Where is Jeremy Shockey Now? His Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth

In every venture or profession, there is a summit. The summit everyone in the profession aspires to and commits themselves to hard work and discipline to achieve. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to taste the sweet victory of reaching the summit. Some have to find happiness halfway while some have to live with the regret of never getting off the ground. For Jeremy Shockey, the former New York Giants player, he not only got off the ground or cross the halfway line, but he also reached the summit of his profession, twice. Below is a brief story of the two time Super Bowl champion.

Jeremy Shockey – Bio, Age

Did Jimmy and Lucinda Shockey, parents of Jeremy know when they held their baby in their hands for the first time on August 18, 1980, that they were holding a two-time Super Bowl champion? We doubt it. Regardless, Jeremy was welcomed into a happy home with his brother, James in Ada, Oklahoma.

He grew in height and strength and attended Ada High School where his football talents began to manifest. Shockey was a lettered player throughout his four seasons in high school. Despite playing as a wide receiver and an outside linebacker, Shockey’s high school achievements included making Oklahoma’s All-District, All-County, All-State teams. His impressive high school football career was accomplished by making the honor roll list. After the completion of his high school career, Jeremy was spoilt for choices of schools for his college career. After a lot of thinking, he chose to attend the University of Miami.

His decision to become a Hurricane turned out to be a masterstroke. A relatively average freshman season was followed with a sophomore season that catapulted him to national prominence. His exceptional season of national attention started with his impressive performance in a game against Florida State, a local rival. Jeremy Shockey scored the game-winning touchdown with 46 seconds left on the clock. His contributions in his second season helped the Hurricanes to an 11-1 season and a national championship. He finished the season named in the first team All-Big East and All American.

Having reached the summit of a college football career in just his second season, Jeremy Shockey declared for the NFL draft for the 2002 season. His exploits from his high school days to college removed any doubt that he would be a first-round pick. This national belief was confirmed with his 14th pick in the first round when the New York Giants selected him as their new tight end.

NFL Career

Jeremy took to the NFL like he had been playing there all his life and thrived in his very first season. His rookie season performances earned him the NFL Rookie of the Year award and he was named in the Pro Bowl. The first of four Pro Bowls he would play in his career. Unfortunately, while he was a great talent, his personality was prone to inciting conflict. Regardless, he remained a Giant for six seasons and was part of the team when they won the Super Bowl in 2007. After the Giants’ Super Bowl victory, Jeremy’s personality became a worrisome factor in the team and he was eventually traded to the New Orleans Saints in 2008.

In his first season for the Saints, he struggled to stay off his injury problems and finished the 2008 NFL season with the worst record of his professional career. The following season was a better one for the tight end. He became a prominent figure in the Saints’ offensive line up and helped them to a first Super Bowl victory in the franchise history. After three seasons, Jeremy was released by the Saints and he was signed by the Carolina Panthers for a one year deal. Despite a successful season with the Panthers, Shockey was not resigned and he left the team as an unrestricted free agent at the age of 31.

Jeremy Shockey’s Net Worth

Jeremy’s long and successful NFL career has helped him to a sumptuous net worth of $15 million. At the peak of his career, he was one of NFL’s highest-paid tight ends and this certainly helped him build the large wealth.

Family – Wife

Jeremy Shockey and Daniela Cortazar-ShockeyThe success of Jeremy Shockey’s personal and marital life is nothing compared to the height he attained in his professional career. Some would say he gave more attention to work and let his personal life hang. He was briefly married to Daniela Cortazar-Shockey in 2012. The couple broke up eight months after the marriage and since then, there’s been no indication that he is interested in building anything with anyone.


News in some circles had it that he was involved with Emily Maynard, winner of the Bachelor. There’s been no real indication or confirmation if they were ever really together, but right now, every indication suggests he is single.

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Where is Jeremy Shockey Now?

Jeremy Shockey is retired at the moment and is living at his Beach Penthouse in Miami, Florida. In 2016, he had some run-ins with the law when he was required to appear before a federal grand jury in a case concerning one of his close pals who had connections and dealings with a drug and gambling ring. The friend Owen Hanson’s connection to the ring was deep and as such the case was huge. The feds found it hard to believe that Shockey was not in on the dealings because of how close he was with Hanson. The case is still ongoing.


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