by The Golden Hippie and produced by Eddie Jackson.

His Net Worth

Most fans want to know exactly how much their favourite celebrity earn or is worth, either out of sheer curiosity or just for the records, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Although Jordan McGraw is the son of popular American psychologist and TV producer Phil McGraw, who worth a staggering $400million, the rock star and band member of the famous Hundred Handed band has also made some cool cash for himself from his music career.

Presently, his net worth stands at $1.5million, and this is sure to increase with time as he advances in his musical career.

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Who Is Jordan Mcgraw’s Girlfriend Or Wife?

Jordan McGraw is not married but has been in several relationships. In 2011, he was rumored to dating Crystal Harris, that rumor actually died when Crystal tied the knot with American businessman, Hugh Hefner, in 2012.

McGraw dated upcoming star from Phoenix, Arizona, Marissa Jack. The duo reportedly began dating in 2012 but made it public in 2017 when she joined him on stage alongside his band for a performance to mark his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. However, they reportedly ended their six-year relationship early in 2018.

Jordan Mcgraw
Jordan Mcgraw performing on stage with Marissa Jack

The Rockstar is currently linked to a romantic relationship with American actress, producer, and photographer Ragan Wallake. The couple initially kept their love life under the wraps but gave the first hint of their relationship on April 30, 2017, when a photo of Jordan was uploaded on Ragan’s Instagram account tagging him.

Since then, several other photos of the pair have flooded each others Instagram timeline dedicating each photo to each other with captions like the luckiest girl in the world, luckiest guy in the world and lots more. Ragan did caption a photo she uploaded of Robin McGraw, Jordan’s mum, saying lots of love, I love you xoxo.

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