Jessi Combs

The reasons why Jessi Combs is a popular name goes beyond what she’s most known for – being a metal fabricator and a television personality. The American is equally well known and celebrated in several quarters as a driver/racer, brand representative, an author and public speaker.

Jessi Combs Bio – Age

Combs is of the sentiment that she has been able to thrive in her respective career because of the skills and training she has received over the years. Outside those, she says she would have been “just another cute girl”.

Jessi Combs was born on July 27, 1983. Her place of birth was in Rapid City, South Dakota.

As a metal fabricator, Jessi owns a fabrication shop in California where she works on not only cars and motorcycles but fabricates arts and furniture as well. She started walking this career path just after she earned her degree in Custom Automotive Fabrication from Wyotech College in Laramie, Wyoming. She ventured into the automotive market and has since then, proven her worth; working with popular companies and building cars for the famed SEMA (Speciality Equipment Market Association) Las Vegas’ show and on television.

If you ask JessiCombs how being a tv personality is working out for her, she would refer you to a wide range of tv programmes she has appeared on. Her most current tv projects include The List: 1001 Car Things To Do Before You Die, Grand Marshall, 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and many more spanning through 2004 till date.

We have been able to uncover that Jessi’s passion for driving and racing has been with her since from childhood. Her need for speed has obviously earned her a global reputation for being one of the renowned ladies in motorsports. Her racing career highlights have been of public interest since 2011. In 2013, she set a world land speed record becoming the fastest woman on 4-wheels at a top speed of 440 mph. Jessi thinks men are in love with her driving and racing skills while women are mesmerized by her ability to thrive in the man’s world.

She published her first book – Joey and the Chopper Boys – in 2015. The book tells a story that revolves around being a girl in a boy’s world with an undertone that encourages the readers to take charge of their lives. This is also the message Combs has been spreading as a public speaker. She hopes to empower people, especially women to live beyond stereotypes and pursue their dreams and passion regardless of how the society feels about it.

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Her Net Worth

Image Source: Instagram – thejessicombs

Owing to her various career endeavours, Jessi has won the hearts of a wide range of companies in terms of representing their brands. While she earns handsomely from her other line of works, representing brands like Warn Industries, Lincoln Electric, Real Deal and many more have largely contributed to the wealth she enjoys.

Although it has commonly been assumed that Jessi Combs is worth $1 million, it would be mischievous for us to substantiate the figure. The value of everything she owns is best known to her, the figures so far quoted as her net worth aren’t based on the factors normally considered in estimating one’s net worth.

Is Jessi Combs Married, Who Is Her Husband?

Jessi Combs’ love life, like her net worth, has been a subject of several speculations which only goes to show that nothing is known about this aspect of her life.

As some people have assumed that she is a lesbian, others believe that she was once married but got divorced after a few years of the marriage. The lady has also been linked to a handful of male romantic partners. Nonetheless, what we can tell for now is that her career has been the love of her life.

Accident and Injury

Combs was initially just a guest fabricator on TLC’s automotive reality television series, Overhaulin’. Her appearance on the series inspired Spike Tv to employ her as a co-host of its Xtreme 4×4 series. She left the show in 2008 to focus on other opportunities after she recovered from a 2007 accident which was thought would confine her in a wheelchair.

As Jessi related on her site (, she was working in the studio when a big machinery fell on her and fractured her spine’s L3. She is grateful that she was able to fully recover from the injuries she sustained from the accident after going through surgery and eight months therapy.

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