Jaylin Williams Parents: Meet His Mom and Dad

Jaylin Williams parents are Michael William (father) and Linda Williams (mother).

Although his parents keep their private life away from the public, they are so proud of their son. Jaylin is a young American professional basketball player who currently plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise.

His parents have been very supportive of his career as a basketball player. Not only Williams, but his siblings have also enjoyed their parents’ maximum support in their fields of endeavor. What do we know about Jaylin Williams’ parents?

Who is Jaylin Williams’ Dad?

Michael Williams is the father of NBA star, Jaylin Williams – and that is about all that is known about him. Mr. Michael’s age, date of birth, and birthplace are unknown at the time this article was written.

Unfortunately, We cannot also give an account of his career, educational background, and early life because details about him are withheld from the public. However, it is known that he is an American citizen.

Michael Williams only claim to fame at this point is the successful basketball career of his son, Jaylin, and he has been a part of that success story as he fanned the athlete’s interest in basketball into flames while the latter was still a boy.

Meet Jaylin Williams’ Mom

Jaylin Williams’ mother is Linda Williams. She is from St. Croix in the United States but grew up in the Bronx. Reports have it that her parents migrated to the United States when they were children, but nothing is known about their nationality.

Just like her husband, background information about Linda such as her date of birth,  place of birth, early life and education, are currently unavailable. Similarly, her professional life and occupation are also withheld from the public and as a result of this, no one can exactly tell what she does for a living.

jaylin williams parents

The proud mother of the basketball star is an all-time lover of the game. Jaylin Williams has always enjoyed his mother’s unwavering support and encouragement. For the mother of five, Jaylin Williams’ success in the NBA is a dream come true and as such, she takes pleasure in sharing her son’s success story on her Twitter account.

Linda And Michael Williams Have Five Children

Jaylin Williams’ parents, Linda and Michael Williams has five children; four sons and a daughter – and the NBA star is the last of the bunch. Aside from Jaylin Williams, their other sons are Mikey Williams, Marquis Williams, and Montell Williams. The couple’s only daughter goes by the name Synora Phillips.

jaylin williams parents
Jaylin Williams’ parents and his brothers

Growing up in such a big family, under the care of his parents and older siblings, it is undeniable that Jaylin had a great time. But as much as we would love to let you in on more details about the basketball star’s siblings, it is quite sad that just like their parents, they have all succeeded at keeping information about themselves private.

Thus, at the time of writing this article, the public does not know if any of them is married or their occupations. As for Jaylin, he is currently single.

Are Linda Williams And Michael Williams Still A Couple?

Linda and Michael Williams are Jaylin Williams’ parents but no one can tell if they are still married. They were seen together celebrating their son’s success at the 2022 NBA Draft Watch party, an event that took place inside Grizzly Arena, Northside High School, Fort Smith.

Jaylin Williams has repeatedly said that he grew up with his family- his father, mother, elder sister, and big brothers, but we cannot conclude on the current status of his parents’ relationship based on that.

If actually Linda and Michael Williams are still married then their union must have lasted for over two decades. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know because Jaylin hardly ever talks about them. Consequently, in addition to not know if the couple is still together, we do not also know how, where, and when, they met and married.

Michael Williams Had Always Supported His Son’s Ambition From Grade One

The talented NBA basketball player cannot remove his father from his success story. According to Jaylin Williams, his father did take him to watch the Arkansas Razorback play the game while in elementary one. He said his dad was his first basketball coach. The young star also confirmed that his dad helped him get acquainted with the game and taught him the art of drawing charges.

Also, the proud father had confirmed that the drill has not been easy. During Jaylin’s NBA Draft watch party in 2022, Micheal said that they had quite a long journey. The early morning workouts at 1 am and 4 am had paid off. Just like his wife, he also said that Jaylin’s success is a family dream come true.

Jaylin Williams’s Mom, Linda Williams, Is Her Son’s Number One Fan

Linda Williams is not left out in her son’s breakthrough. Jaylin’s grandmother, Cora used to be his number one fan. but after she died in November 2021, his mom quickly took over the position.

Aside from being there for young Williams, Mrs. Williams has never given up on him. She has been a full dose of encouragement for the young star. As is her culture, she was seen cheering her son at a Razorback game this season.

In addition to her physical morale boost, Jaylin’s mom took to her Twitter page to celebrate her son. The overexcited mom wrote a heartwarming tweet where she stated how proud a mother she is.

She explained that Jaylin had set huge targets for himself since his high school days. She also added that she was super elated that he could reach his goals. And at the end of the tweet, she dropped some encouraging words for her boy to keep a strong heart with his head high.

Jaylin Williams’ Family Is A Home Of Basketball

The Williams are said to be basketball freaks. Their love for the game is massive. As a little boy, Jaylin Williams saw his elder brothers and sister play the game. As a result, it was easy for him to be motivated in his chosen career.

In the same vein, some sources have it that his nieces and nephews are getting interested in the game. Earlier during his official signing for the Razorback, Jaylin mentioned that he was lucky to have found a great support system in his family. Therefore, he owes his success to them

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