Is Tom Brady a Christian, Religious or Irreligious?

Tom Brady is no longer a practicing Christian, even-though he was brought up as a Roman Catholic. This does not mean that the quarterback is irreligious as he still thinks there is a belief system out there, and has stated that there has got to be more to life than football, even though he is not sure of what it is actually.

Fewer people have impacted the NFL in the manner that Tom Brady has. In a glowing career spanning 22 years, the QB has set several records and won numerous accolades. He has also won at least seven Super Bowls, cementing his status as one of the greatest to ever grace the game. Brady’s latest Super Bowl triumph came at the ripe age of 43 and marks another turn in an incredible career that saw him go from a lowly rated No. 199 pick to arguably the best QB the NFL has ever seen.

Given such circumstances, one may easily attribute Brady’s achievements to a higher power but the man himself may not toe a similar line. Although raised as a Catholic, and married to one as well, Brady has largely divorced himself from that particular denomination and has veered off into entirely different paths as he continues his quest of delving deeper into the realm of spirituality. The QB remains uncertain about his beliefs but nonetheless acquiesces to the fact that there has to be more to life than winning Super Bowls.

The Legendary NFL Star Was Raised Catholic

Christianity boasts of 2.3 billion adherents around the globe and as many as 45,000 denominations. One of the most common is the Roman Catholic Church, which has about 1.2 billion followers, and Tom Brady was originally brought up in that particular faith. He even attended a Catholic high school but as he grew older, the gap between him and the faith widened. The QB now limits his church attendance to a few sporadic Sundays and is largely identified as a non-practicing Christian. This, however, does not mean that he has grown entirely irreligious as he still retains a mindset that will clue you in to the fact that he believes in some spirituality, even if not entirely sure of what form it takes.

For instance, during an interview with 60 Minutes in 2005, Tom Brady stated his belief that there has got to be more to life than just football. On that particular occasion, he was just fresh from winning his third Super Bowl and while many regarded it as the ultimate achievement in life, the NFL legend mused that there has got to be more than just winning the Super Bowl. That sentimental comment had many people sending a litany of bible verses to Brady, perhaps in a bid to convert him to a born-again Christian, but the QB didn’t respond to such gestures.

Tom Brady is No Longer a Practising Catholic But He Remains Religious

Fast-forward to 2015 during an interview with the New York Times, Tom Brady once again alluded to some belief in a higher power. He was quoted as saying that he thinks there is a belief system out there but isn’t sure of what it is. He isn’t also sure of what he believes. That uncertainty now explains why Brady is “into everything”, perhaps in a bid to discover whether there is a higher power. The multiple Super Bowl winner has a large glass case of a menorah (a multi-branched candelabra which is a symbol of Judaism) in his house. He also had a four-inch bronze idol of the Hindu god, Ganesh, in his locker at some point.

Brady also maintains good relations with people who are deeply religious. For instance, his renowned personal trainer, Alex Guerrero, is a devotee of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Guerrero has been described as Brady’s ever-present best friend and serves as his counselor, spiritual guide, pal, nutrition adviser, trainer, massage therapist, and godfather to his son, Ben. It is Guerrero’s training that has largely contributed to the fact that Brady is still playing well into his 40s, a feat that is quite rare in sports.

His Supermodel Wife Gisele Bundchen is an Adherent of New Age Spirituality

Tom Brady’s wife of more than a decade, Gisele Bundchen, originally hails from Brazil which we all know is a majorly Catholic country. She was therefore brought up in the Catholic faith and even wed her husband in a Catholic ceremony. The model and her family have been spotted attending mass on rare occasions but just like her husband, her religious beliefs have firmly veered away from the Catholic church and now tilts towards new age spirituality.

Bundchen’s journey to new age spirituality dates back to her teen years when she started studying the teachings of the Zen Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh. By 20, she began doing yoga and meditations and has remained on that trajectory to date. The supermodel has also dabbled into Taoism, Astrology, and heavily favors the teachings of the Mexican spiritual guru, Don Miguel Ruiz. All these have influenced a hippy mindset. For instance, Bunchen believes that what we give energy is what grows. Therefore, if we focus on positivity, vibrations, and good things, we will also get them.

Bundchen has utilized her New Age spiritual practices to support her husband. According to her husband, his pre-game rituals involves an altar that she made for him. It contains pictures of their kids as well as special stones such as healing and protection stones. The model also has him wear a necklace; take drops that she has made; and also chant some mantras. All these have made the NFL player jokingly refer to Bundchen as a good witch.

Meanwhile, Bundchen’s disillusions with the Catholic Church may not be unconnected with what she has described as its hopelessly outdated ways. The model famously blasted the church in 2007 for opposing abortions and the use of condoms. She made it clear that no one was getting married as a virgin anymore and that condoms were necessary to prevent all manners of diseases.

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Brady’s Father, Tom Sr., Remains a Devoted Catholic

One person in the Brady bunch who has managed to hang on tightly to his Christian and Catholic faith is his dad, Tom Brady Sr. As reports have it, the senior Brady grew up in a Catholic family and even attended a seminary for several years hoping to qualify as a priest. He, however, dropped out as he didn’t see himself complying with the celibacy oath. Brady Sr. is now a businessman and has remained staunch in his faith. He has credited it with helping him get through several family issues such as alcoholism, painful divorces, and family feuds.

The Bradys have also had to cope with grandchildren born outside wedlock but Tom Sr. is at least grateful that these children are with them rather than the alternative that happens in society. One angle in which the businessman has proved to be a model Catholic is his marriage to his wife, Galynn Patricia. He and Galynn tied the knot in 1969 and remain together till this very day.


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