Jadyn Wong
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Jadyn Wong is in one package, a Canadian actress, pianist and martial artist who came to prominence for her performance in the popular television series Scorpion.

Find out here, more about her age, bio, family and of course her height and body measurements.

Biography of Jadyn Wong, Age

Kristianna Jesse Wong popularly addressed as Jadyn Wong was born on May 11, 1985, in Medicine Hat, Alberta in Canada to parents who migrated from Hong Kong to settle in Canada and run a restaurant in Medicine Hat. She studied at the local high school before proceeding to study at Haskayne School of Business, the University of Calgary during which time she landed and aced her first acting job. She later relocated to Vancouver and graduated with a degree in Commerce from the University of British Columbia.

Other than her parents being said to be migrants, not much is known about them in terms of their names, whether they had other children and what they do now. However, we are more interested in the daughter they brought into the world and what we have come to love her do – acting.


At a tender age of 12, Jadyn enrolled in a drama class to overcome her shyness but little did she know that she was propagating her future then. For her shyness, she did overcome it when she started playing roles in drama’s.

Jadyn made her debut in the movie Broken Tails which was an Emmy Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated mini-series. She was handpicked for the role by Robert Duvall as a favourite amongst hundreds of other actresses who showed up to play the role. This was her first audition and she got the role as her first acting role in 2006.

Jadyn wong
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Having acted in a successful movie, more roles came to her over the years which include Stay with Me (2011) where she appeared in the pilot episode, she had a recurring role in the TV series Being Erica which was on TV in 2011, Cracked and Working the Engels (2014). Others include Rookie Blue (2011), Lost Girl, Spun Out (2014). She also starred in the science fiction Debug (2014) and the Mexican comedy film You’re Killing Me Susana (2016). We won’t summarise her acting accomplishments without mentioning that she has been acting in the past three seasons of Scorpion alongside Katharine Mcphee, Elyes Gabel and Eddie Kaye Thomas.

Family: Married, Husband

Jadyn in real life has not been romantically linked to any man as we have seen her in films. Controversies and rumours went round at a time when she was playing the character of a pregnant woman in Scorpion. Her fans mistook it to mean that she was actually pregnant in real life and started wondering who was responsible.

Jadyn who is not easily distracted paid little or no attention to the hearsay and as if the rumour mongers just instantly knew that it didn’t hold much water, it quickly died off.

Currently, she is still not known to be married to any man and doesn’t seem to be perturbed by it. Or perhaps, she might have succeeded perfectly in keeping her love life out of the prying eyes of the public. If this latter case is the case, then thumbs up to her.

Height, Body Measurements

The exact body stats of the Broken Tail star is not known, however, we know that her height is put at 5 feet 3 inches and she’s physically fit.

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Interesting Facts About Jadyn Wong

  • Taurus is her birth sign.
  • Jadyn Wong was shy as a kid.
  • She holds a black belt in karate, so, when you see her giving some powerful kicks in a movie, know that she trained for it before then.
  • She also trained in playing the classical piano.
  • She deferred her studies to take up an acting role.
  • Jadyn is not a fan of sci-fi considering the fact she has not seen any of the Star Trek or Star Wars movies.
  • She has played lots and lots of recurring roles in many movies.
  • Currently, she is residence in Toronto and Los Angeles.
  • The character Happy Quinn which she plays in Scorpion is actually inspired by a guy.
  • She partly fuelled the rumours about her being pregnant while acting Scorpion by making suggestive posts on her social media account.
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