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Jacqueline Ray is an American actress who was very popular and gained prominence in the 80’s. She also took a shot at modeling during her prime. Her modeling activities landed her a couple of features in some notable fashion magazines.

She was born Jacqueline Mary Ray in Burbank, California, USA. Ray is believed to have spent most of her childhood years in the beautiful city of California. She is known to be covert about her personal life, systematically keeping the media at bay. She has successfully withheld information as regards her date of birth, the names of her parents, as well as her educational background. However, we know she got into acting sometime in the early 60’s and she landed her first notable role in the 1967 movie titled In the Flint.

Acting Career

Jacqueline’s noteworthy performance in the movie In the Flint opened doors for her in Hollywood. She would go on to be featured in two movies The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980) and Beyond the Universe (1981). However, it was her role in the 1981 movie, Beyond the Universe that gave her an A-list status in Hollywood. Jacqueline also made an appearance in the 1980 American crime drama television series titled Magnum, P.I. In 2006, she made an appearance in the American teen sitcom, Unfabulous as well as its spinoff, Unfabulous: The Best Trip Ever (2007)

Her Son and Marriages

Jacqueline Ray has been in and out of relationships. The first man she got serious with was called Shepard. Unfortunately, that’s about the only information currently available about him (his last name). Jacqueline and Shepard had a son together in 1966 named Kevin Selleck.

Kevin was born Kevin S. Shepard but opted to change his last name to Selleck after he was adopted by his mother’s second husband Tom Selleck. Kevin like his mother and stepfather is an actor. He was among the cast of the 1997 American slasher film (horror film) titled Scream 2. He also made an appearance in Magnum P.I. Kevin is currently married to Anabelle Selleck and they are happy together.

Tom Selleck

Jacqueline Ray

As previously stated, Jacqueline’s second husband was American actor and producer, Tom Selleck, who was born on the 29th of January 1945 in Detroit Michigan. Tom is famous for his starring role as private investigator, Thomas Magnum in the American crime drama television series titled Magnum, P.I. (1980). Furthermore, Tom would go on to be featured in over 50 films and television roles since his appearance in the Magnum, P.I. TV series in 1980.

Furthermore, some of his notable filmography credits include Three Men and a Baby (1987) Quigley Down UnderMr. Baseball (1992) and Lassiter (1984). Tom was also cast as Dr. Richard Burke on Friends, as A.J. Cooper on the American TV series Las Vegas. More recently, he has been playing the role of NYPD Police Commissioner; Frank Reagan in 176 episodes of CBS’s ongoing American police procedural drama TV series titled Blue Bloods (2010 to date). Tom was nominated for People’s Choice Award in the Favorite TV Crime Drama Actor (2017) category as a result of his exceptional acting in Blue Bloods.

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Jacqueline Ray and Tom Selleck

Jacqueline and Tom got married on the 15th of May 1971. It is believed that Jacqueline agreed to marry Tom at a time when he was struggling to land roles in films and TV shows. Jacqueline believed in his talent when nobody else did and decided to marry him despite his indigent predicament.

However, after 11 years of marriage, Jacqueline and Tom got divorced in August 1982. Reports have it that Jacqueline couldn’t handle the attention Tom was getting from his female fans after he landed the role of Thomas Magnum in Magnum, P.I. Tom was reportedly too cozy with his female fans and this brought a lot of grief and hurt to Jacqueline Ray; leading to the untimely dissolution of their marriage.

Quick Facts About Tom Selleck’s First Wife

  • Jacqueline Ray was considered to be one of the most beautiful Caucasian women of her time.
  • Tom and Jacqueline really had a loving relationship. Unfortunately, the fame Tom got from his role in Magnum P.I got the best of him and eventually affected his marriage.
  • Finally, Jacqueline’s son Kevin Selleck was adopted by Tom Selleck. They also went on to feature in a number of projects together.
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