A Timeline of Jimmy Garoppolo’s NFL Career Successes, Family Members and Love Life

Following his move to the San Francisco 49ers from the Patriots, Jimmy Garoppolo’s profile in the National Football League (NFL) has been on the rise. Since moving from Tom Brady’s shadow to becoming the starting quarterback for the 49ers, he has become one of the most followed players in the league. Both by neutrals and fans of the 49ers, who are hoping he would lead them to glory.

With his name firmly among the most recognizable in the NFL, it is worth learning about his journey from a high school football hopeful to one of the NFL’s leading superstars.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Background

Jimmy Garoppolo was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, on the 2nd of November 1991. From an early age, he focused on the path to making a career in sports, specifically football. While studying at the Rolling Meadows High School, he played football as a linebacker as well as a quarterback for the school’s football team — the Mustangs.

During his junior and senior season on the team, he played 19 games in total, had 25 touchdowns and passed for 3,136 yards. The third son among four born to his parents, Denise and Tony Garoppolo, Jimmy’s high school performances, earned him a place among the Eastern Illinois Panthers, where he had a notable college career.

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Life as a Professional Football Player

College Football Career (2010 – 2013)

Garoppolo spent four years playing for Eastern Illinois (image source)

Like most athletes’ journeys to stardom, Jimmy Garoppolo’s early days as a young player in college football started slowly. In his first year playing for the Eastern Illinois Panthers under coach Bob Spoon, he was only able to manage an appearance in eight games. In those games, he posted 1,639 yards and 14 touchdowns, which was not bad for a college rookie.

For the remaining games he played with Eastern Illinois, Jimmy went on to clinch 20 touchdowns with 2,644 passes, as well as 31 touchdowns on 3,823 yards in 2012.

In his last year with the team, Jimmy Garoppolo went on to break the college records set by the iconic NFL quarterback, Tony Romo, for career passing touchdowns, career passing yards, and passing touchdowns in a season.

Jimmy’s College Stats

Here is a statistical breakdown of the 49ers quarterback college days.

  Year  TEAM                                         PASSING
Cmp    Att    Pct   Yds   Y/A   TD  Int Rtg
2010 Eastern Illinois 124 211 58.8 1,639 7.8 14 13 133.6
2011 Eastern Illinois 217 349 62.2 2,644 7.6 20 14 136.7
2012 Eastern Illinois 331 540 61.3 3,823 7.1 31 15 134.2
2013 Eastern Illinois 375 568 66.0 5,050 8.9 53 9 16.3
CAREER TOTAL 1,047 1,668 62.8 13,156 7.9 118 51 146.3

Key: Rtg = QB Rating, Cmp = Passes Completed, Att = Passes Attempted, Yds = Passing Yards, Y/A = yards per passing attempt, TD = Passing Touchdowns, Int = Interceptions. Source – YahooSports

College Accomplishments

Although Jimmy Garoppolo’s college exploits were not enough to help the Eastern Illinois Panthers secure major college honors, they were more than enough to earn him a few individual accolades.

During his college playing years, Jimmy won the following awards/accolades:

  • All-Ohio Valley Conference Newcomer Team
  • First Team All-OVC (2013)
  • Second Team All-OVC (2013)
  • Walter Payton Award
  • 2013/14 OVC Male Athlete of the Year
  • 2013 College Football Performance FCS National Quarterback of the Year

Outside of the plaques, Jimmy also set the record for career pass completions in the history of Eastern Illinois. His record 1,047 completed passes eclipsed former NFL superstar, Tony Romo, whose record stands at 560 passes.

Professional  Career (2014 – present)

Having finished his college career with a record that bests Tony Romo, one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the National Football League, Jimmy Garoppolo entered the 2014 NFL Draft with a high reputation.

The fact he was represented by the same agent that represents NFL’s most successful quarterback, Tom Brady, further increased the outlook of Garoppolo’s talents. Thus, it came as a surprise that he waited till the second round before the New England Patriots drafted him as the 62nd pick.

It wasn’t all a let down for his reputation, though. He was the first player from the Football Championship Subdivision to be drafted in the year and the Patriots’ highest-drafted quarterback since 1993.

Following his draft by the NFL superteam, the New England Patriots, Jimmy Garoppolo officially began his professional career, signing a four-year contract worth $3.4 million.

New England Patriots (2014 -2017)

Albeit he was a second-string player, Jimmy Garoppolo enjoyed a successful time at the Patriots (image source)

Rookie Season (2014)

At the age of 23, Jimmy made his debut for the Patriots in an away Monday game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Via a scoring drive, he recorded the first passing touchdown of his career with a pass to Rob Gronkowski.

