Jessica Tarlov
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In American politics, it can be a herculean task to find a middle ground in your political ideology. If you earn your quid as a political strategist, standing on the fence might be much trickier. More than ever in American political history, there is a sharp divide between the liberals and the conservatives; the election of President Trump has further deepened the gully. The threshold for political tolerance is being tested to its limits. One lady who has tried to navigate all of this is Jessica Tarlov.

Jessica Tarlov Bio (Age)

Jessica Tarlow was born in Manhattan in 1984 to Mark Tarlov, a movie producer who worked on projects such as The Man Who Knew Too Little, Copycat, Christine and Serial Mom. Mark also directed 1999’s Simply Irresistible and 2004’s Temptation with Zoe Saldana. His wife, Jessica’s mum, Judy Roberts, was a wine manufacturer. Both of her maternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Russia and France.

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Jessica’s only sister Molly Tarlov, an actress, took after their fathers inclination towards showbiz. She featured on MTV’s Awkward where she played the role of Sadie Saxton. She has also starred in Everlasting, G.B.F, iCarly and on a TV series called Nasty Habits.

Jessica Tarlov
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After High School, Jessica proceeded to Bryn Mawr College where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts and history. Upon graduation, she realized quickly that she was going to be dissatisfied with jobs on offer in New York. With support from her family, she went back to grad school immediately.  She enrolled for her Masters at the London School of Economics where she studied Public policy and graduated in 2007.

While studying in London, Jessica developed an affinity for politics and halfway through her studies, had the idea for her PhD, which was the idea of the impact of the political scandal on politicians’ careers. She enrolled for a PhD in political science and government and worked part-time with Boris Johnson, the then mayor of London, on his re-election campaign.

Jessica Tarlov started her career as a Project Manager at Merrill Lynch in 2007 and in 2008, she hooked up with a man who will go on to be more than a boss to her – Douglas Schoen.  Schoen, a Political consultant, lobbyist and strategist, hired the young Tarlov as a research assistant at Douglas Schoen LLC in 2008. Her responsibilities included conducting research for editorials, books and analyzing data from polling projects.

While at Douglas Schoen LLC, the firm worked for former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Jessica worked on the polling, data collection and research for Bloomberg’s gun control, health and education reform initiatives. She teamed up again with her mentor Schoen in May 2012 as a Democratic political strategist.

Jessica is currently the Senior Director of Research and Consumer Insight for Bustle Digital Group. Bustle owns, and, Jessica oversees Tarlov proprietary surveys of their readership with a focus on millennial women nationwide.

Jessica Tarlov and Doug Schoen linked up yet again to author the book – America in the Age of Trump, a book that attempts to give a bipartisan perspective to the impact of Trump on America and her politics going forward.

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On the advice and recommendation of her former Boss Dough Scheon, Jessica is currently a political commentator and regular Fox News contributor. An unapologetic Hillary Clinton fan and Democrat, Jessica Tarlov brings her refreshing liberal viewpoints to the conservative Fox desk.

Is Jessica Tarlov Married?

One would think that a young beautiful lady as Jessica would at the very least have some form of romantic relationship going on, but no – there is none. Its either dating isn’t top on her priority list at the moment or she is doing a superb job at keeping it secret. Whichever the case, it is fair to say she is not married either. One thing is for sure; when she is ready, there won,t be a shortage of suitors.

Height, Weight and Measurements

Make no mistake about it, Jessica Tarlov is beautiful. Blessed with dark brown eyes and the kind of legs every model longs for, her vital statistics are; Breast/Bra Size 34B, Waist Size 27 and Hip Size 36 Inches. Her height‎ is ‎5.10 feet / 1.80 m while her weight‎ is ‎57 Kg.

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