Who Is Jessica Beppler and What Did She Do To Become Popular On Instagram?

Jessica Beppler is a German-Brazilian Instagram model and social media celebrity who became popular by posting pictures of herself in lingerie and other provocative clothing on her official Instagram page.

Becoming an Instagram model may not have been part of Jessica Beppler’s career plans. But it turned out a stepping stone that led to her rise to stardom. Jessica is one of those young celebrities whose rise to fame cannot be disassociated with the media trend.

The Brazilian model is popularly known for her Instagram account where she has thousands of followers. If you are a frequent follower of star models on Instagram, then you must have come across this amazing lady with a beauty that melts the heart.

However, one thing that may also strike every new follower of Beppler is why she became so popular with just a few thousand followers at the time. Well, that’s because her account on the video and photo-sharing platform was once hacked and currently, she uses a newly created account.

To know more about this amazing model and her interesting journey to fame, read all the facts we have to share with you below.

Summary of Jessica Beppler’s Biography

  • Full name: Jessica Beppler
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 28 March, 1995
  • Jessica Beppler’s Age: 28 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: German-Brazilian
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Jessica Beppler’s Height in Inches: 66.9
  • Jessica Beppler’s Height in Centimetres: 170
  • Jessica Beppler’s Weight: 55kg or 121lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Jessica Beppler’s Net worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Her Instagram account where she has over a million followers
  • Jessica Beppler’s Instagram: jessicabeppler
  • Twitter: @jessicabeppler

Jessica Beppler at a Glance

Jessica Beppler’s Background

To start with, Jessica is a Brazillian born on the 28th day of the month of March 1995. Unfortunately, the model seems to be unwilling to share details of her family background neither does she want her fans to meet any member of her family. One thing you may, however, want to know about her is that her birth sign is Aries which says a lot about her personality as one who is egoistic and daring. While many may consider her a complete attention seeker, to some, sharing an almost nude picture of oneself for the world to see could be one of the most daring things anyone could do.

As regards her educational background and other details about her early life, no information has been revealed so far. What we know for sure is that this Instagram star is quite happy and proud of what she is able to make out of her own life.

How Jessica Beppler Became Popular On Instagram


Instagram is currently one of those platforms that can shoot an ordinary individual doing extraordinary things to stardom. In this regard, Beppler is one of those who have taken good advantage of that to grow their fame and increase their financial status as well. Like many other Instagram stars, Jessica started off by simply making a frequent post of near-nude pictures of herself on Instagram for the viewing pleasures of her followers. As expected, the revealing pictures drew a lot of attention to her account. hence, the more the views her picture posts received the more popular she became.

Those who are familiar with the kind of picture Jessica shares would attest to the fact that most of her outfits are either a pair of bikini, lingerie or underwear. Youngsters like her who are bold enough to share revealing pictures of themselves often get backlashed my many, mostly the conservatives who frown at body exposures but, of course, many do appreciate Beppler’s beauty as well as her courage.

Jessica Beppler has a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.70m with a bodyweight of 55kg or 121lbs. The Instagram model has black hair color and a pair of brown eyes. Her breast, waist and hip measurements have not been made public.

On the other hand, questions have been asked in the past if the stunning model had undergone any cosmetic procedures. The rumors were that she had boobs and nose jobs, worked on her lips and temple. In response, the budding star made it known that her body is wholly natural. She further asserted that those opining that she had plastic surgery were simply envious of her looks.

For Jessica, what people think about her is less important hence her comments and replies to insulting comments from those who find her less attractive. All Jessica appears to be more focused on is how she would become more famous and, of course, earn more money from her career as a self-made model. To achieve her aim, she tries to engage her followers with some chit-chat moments mostly by posting pictures and asking her fans to comment on them.

As widely expected, Jessica Beppler’s popularity has attracted a good number of business opportunities for her. Companies with brands that include lingerie, bikini and various kinds of underwear approach her for adverts. Through this means, she rakes in some cash apart from whatever her modeling brings her way.

What is Jessica Beppler’s Net Worth?

Despite having one of her best social media accounts hacked, Jessica’s popularity has continued to rise. So also is her financial stance. While some may not be comfortable with the kind of pictures she shares on various pages of her social media account, there is no denying that Jessica’s choice of posting revealing pictures of herself has earned her the deserving popularity she currently enjoys. With a fast-rising following of over 4000 on her new Instagram account, Jessica’s earnings from this particular platform have so far been impressive resulting in a net worth estimated at $500,000.

@jessicabeppler which was her previous account boasted of about 2 million followers and earned her about $5,288.75 per post before it was hacked. Currently, her estimated income from her newly launched Instagram account @jessica_bepplerofficial ranges from $51.75 to $86.25.

Jessica Beppler with friends

In addition to her buzzing Instagram page, Jessica’s Instagram store Milk Lingerie also has an impressive following of about 125k and the account is said to be earning between $380.25 – $633.75 for every post she makes. The model also receives additional income from adverts and sponsors. She may also have other engagement that would be beneficial to her financial stance that we are not yet aware of. However, considering how fast she is growing, it won’t be surprising to have her net worth running in millions in the nearest future.

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