Jimmy finished his debut game for the Patriots with one touchdown, completed 6/7 passes for 70 yards and had a passer rating of 147.9. It was a decent introduction for Illinois native at the highest level of the sport.

Throughout his rookie season, Jimmy Garoppolo played a total of six games, recording a lone touchdown and completed 19 out of 27 passes for 182 yards. He also had a 101.2 passer rating and ten rushing attempts.

All in all, it was a successful debut season for Garoppolo, accentuated by the credit he got for his help in securing the Patriots’ third Super Bowl victory. He helped prepare the Patriots’ defense against the Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson.

Sophomore Season (2015)

In his sophomore season with the New England Patriots, Jimmy had less of an impact compared to his rookie season. He only managed to play five games and was reduced to playing relief roles for the starting quarterbacks.

Throughout the entire season, Garappolo only completed one out of four passes for 6 yards and had a meager passing rating of 39.6.

Third Season as a Patriot (2016)

Jimmy Garappolo enjoyed some slice of luck at the beginning of his third season with the Patriots. Tom Brady got four games suspension for the infamous Deflategate, and Garoppolo became the team’s starting quarterback.

During his first game as a starting quarterback, Jimmy completed all but nine of 33 attempted passes for 264 yards. He also scored a touchdown in helping the Patriots to a 23-21 victory.

Unfortunately, Jimmy was unable to capitalize on Brady’s absence fully. He suffered a shoulder injury in his second game that kept him out of the side until Brady returned from his suspension.

Following his recovery from his injury, Jimmy Garappolo played an additional four games, completing 43 out of 63 attempted passes and had four passing touchdowns.

At the end of the 2016 season, Jimmy’s place at the Patriots came under question. He was unable to displace the highly-rated Tom Brady, and rumors of a trade began to swirl. After months of speculation, he was finally traded to the San Francisco 49ers midway into the 2017 season.

Achievements and Accolades as a Patriot Player

image source

Although he did not manage to grow into his own with the Patriots, Jimmy Garappolo left the Patriots with two notable successes. He left the team with two Super Bowl rings, won in 2014 and 2016. While he took some credit for the Patriots 2014 victory, he famously did not play a single game in 2016.

San Francisco 49ers (2017 – Present)

Jimmy Garoppolo
image source

First Season as a 49er (2017)

Jimmy Garoppolo did not play any game in the 2017 season for the New England Patriots before he got traded to the San Francisco 49ers. His debut game for the season and the 49ers was against the Seattle Seahawks, the team he once helped mastermind a Super Bowl victory.

Debuting in the 12th week of the season, he appeared only in the last minute of the game, rushing six yards and completing a 10-yard touchdown pass to his new teammate, Louis Murphy.

Although his one-minute cameo was not enough to prevent a loss to the Seahawks, his completion of both pass attempts signaled what was to come from the San Francisco 49ers’ new man.

Throughout the rest of the season, Jimmy Garoppolo became the starting quarterback for the 49ers. With him, the 49ers had a 5-0 record, with Jimmy completing 120 passes out of 178 attempts. He also had seven passing touchdowns, 11 rushing yards, and five interceptions, making him a fan favorite for the west coast team.

His quick acclimatization to the 49ers, along with his stellar display at the tail end of the season, earned him a five-year contract, worth a whopping $137.5 million, with $90 million guaranteed.

An Injury filled 2018 Season

49ers fans and newly minted fans of Jimmy Garoppolo looked forward to watching their new star quarterback in the new season. And for the first three weeks of the season, they got their wish. Jimmy started all three games, completing 53 out of 89 passes and recording five passing touchdowns. He also had three interceptions and 718 passing yards.

It was shaping up to be an excellent and memorable season for the San Francisco 49ers until Jimmy suffered a torn ACL in the third game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The injury ruled him out for the rest of the season, and without their talisman, the 49ers finished the season with a bad 4-12 record.

2019 – A Super Bowl Season

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy G led the 49ers to a place at the Super Bowl LIV (image source)

Fans of the 49ers held on hope that their talisman would return to his best and reward their patience after suffering a season-ending injury, and in 2019, Jimmy did. He recovered in time enough to start the new season with the 49ers, leading the team to a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The win became the first of many for the San Francisco 49ers as Jimmy Garappolo led to team to a 13-3 record, securing a place in the postseason and Jimmy’s return to the Super Bowl since he left the Patriots.

His return to the Super Bowl was on the back of an impressive regular season, which he finished with 27 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, and 3,978 passing yards. He also recorded 46 rushing attempts and 62 rushing yards. In the playoffs, despite struggling with an injury in the Championship Round, he helped the team to victories against the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers, setting up a Super Bowl showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sadly, Jimmy Garoppolo’s impressive season for the 49ers came to an end at the hands of Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Chiefs. Despite helping his team to a 10 point in the final seven minutes of the Super Bowl, he had little response as Mahomes led the Chiefs to a victorious comeback in the last five minutes of the game.

