Jena Frumes Parents and Truth About Her Ethnicity

Jena Frumes parents are Jayne Mansfield and Micky Frumes and she has black, French, Caucasian, and Native American ethnicities.

Her parents were not married but did their best to give their daughter a good upbringing. They initially frowned at her plan to pursue a career in showbiz after college, but eventually supported her and she has gone on to become a TV star, an actress, a social media fitness influencer, and a model. Now that she is famous, Jena Frumes still maintains a close relationship with her family. There are, however, unconfirmed online rumors that things are strained between her and her family.

Exploring Jena Frumes’ Ethnicity

Jena Frumes has a mixed heritage consisting of black, French, Native American, and Caucasian ethnicities. She gets her black and French ancestry from her dad and her American ancestry from her white mother. It is not immediately clear where her Native American ancestry comes from.

One thing that is, however, for sure is that the combination of this heritage now accounts for the exotic looks that Jena Frumes has. She has golden brown skin and curly hair. She also has startling blue eyes. Her unique looks have undoubtedly buoyed her modeling career. It has also led to some controversies. Some people believe that Frumes is white and is blackfishing, i.e. pretending to be black in order to gain some advantage from it.

Who is Jena Frumes’ Mother?

Jena Frumes’ mother is Jayne Mansfield. She is of Caucasian ethnicity. There is a lack of background details about her, including her date of birth, place of birth, and educational background. It is, however, known that she is an entrepreneur. This means that she must have set up her own business, which she has run successfully for several years

Her Father, Micky Frumes is Black and French

Jena Frumes father is Micky Frumes. He is said to have a mixture of black and French ethnicities. Reports also have it that he is a businessman. The exact details of his business venture and the income he has accumulated from it are unknown, but it is reasonable to assume that he must be thriving in his chosen field.

Jena Frumes
Jena Frumes with her ex-boyfriend, Jason Derulo, and a loved one at her baby shower Image Source

Jena Frumes’ Parents Were Never Married

Jena Frumes’ parents most likely first met each other sometime in the late 80s or early 90s in North Carolina. They had a romantic relationship which resulted in Jena’s birth in 1994. They never got married though but remained committed to raising their daughter. They must have done a good job at this as Jena Frumes had a normal childhood.

She attended Scotland High School in Laurinburg, North Carolina, and completed her diploma in standard time. She then attended North Carolina University in Dunham to study theater and dance. She was a brilliant student and got a scholarship to cover some part of her studies.

Jena Frumes
Jena Frumes with her relatives and loved ones at her baby shower Image Source

They Initially Frowned at Her Modeling Career But Are Now Said to Be Her Biggest Fans

At some point during her school days, Jena Frumes fell in love with various aspects of showbiz such as acting and modeling. As a result, she headed out to Los Angeles after her studies to pursue that passion. Her parents reportedly frowned at this. They had a conservative mindset and didn’t want their daughter to indulge in something that was unpredictable. They preferred her to toe a more stable career path.

Jena Frumes’ parents conveyed their reservations to her but she decided to go ahead. She went on to enjoy success, appearing in a handful of movies and TV shows such as She Ball, Jeremih: I Think of You, The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2, and Wild N’ Out. She also went on to amass hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube and Instagram.
Seeing all this success convinced Jena Frumes’ parents that their daughter knew what she was on to and they started supporting her.

Jena Frumes
Jena Frumes with her loved ones and relatives Image Source

Does Jenna Frumes Have a Good Relationship With Her Parents?

Ever since Jena Frumes dated Jason Derulo, she has become much more popular. She has inspired several threads on gossip sites on lipstick alley. Some of these threads have sought to dig deeper into her background and have unearthed some facts. For one, they say that Jena Frumes’ dad is now dead as she stated so on a defunct Facebook page.

It has also been suggested Jena Frumes has a strained relationship with her parents or more specifically her mom. This strained relationship is traceable to the fact that Frumes allegedly had a child out of wedlock while in high school. According to online gossip threads, Jena Frumes’ family has custody of the girl named Aliyah and takes care of her.

It must be stressed that this is not confirmed though. Jena Frumes may well have a wonderful relationship with her mom. It is also possible that the insinuation that she had a child in high school is absolutely false.

Jena Frumes Has Two Half Sisters From Her Mother’s Other Relationships

Jena Frumes is the only child her parents had together before breaking up. Following their split, her mother, Jayne Mansfield, went on to get involved in other relationships with other people. This resulted in the birth of two more daughters who are Jena Frumes’ half-sisters.

The first is named Jeri Frumes while the second is named Jessica. Both girls are fully Caucasians as their fathers are said to be Caucasians. It is also believed that one of them resides in New York and now has custody of Jena Frumes alleged daughter – Aaliyah.

Jena Frumes’ family background is indeed shrouded in mystery and this may be why she doesn’t post messages about her family members on social media. There is also the possibility that Frumes has deliberately chosen to shield her family from social media because of its invasive nature. If this were so, then one cannot blame the actress for it seeing the cyberbullying she has endured.

For instance, when Frumes broke up with Jason Derulo four months after she had their child, she received lots of negative comments on social media. Some people called her unprintable names and insinuated that she had only been with Derulo because of money and fame.

She, however, stated that nothing of such happened. She maintained that being a single mother was tough and that no one deliberately chose that part. She also pointed out that she would not allow someone to disrespect her by cheating and as such, it was better to cut her losses.


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