John Mulaney Wife, Parents, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay
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When John Mulaney was welcomed to earth on the 26th day of August 1982, he made his parents and two elder siblings smile. It was never imagined that he’s destined to make people all over the world laugh. Today, Mulaney is known across the globe as an American stand-up comedian.

While Mulaney is equally famous as a writer, producer and an actor, he is most famous for his stand-up gigs and his activities with NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL)He started writing for SNL in August 2008. He auditioned for the show just after he completed his duties as a guest star and writer on Comedy Central’s Important Things With Demetri Martin and was hired to write.

Irrespective of the fact that he auditioned to become a cast member, John was happy to have the writing job. He once expressed that it was a dream job – he was thrilled. Mulaney would later advance and play various roles for SNL. This saw him bag a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music and Lyrics.

Disregarding SNL, the comedian has appeared on numerous TV shows spanning from 2006 when he appeared on the standup comedy television show – Live at Gotham through 2017 when he landed the Andrew Glouberman role in Big Mouth, an adult animated sitcom. John is also a consulting producer of the sitcom.

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John Mulaney’s interest in the entertainment industry has always been obvious even when he was a kid. It is said that his parent won’t let him chase after the dream. The altar boy was depressed when he was refused the chance to audition for Home Alone. He nonetheless, continued his studies which culminated to studying English Literature and Religion at Georgetown University.

He quickly moved to New York in pursuit of his passion for a career in comedy when he completed his studies and was assured he’d thrive fine in the field when Comedy Central employed him as an office assistant. From here, John got his SNL job and the rest is history. Today, his comedy specials include 2009’s The Top Part, 2012’s New in Town and 2015’s The Comeback Kid – they are all critically acclaimed.

John Mulaney’s Net Worth

For people like Mulaney, it is common to observe a persistent quest for knowledge about how rich they are, their assets and earnings. For this reason, it is equally common to come across several estimations of the value of everything they own.

John Mulaney has been able to gather an enviable amount of wealth for himself through his comedy career. Though the comedian may have involved himself in other businesses which contribute to his income, it is quite obvious that his activities in the entertainment industry have been the major source of his wealth.

Although it has been commonly assumed that the man’s net worth is somewhere between $2 to $3 million, we can’t substantiate this. We can only confirm that he is poised to gain financial freedom.

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Mulaney Parents and Family

As the third child of his parent’s four children, John was born in Chicago, Illinois on the 26th day of August 1982. His family background has been traced to Irish and German. The comedian has been linked to William Bates, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives who died in 1969. It is said that Bates was John’s maternal great-uncle. Apart from William, John is also a relative of George Bates, another member of the U.S. House of Representatives who also served as the 41st mayor of Salem, Massachusetts. George died in 1949. History regards him as John’s maternal great-grandfather.

John Mulaney’s parents, Ellen and Charles Mulaney Jr. were students of the Georgetown University and Yale Law School. Records have it that his mum is a law professor at Northwestern University and his dad, a partner and attorney at an international law firm – Skadden Arps.

Who’s Mulaney’s Wife, Is He Gay?

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There are no reasons to question Mulaney’s sexual orientation. The comedian is straight and has always been sexually attracted to female humans. He is not gay. In fact, it is known that he has been a husband to Annamarie Tendler, a makeup artist since July 2014.

John Mulaney Height

John is an inch taller than 6 ft (1.85 M). While it is thought that his weight is around 65 and 70kg, other details of his body measurements are unknown. As part of his efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, John doesn’t consume alcohol.

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