Jordan Bird Was Once Millie Bright’s Partner – Meet the Ex-boyfriend

Jordan Bird (born 1994) is a 29 year old first assistant at the Pam Battle Course at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club. He gained wide recognition as the ex-boyfriend of Millie Bright, the female Chelsea football player.

As far as the Chelsea women’s football team is concerned, Millie Bright has become a name to be reckoned with. The female footballer has accomplished great feats in her career, thereby making the public want to know more about her, including her love life. She does not just make it to the lips of the public for her career but also for her relationship with Jordan Bird. Here is all to know about the first assistant.

Summary of Jordan Bird’s Biography

  • Full name: Jordan Bird
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1994
  • Jordan Bird’s Age: 29 years old
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Famous for: being in a relationship with the female Chelsea football player Millie Bright
  • Twitter: @JordanBird3

How Old is Jordan Bird?

Jordan Bird was born in 1994 and is 29 years old. There are no details of his month or date of birth, making his birth sign uncertain. Where he was born is also not known, and as such, his nationality cannot be determined. Also, details of his ethnicity are not known.

The first assistant rose to prominence due to his relationship with Millie Bright, which later hit the rocks. As a result, little is known about him. On this note, the names of his parents and what they do for a living are unknown. It is also unknown if he is a lone child or if he has other siblings and what they do for a living.

Since he keeps his details out of the public’s knowledge, his educational background is unknown. It is also not known if he obtained a degree or not.

When Did Jordan Bird and Millie Bright Start Dating?

Jordan Bird and Millie Bright dated for quite some time before they broke up. Meanwhile, the duo kept details of their relationship away from the public despite being open about their romance. Based on this, when and how they met were not mentioned, but reports have it that Jordan works for a sports club, which gives us a hint that they might have met while working for their teams.

It is also unknown when they began dating, but according to reports from the Sun in 2019, Jordan Bird frequently posted her pictures on his social media handle, lavishing praise on her.

In one of his tweets, which has since been removed, he praised her, saying that he loved it and that she should keep pounding it into mush. Their relationship was admired by the public, but their love appeared to have hit a snag not long ago. After some time, they stopped posting pictures of each other, which got fans speculating that they might have broken up. The public’s speculations became a reality after Millie Bright began posting pictures of her suspected new bae.

Millie Bright began posting pictures of the founder of LC Performance Coaching, Levi Crew, in 2020. Since they stopped posting pictures of each other on their social media handles, Jordan Bird seemed to have gone on the low. The first assistant has not revealed if he is currently in a relationship or the name of his lover.

Millie Bright’s Former Partner is a First Assistant at a Golf Club

Jordan Bird has a flourishing career at a golf club. He works as the first assistant at the Pam Barton Course at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club. When he started working for the golf club was not revealed, but he seems to have worked for the club for quite a long time. It is unknown if he still works with them or has moved on to another job.


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