Jason Kidd Parents: Meet His Dad Steve Kidd and Mom Anne Kidd

Jason Kidd’s parents are Steve Kidd, an African-American man, and his Irish-American partner Anne Kidd.

The celebrity couple gave birth to the 51 years old former professional basketball player and now basketball coach on 23rd March 1973. Aside from Jason, Steve and Anne also had two other children who are also now adults. They are sisters; Denise Kidd and Kim Kidd.

Jason Kidd’s Father Steve Kidd was Born in 1939

Jason Kidd’s father was born into an African-American family sometime in the year 1938 in San Fransisco, California the United States of America, and was named Steve Gregory Kidd. He lived till the year 1999 when he died sometime in May aged 60 years old.

Apparently, while he lived, he was an African-American by ethnicity and an American man by nationality. His parents’ names were given as Frank Kidd while that of his mother was Blanche Kidd. Their ethnicity (mix) is not known but it is assumed that either of them was an African or they were both African-Americans.

Little is known about his childhood life including the schools he attended and what he loved doing as a child. However, it is known that his family was an average middle-class family, and even though he might not have had the best things of life (at that time) at his disposal, Steve had a decent upbringing.

Jason Kidd's parents
Steve Kidd’s family

What Did Jason Kidd’s Father, Steve Kidd, do for a Living?

Before he became a businessman who ran his own company Jason Kidd’s father Steve Kidd worked in Trans World Airlines (TWA). He is said to have started working with the airline company as a baggage handler before he rose through the ranks to become a ticket counter supervisor. It is said that his work with the airline company availed him the opportunity to often attend his son’s basketball games. All in all, Steve Kidd was never an absentee dad in his son’s life.

With his days at TWA behind him, Steve Kidd was moderately successful in business and very far from being a pauper. A few reliable reports have it that he owned a business and was the administrator and co-owner of Jerry Kidd Petroleum Jelly Industry, Inc. This petroleum industry is the parent company of Kidd Jones Quick-Service Restaurants and also the group of Kidd Jones Gas Stations located throughout East Texas, the United States of America.

Anne Kidd, Jason Kidd’s Mom, Worked as a Computer Programmer

Anne Kidd as earlier mentioned is Jason Kidd’s mother who is of Irish-American ethnicity and an American by nationality. There is not much information available about her parents (at least their names) her childhood, the schools she attended, and what growing up was like generally for her. However, much later in her life, he attained a prominent level in her career when she was a computer programmer at the Bank of America.

Jason Kidd’s Parents Met Before the Year 1973

Long before Jason was born and he brought his family to the limelight with his prowess in the NBA, Jason Kidd’s parents met sometime before 1973 when Steve Jason was somewhat in his early 30s and his would-be-partner Anne at about the same age or perhaps younger.

Though there are no details of how and when they started dating, the exact date they got married, and where their wedding was held, it is believed that the couple got on just fine and were happy with each other despite their differences in ethnicity with Steve being an African-American man and Anne being an Irish-American woman.

Steve and Anne Kidd had Three Children Together

Jason Kidd parents
Steve Kidd with his son, wife, daughter, and coach La Porte

Following their marriage, Steve Kidd and his wife Anne Kidd had their first child Steve Kidd on 23rd March 1973 in Los Angeles, California the United States of America. After his birth, they had two more kids who are both girls named Denise Kidd and Kim Kidd.

While Jason is known to be exactly 51 years old this year (born 23rd March 1973), the birth dates of his sisters are not known. It is also hard to tell if he is the eldest of his parents, the youngest or perhaps the middle child.

Unlike Jason and to some extent Jason Kidd’s parents, Denise Kidd and Kim Kidd avoid being in the limelight. It is known if they exactly they are married and to who. But seeing that Steve Kidd was at a time referred to as a grandfather of 8 children; and being that we know that Jason has only 4 children, it is likely that either Denise, Kim, or perhaps both of them are married with kids.

Steve and Anne Inspired and Encouraged Jason Kidd in the Early Days of His Career

Long before Jason Kidd became a sensational player in the National Basketball League, his mother was instrumental and in fact, part of the building blocks of his NBA success both then as a player and even now as a coach. She so much loved to watch him play and always encouraged him alongside her husband to train well and become the best in sports.

On the other hand, his father Steve Kidd also played no small role in inspiring Jason to attain the highest level in competitive basketball. In doing this, he instilled vital life lessons in him that have helped him both on and off the court. Jason revealed that his father taught him to be patient which helped him overcome several of the obstacles he has faced in his basketball career both then as a player and now as a coach.

He also revealed that his dad who would hardly ever miss his games often made video recordings of him playing and would point out flaws in his playing style and also commend his brilliance where he was exceptional.

The Death of Jason Kidd’s Father

One of Jason Kidd’s parents is no more. His father Steve Kidd died at the age of 60 sometime in May 1999 after complications arising from a heart attack. Reports filled in had it that Jason had seen his father just 3 days earlier before he left for Phoneix only to receive the shocking news that his father was no more.

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