Is Yamiche Alcindor Related to Lew Alcindor?

Yamiche Alcindor is not related to Lew Alcindor. This is evidenced by their ethnicity and family lineage; Lew Alcindor is of African-Trinidadian and African-American ancestry while Yamiche Alcindor is of Haitian-American roots. Also, Lew was born to Cora William and Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr. but Yamiche’s parents are not known.

Similarities in the names of famous people have always resulted in them being tagged as relatives. Yamiche Alcindor and Lew Alcindor have been caught in this web because of the similar last name that they bear.

Meanwhile, Yamiche Alcindor is an American journalist who is a Washington Correspondent for the American broadcast television network NBC News while Lew Alcindor, who currently goes by the name, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an American ex-basketball player for the NBA. Keep reading as this puzzle has been solved below.

Is Yamiche Alcindor Related to Kareem Alcindor?

No! Yamiche Alcindor and Lew Alcindor are not related. Following the fact that they share the same name, the public has been quick to draw a conclusion that they are related. Since the public has linked the two of them together as relations, Yamiche Alcindor has taken advantage of it.

Yamiche is a jolly good fellow who loves to add humor to whatever she does. In 2016, she joked about being related to the ex-basketball player, describing him as her dad on her Twitter handle.

While the rumor of them being related spread, the journalist has made various attempts to clear the public of their misconception. However, the truth still remains that they are not related in any way.

What are Yamiche Alcindor and Kareem Alcindor’s Ethnicities?

Yamiche Alcindor is a Haitian-American. Her parents are Haiti immigrants who settled in the United States. Her father, whose identity remains unknown, is from Plaisance while her mother is from Saint Louis du Nord both in Haiti.

Being that both of her parents are from Haiti, Yamiche Alcindor was raised in a strong Haitian culture and is fluent in the language. She is extremely proud of her roots and commends her cultural upbringing for being the stepping stone to her success.

Meanwhile, Kareem Alcindor is of African-Trinidadian and African American ancestry. The ex-basketball player grew up well-grounded in his cultural heritage. He is hell-bent on achieving the best for the black community and is a strong advocate of racial equality.

However, the ethnic mix of Yamiche Alcindor and Kareem Alcindor has proven that they are not related. As stated before, the journalist is Haitian-American while the ex-basketball player is of African-Trinidadian and African American ancestry.

What is Yamiche Alcindor’s Age?

Yamiche Alcindor is 37 years old. The American journalist was born on November 1, 1986, in Miami, Florida, United States. She was born under the Scorpio zodiac sign to Haitian parents. Meanwhile, the names of her parents and their profession are not known.

She has also remained tight-lipped about the number of siblings that she has, what their occupations are, and her childhood among other thing. However, it is believed that she grew up in the United States.

Yamiche Alcindor is well educated which is one of the reasons she has been able to get to where she is today. She attended high school in Miami though she has failed to reveal the name of the school. While in high school, she worked as an intern at Miami Herald and a local African American Newspaper.

She eventually graduated with a degree in English and government with a minor in African-American studies from Georgetown University. Yamiche Alcindor later obtained a master’s degree in broadcast news and documentary filmmaking from New York University in 2015.

She is a Popular News Correspondent

Yamiche Alcindor inked her first job after graduation as a reporter at Newsday. She began working with USA Today in 2011. Also in the same year, she started working for the New York Times as a national political reporter. The journalist became the White House Correspondent of the PBS NewsHour.

Yamiche Alcindor started working as a moderator of Washington Week in 2021. Currently, she works with NBC News as the Washington Correspondent. She has contributed a lot to the journalism sector and has also earned numerous honors for her work. The journalist is also an advocate for the black community.

How Old is Lew Alcindor?

Lew Alcindor is 77 years old. He was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. on April 16, 1947, in Harlem, New York, United States. He later changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and bears it to this day.

He is an American citizen born under the Aries birth sign. He was born to Cora William and Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr. His mother was a departmental store price checker while his father was a transit police officer and jazz musician. Lew Alcindor is the only child of his parents and as such has no siblings.

Supposedly, the ex-basketball player spent his childhood in the United States. He grew up in the Dyckman Street projects in the Inwood neighborhood in Upper Manhattan.He began his basketball career while in high school and earned various honors. He attended Power Memorial high school in New York, New York City and later proceeded to the University of Carolina, Los Angeles, the United States where he played with the school’s team, the Bruins.

While in college he inked various honors for his outstanding performance. This includes the highest career scoring average of 26.4, the most career field goals, 943, and many others.

He Is a Basketball Legend

Lew Alcindor began his professional basketball career in 1969, playing with the Milwaukee Bucks till 1975 and leading them to various victories. In 1975, he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers and played with them till 1989. He retired in 1989 and maintained the record of the most career games played in the NBA till 2023 when LeBron James broke the record.

A few years after he retired as a basketball player, he began impacting the knowledge and experience that he gained over the years on young players. He later began working as an assistant coach for Los Angeles Lakers and Seattle SuperSonics. In 2002, he became the head coach of the Oklahoma Storm of the United States Basketball League.

Lew Alcindor served as a scout for the New York Knicks and returned as a special assistant coach to the Los Angeles Lakers. He later served as a volunteer coach at the Alchesay High School on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Asides from his career as an ex-professional basketball player, he has also tried his hands on acting, writing, and activism.


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