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There are many people who attained celebrity status playing notable roles in the movies and there are some who got there through their talents in music. Many others exist who achieved fame due to their remarkable prowess in sports but the likes of Jo Marney – actress, presenter, music journalist, and model came into contact with fame through her association with the leader of UKIP Henry Baron who left his wife to engage in a love relationship with the model. Their affair which took-off in 2017 came to a brief end after Marney found herself enmeshed in a controversy resulting from her racist text messages concerning Prince Harry’s then-fiancée Meghan Markle.

Marney hasn’t done much but records have it that she did a few catwalk shows and made an appearance in the music video of Sam Callahan’s track titled ‘Burns Like Fire’. She has done some modeling for Lulu Guinness – a designer and has also written for Alterboy Music in the past.

Jo Marney’s Biography

Jo Marney’s birth details and family background has never been published but the much that was available said that she is from Kent and is a supporter of UKIP and has a Jack Russel terrier pooch called Luckie. She attended Rochester Independent College and proceeded to Canterbury Christ Church University graduating with a degree in Journalism.

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Details Of Her Affair With Henry Bolton

It is worth knowing that Jo Marney has been in a romantic relationship with UKIP leader Henry Bolton. Th exact time when their relationship started in 2017 is not clear but Henry who has been into a couple of marriages and is a three-time dad told the Sun in an exclusive that his marriage to his Russian wife Tatiana ended in July. On her own part, Tatiana claimed that she was not aware that her husband had dumped her for another woman until she received a text message from him on the 30th of December.

In her description of how her world had fallen apart, she lamented that she was still breastfeeding Henry’s child and did not understand the kind of father he is who runs away to sleep with his lover leaving his two little kids behind over Christmas. According to her, the feeling is like being thrown into a cold ocean and she is just making attempts to stay on the surface.

However, the love affair between Jo Marney and Henry allegedly hit the rocks when she found herself in the middle of a controversy when she had to face a hoard of public criticisms after a string of racist text messages which originated from her leaked to the public. The content of the text was harsh criticism of Prince Harry regarding his dalliance with Afro-American woman Meghan Markle.

According to Jo Marney, the royal bloodline will be tainted with the seed of Prince Harry’s black-American fiancée which will pave the way for the emergence of a black king. The string also mentioned that she is averse to having sex with a negro because they are ugly. These comments were purportedly made by Jo Marney in a text message which she exchanged with a male friend barely three weeks before she commenced a relationship with Henry.

Jo Marney
Jo Marney and Henry Bolton

Rumor was rife at the time that Henry deserted his wedded wife for the model. Following the scandal, he quickly cut all ties to the model after the emergence of her racist text messages about Meghan Markle. Still, his party still presented him with a vote of no confidence which brought his job to an untimely end. The Ex-UKIP leader stated that his relationship with Marney was clearly mismatched especially with his position as party chief and so the romantic dalliance had come to an end. However, he admitted that he would still support the model’s family who were left distressed by the whole development.

In spite of the fact that he was forced to call it quits with Jo Marney in order to save his job, Henry told Telegraph that he was still very much in love with her and that his time with her was the happiest of his life. He also said that getting back with her was a high possibility. Subsequently, the pair were pictured together in a London Pub and Henry made it known that he and Jo Marney were an item again. When asked about the possibility of marriage, Henry’s answer was that it may happen.

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