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There are not many celebrity video game journalists who have been successful in the trade, but Jim Sterling is an exception who dominates his own space and doubles as a video game critic, pundit and a professional wrestling media representative.

Jim is one character who except you have a strong penchant for video games, you will find what he does and his personality weird and difficult to fathom. It also requires dedicated and steady following before you can start making meaning out of his YouTube videos if you recently started taking to video games.

Here, you will get to know about his wife, son, biography and get answers to the controversial question of whether he is gay or not.

Biography of Jim Sterling and Career Genesis

His full name is James Nicholas Stanton and he was born on 1st January 1984 in Erith, Greenwich, United Kingdom. He was raised by his mother in a poverty-stricken neighbourhood where he was constantly abused by his mother’s lover. There is no other information about his family background or childhood life neither is there any of his educational accomplishments. It is widely believed that he relocated to the US due to the hardship that had bedevilled his life back in the UK as the US seemed like a much more fertile ground to thrive in what he had a talent for.

Jim Sterling’s presence on YouTube as a video game journalist first occurred on the 21st of October, 2010 as Jimquisition which is a weekly YouTube video series where he discusses critical and current issues surrounding the video game industry such as early access games, gender issues and unethical profiteering business practices by video game stakeholders on the manufacturing and distribution end. Jimquisition originally took off on his Destructoid’s YouTube channel before being moved to The Escapist’s channel. The series had 27 episodes before ending on 13th of January, 2011. Three months later, it returned again on the 18th of April, 2011 and has had many interesting episodes since then.

Aside from the Jimquisition series, Jim also works on other other series like Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers which focuses squarely on criticizing poorly made video game trailers. His other series are Nitpick Theater where he comments on issues with gaming, he also has itch.io tasty a series where he plays video games on various topics on itch.io. To lead his audience alright on what games they should be playing, he has another series which goes by the appellation Greenlight Good Stuff that is stocked with series of good game trailers on Steam.

Jim Sterling

His main gameplay series is Jimpressions which was formerly Squirty Play. He talks about his gameplay here just like the likes of DrDisRespectMarkiplier and Jacksepticeye do. He also has a series called Boglinwatch which is worthy of mention as he does unboxing of Boglins there, provides news on them and visits Boglin art shows.

In 2014, he expressed his desire to go back to writing articles and doing podcasts which ever since he started Destructoid, he had no time for. Jim made good this desire as his work since then can be seen on his website – thejimquisition.com.

In more recent times and precisely in 2017, he entered the world of professional wrestling as a media representative for the up-coming wrestler Stardust (Cody Rhodes).

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Family – Wife, Son

Jim Sterling is a married man. His lives with his wife in Jackson, Mississippi.

A picture of his wife founds its way to Reddit on December 22, 2015, when it was submitted by a user of the account who goes by the moniker – ‘BasedTrump2016.’ Many of the comments that ensued afterwards didn’t speak good of the way she looks.

It is not known whether they have a son or not as Jim has not made mention of this.

Is He Gay?

For one thing, he is married to a woman, he can, therefore, said not to be gay.

However, his sexual preference was brought to question when he mentioned in Fallout4 in November 2015 that he is neither a monogamous guy nor a straight one. Going by this revelation, it can stand reasonably appropriate to jettison our earlier assertion that he was married to a woman and is therefore not a gay.

For someone not to be straight means he is possibly gay unless such a person indulges in celibacy. Jim Sterling has not revealed that he subscribes to the latter so we are “boxed” to take his word for it that he is not straight.

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