Team and Individual Achievements with the 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo
image source

Although his greatest team success remains with his Patriots past, Jimmy Garappolo has held his own at the 49ers and recorded a few individual achievements of his own as well with the team. They include winning the NFC Championship (2019), finished first of the NFC West Divison, and was runners-up in the 2019 Super Bowl.

How Rich is Jimmy Garoppolo?

As a quarterback who has spent more than five years in the league, Jimmy Garoppolo has grown in wealth since he got drafted in 2014. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 49ers quarterback has an estimated net worth of $43 million.

Salary and Contract Details

New England Patriots

As mentioned earlier, Jimmy Garappolo’s first contract as a professional NFL player was worth $3.4 million. He earned a total of $1.2 million in his first year, with $853,744 of it coming as signing bonus.

In two remaining seasons with the Patriots, he earned an additional $1.19 million and an extra $460,918 before his trade to the San Francisco 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers

In 2017, Jimmy Garappolo further earned an additional $434,158 after his trade to the 49ers. His impressive in the remainder of the season fetched him a sizeable $137.5 million contract, with $41.9 million of it coming in 2018.

He earned $18.6 million in 2019 – $17.2 million in salary and $800,000 and $600,000 in roster and workout bonuses, respectively.

As of 2019 and after six seasons in the NFL, Jimmy Garappolo has earned a total of $64 million as a player. For the remainder of his contract with the 49ers, he will receive an average of $25 million per year, bringing his total NFL earnings to $140 million.

Endorsement Deals

For now, the bulk of Jimmy Garappolo’s wealth comes from his salary as an NFL player. However, with his name on the rise and a potentially long and successful NFL career ahead, Jimmy G, as he is referred to by millions of fans, will earn a fortune via endorsement deals.

His popularity has reflected in the NFL, where he has the second most sold jersey in the league. So far, he has penned endorsement deals with New Era, Bose, and Nike, under the Jordan Brand.

The exact contribution of endorsement deals to his wealth is currently unknown, but as of 2018, Forbes reported that he earned up to $200,000 in commercial deals.

A Look at Jimmy G’s Personal and Family Life

Who are His Family Members?

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy (third from right) with his brothers and parents (image source)

If you ever had your reservations or doubts about his ancestry, you were probably on to something because he is of Italian descent thanks to his parents; father, Tony Garoppolo, and Mother, Denise Garoppolo, who are Italian immigrants.

Jimmy’s family is one that is small and tight-knit. He has three brothers (one of whom is named Mike Garoppolo) and no sisters. So far, we know very little about the siblings of the 49ers star.

His Parents – Tony and Denise Garoppolo

As the parents of one of the most popular football players in the country, there is very little information about them. The two of them have chosen to leave the spotlight to their son and live a quiet life in Chicago suburbs.

However, one of the few things we know about Jimmy Garoppolo’s parents is that his father, Tony, is a retired electrician. According to Jimmy, growing up, he and his siblings spent a lot of time going on house calls and visiting job sites with their father during his active years as an electrician.

As for his mother, while we know she pays close attention to her son’s career, she prefers to do so from the shadows. She is, however, according to a LinkedIn profile with her name, a personal chef, who works at Mindful Meals.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Personal Life

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy was heavily linked to adult film star, Kiara Mia (image source)

Jimmy Garoppolo is no doubt a charming young man who most ladies would love to date. He has never been married, and there is no news that he has any wife or baby mama somewhere. As a result of this, most fans have been eager to find out who he is dating.

Rumored Relationship with Alexandra King

When it comes to his dating life, the possibilities lie between very secretive or nothing to report. Considering he is one of the most attractive men in the NFL, the latter seems like a possibility.

In the former category is a rumored relationship with the model, Alexandra King. The two of them were reportedly an item in 2018 and were spotted at Disneyland during what many considered a date. The rumor was bolstered when paparazzi caught both of them sharing a kiss, suggesting the 49ers quarterback had found his queen.

Sadly, the rumor was short-lived after Jimmy denied the relationship, and King reportedly moved on to a new partner.

An Unusual Date with Kiara Mia

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy G and Kiara is seen leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant in a surprising date (image source)

In the continued search for details about Jimmy Garoppolo’s love life, one story that stands out was his date with adult film star, Kiara Mia, in 2018.

The two of them were spotted on a date in Beverly Hills before they left hand in hand to a hotel. The unusual pairing between the NFL player and the porn star sent fans of both industries wild with speculation.

Thankfully or sadly (depending on what you were rooting for), the date turned out to be nothing more than a fling and a case of Jimmy G is an absolute gentleman to the porn star.

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