Jacelyn Reeves

While some are born into stardom and others work their way into it, some would rather get caught in the crossfire of stars which was the case of Jacelyn Reeves, a former American flight attendant who made tabloid news for her affair with popular Hollywood actor and Cassanova Clint Eastwood and even bore him two children in the 80’s.

Jacelyn Reeves Short Bio: Age

The gorgeous Jacelyn Reeves who is a trademark for flight attendants was born on December 21, 1951, in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A with birth name Jacelyn Ann Reeves. She is said to be of mixed ancestry which is traceable to English, Welsh, German, Irish, Scottish and Dutch but her nationality is American. Her early life was spent in Washington DC but not much information is availabxle about her education nor her parents but she is known to have only one career pursuit which was to be a flight attendant which was the job she did until her retirement.

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The Affair With Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a very familiar name in the Hollywood film industry as he is a talented actor and director who have also turned into a businessman and politician.

It was in 1985 that the young and beautiful Jacelyn Reeves met Eastwood on board a flight and. Although he was still married to his first wife Maggie Eastwood, he started a secret affair with the young flight attendant. However, rumor has it that the actor who is known for his escapades with women had relationships with other ladies around that time like Sondra Locke who he was said to have moved in with for quite a number of years, an actress named Jamie Rose, Megan Rose who was a story analyst and  animal rights activist named Jane Brolin. It was in 1990 that Clint and Jacelyn’s relationship was reported by Star publications and Sondra Locke who felt cheated on as Clint was living with her while dating Reeves also mentioned their relationship in her autobiography titled The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly which was published in 1997.

No specific reason was given for Reeves and Clint’s refusal to tie the knot before their relationship ended in 1990. It’s believed the split had to do with Clint’s political ambitions at that time as he was Mayor of Carmel, California and though he was separated from his first wife, he had not legally divorced her yet.

Who Are Jacelyn Reeves Children?

Jacelyn Reeves
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Clint’s affair with Reeves later produced a son named Scott Eastwood whom they welcomed in 1986 and a daughter named Katheryn Ann Eastwood who was born in 1988. Scott Eastwood took after his father’s career to become an actor and he made his film debut in Flags of our Fathers released in 2006, a movie that was directed by his dad. The young actor also landed a major role in the film The Longest Ride in 2015 and Snowden in 2016.

Reeves, daughter Katheryn is also an award-winning actress who is known for her performances in movies like Jersey Boys and House Slave released in 2014. She was in the movie American Virus in 2015 and Thick Water in 2016. Katheryn is currently said to be working on a special project in 2018 which is a zombie scary movie titles Virus of the Dead. Asides from acting, this talented daughter of an ex-flight attendant is also a scriptwriter.

Jacelyn Reeves
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The ex-flight attendant is said to be very supportive of her children and although she is not a fan of red carpets events and the showbiz world, she often attends functions with her children.

Jacelyn Reeves Life After The Affair

The flight attendant, after her split with Clint, was said to have practically disengaged herself from social media activities. She was even said to have gotten married secretly to someone named Private Bell but no information is available about their union. However, reports claim she is currently single and no further affairs have been related to her recently.

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Fast Facts About The Former Flight Attendant

One interesting fact about this former flight attendant is that she wrote ”Father Declined” on her children’s birth certificate when she broke up with Clint Eastwood. Other facts about her which range from her height to distinctive features are:

  • Reeves is said to have a height of 5 ft 5 inches.
  • She has a remarkable blonde hair which she has maintained over the years.
  • Her blue eyes are also a notable feature she possesses.
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