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Joe Kennedy III was born into The Kennedy family, arguably America’s most illustrious political family. Its modern influence began with the family patriarch Joe Kennedy Snr. A man of immense craft and foresight, his dream was to position his sons for the prime political jobs in America.

It is fair to say his dream was fulfilled as the Kennedy family has over the last 70 years, produced an American President, five Members of Congress/Senate, an Attorney General, Governor, among many other influential positions in business. Joe Kennedy III just happens to be the shining light of this generation of the Kennedys.


Joe Kennedy III was born October 4, 1980, in Boston. As is typical with the Kennedy’s, at the time of his birth, his dad and mum were working on the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. Joes’ dad was elected to Congress in 1986.

Joe and his twin brother Matt grew up in Brighton and in the coastal town of Marshfield. The fraternal twins attended the elite private school – Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts after which Joe moved on to Stanford University, where he majored in Engineering and Management Science. While at Stanford, he excelled in sports as the goalie and co-captain of the school’s Lacrosse team.

Between 2004 and 2006, Joe moved to the Dominican Republic where he served in the Peace Corps. After his sojourn abroad, Kennedy enrolled at Harvard Law School where he met his future wife Lauren Ann Birchfield in a law class taught by future senator Elizabeth Warren.

As a student attorney, he worked to give help to poor property tenants during and after the 2008 financial crisis. After earning his degree, he took up the job of assistant district attorney in Massachusetts.

In keeping with family tradition, in February 2012, he announced that he was intending to run for Congress. Buoyed by his family’s political goodwill, Joe Kennedy III raised over $4 million for his campaign, compared to the $900,000 raised by his opponent Republican Sean Bielat. He won the elections with 61% against Bielat’s 36%.

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Joe has won re-election to Congress in 2014 and 2016. He currently sits on the house Committee on Energy and Commerce.

At 37, the Democratic Party is warming up to him and subtly projecting him to the Nation, he is reportedly the youngest person to ever deliver the Democratic response to a Republican State of the Union address. Joe III doesn’t hide his opposition to President Trump’s policies, he has termed the President’s clamor to repeal the Affordable Health Care plan as an “act of Malice”. He is also a critic of the idea of arming teachers and turning schools into fortresses in a bid to clamp down on gun attacks in schools.


Joe Kennedy III is married to Lauren Birchfield, a graduate of Political Science from the University of California. She attended Harvard Law School where she met Joe Kennedy III.

She and Joe graduated from law school in 2009. Joe proposed in January 2012, and the couple married later the same year in a ceremony at the seaside Community Church in Corona del Mar, California. The wedding was presided over by Birchfield’s father, Reverend Jim Birchfield.

Joe Kennedy III
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Lauren is the co-founder of Neighborhood Villages,  an initiative that works to provide affordable, quality healthcare and education for children.

The couple have two kids; a daughter Eleanor Anne Kennedy born in 2015, and a son, James Matthew Kennedy born in 2017

Family, Father, Cousins

Joe III was born to Joseph Patrick Kennedy II, the eldest son of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, a younger brother to President John F Kennedy. Joe II was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1987 to 1999. He represented the 8th congressional district of Massachusetts.

He was married to Sheila Brewster Rauch whom he divorced in 1991 after a lengthy battle to have the marriage annulled by the Roman Catholic Church.

Joe Kennedy III is born into the political dynasty of America’s most illustrious family. A family with Irish roots who emigrated from Europe during the potato famine, the Kennedys have produced at least one top elected government official in Washington every year since 1947.

Joe III cousin, Patrick Joseph Kennedy, Senator Ted Kennedy’s son served as a Congressman for Rhode Island from 1995 to 2011. Ted Kennedy Jr., also Ted Kennedy’s son, is a member of the Connecticut state senate.

Joe Kennedy III Net Worth

The strength of the Kennedy clan doesn’t only lie in her immense political machinery, members of the family are also influential businessmen. The family patriarch Joe Kennedy Snr was an influential investor and the first chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Joe made a huge fortune from the Stock market and consolidated most of the family’s wealth in intricate trusts and funds, a network of investments tied up in different sectors of the economy such that it guarantees every Kennedy heir a piece of the huge family pie.

The exact figure of the family’s wealth remains a mystery. Conservative estimates put it at $60 million. A portion of which is willed to Joe III through trust funds.

Other Facts About Joe Kennedy III

  • Joe speaks Spanish fluently.
  •  While at Stanford, he was roommates with NBA player Jason Collins.
  • He doesn’t drink alcohol.
  • Both Joe and his wife Lauren are Harvard Law School graduates.


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