Jade Chynoweth
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Jade Chynoweth was deemed a dance prodigy ever since she was a little girl and she has grown to be so much more. Apart from being a professional dancer with a successful Youtube Channel, she has starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies including 300, Superman Vs Batman among others. A freak for competing with the very best dancers in the world Jade has dedicated her life to perfecting her art.

Jade Chynoweth Bio And Age 

Jade Chynoweth was born on the  21st of August 1998, in Park City, Utah in the United States of America. She is a popular actress and dancer. Jade was raised in a very fun and loving home, with lots of entertainment all around. Her environment was one characterized by dance as her mother taught dance while her aunt had a dance studio. At the early age of two, Jade began learning the art of dancing by attending dance classes. She also accompanied her mother to see other young dancers like herself at different dance studios.

Though she was very young at the time she started dancing, she was trained under disciplined conditions by her mother. Jade was always a natural talent so most of the training didn’t feel much like work as she was able to learn a wide variety of dance styles quickly and with ease. By the age of six, she had already become exceptional.

Professional Life and Career 

Professionally, Jade’s career began when she joined the “E-Kidz” dancing club at just nine years old. As a result of her performance, she landed a gig to feature on Microsoft Surface Commercial. For the 2011-2011 season of “The Pulse on Tour,” Jade was chosen as an Elite Protege.

Jade Chynoweth
Jade Chynoweth performing “Baby One More Time”

She also danced on the Shadows and immaBEAST promotional video as well as a number of music videos. The following year (2012) saw her become a part of the dancers selected to perform at the Kid’s Choice Awards where fans and critics lauded her for a massive improvement and maturity in her dance style. Competing is also a must for her hence her constant anticipation of the next one. This has led her to compete with another really  famous dancer, “Larsen Thompson.”

She graduated from high school in 2016 and is currently part of the “ImmaBeast” dance crew.

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