Jillie Mack’s Acting Career, Children and The Secret of Her Long Union With Tom Selleck

Jillie Mack is best known as the wife of Tom Selleck; an iconic Hollywood producer and actor whose extensive career in showbiz has been outstanding. Jillie has always been popular, even before she became Tom’s wife. She had an active acting career but decided to slow down her pace in the industry after her marriage to focus more on her family.

With such a dedication to her family, it is hardly a surprise that this petite has been able to keep a happy union with Tom Selleck. Read about her relationship with the famous actor, her career as an actress, and other relevant facts below.

What We Know About Jillie Mack’s Acting Career 

During her formative years, Jillie was fascinated by acting and this led her to participate in numerous school plays when she was in high school. Upon graduation, she went on to work as a performer for several theatres in England. Jillie eventually became very popular when she laded a role in Cats, a musical play that captured the interest of many people in England and America.

It was after her appearance on Cats that Tom asked her to move to the United States in the bid to find greener pastures. The move was quite beneficial to Jillie Mack as shortly after her arrival in the United States, she landed a role in the widely watched Magnum P.I tv series which also starred Tom Selleck as the lead actor.

After that, the budding actress was seen in several other series like ER, Tales from the Darkside, Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring Camp, and Silver Fox. However, after her wedding in 1987, Jillie closed the curtain on her acting career to care for her family.

How Long Has She Been Married to Tom Selleck?

Jillie and Tom Selleck’s relationship dates back to the days when the Cats musical was a hit in England. Tom who was on set in England was a big fan of the show and he often went to see it. He kept going to see the show and soon realized he was frequenting the show just to see Jillie who played the role of Rumpleteazer in the musical.

The pair became very good friends and went out for a couple of dinner dates during Tom’s stay in England. Subsequently, Jillie Mack who was also in love with the actor had to relocate to the United States and though she later landed several small roles in some films and series, her relationship with Selleck influence her decision to quit acting.

Jillie Mack
Jillie Mack and Tom Selleck: Image Source

However, she remained in the spotlight as she and her partner attended a lot of red carpet events together. She was with the actor in 1986 when he was given his star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of fame.

They made their union official on the 7th of August 1987 but it was a quiet event as the couple got hitched in a very private marriage ceremony. Tom’s brother handled the wedding arrangements which took place at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Jillie and Selleck used Tom Jenkins and Suzie Mack as their names during the wedding preparations to avoid attracting the attention of the public.

The Secret of Their Relationship

Jillie Mack has been enjoying more than 3 decades of marital bliss with Tom and the couple has made a name not just as Hollywood stars but as one of the longest celebrity marriages in the industry.

Although they have not publicly shared the secret behind their marital bliss, we can infer that the steps they took to grow their family influenced the success of the marriage. Jillie became a stay at home mum and their home in the ranch Selleck bought in outskirts of California, was just what they needed to bond as a family without interference from the prying eye of the public.

Does Jillie Mack Have Children?

The actress welcomed a daughter with Selleck about a year after they got married. Their baby girl was named Hannah Margaret Selleck and she grew up to become a skilled horse rider.

Jillie Mack
Jillie Mack with her husband Tom and their daughter, Hannah: Image Source

Hannah has won several horse riding tournaments and she is gradually gaining popularity as one of the top American Horse Riders.

More so, Jillie Mack is the step-mum of Kevin Selleck whom Tom had from his first marriage to the American actress, Jacqueline Kay. The young man took after his father as an actor and he has even featured alongside his dad, in the Magnum, P.I  series.

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