Is Tami Roman Sick? The Truth About Her Weight Loss

Tami Roman is physically sick, even though she would have us believe otherwise. Fans of the actress and television personality have noticed very visible changes in her body, particularly the amount of weight she has lost in recent times.

However, Tami has assured us that she is not physically sick and that her fluctuating weight is down to her obsession with weight loss, an obsession brought on by the body dysmorphic disorder she was diagnosed of in 2008. Nonetheless, her weight loss has left her fans worried about the state of her health. Read on to discover the truth about Tami Roman’s weight loss and state of health.

The Truth About Tami Roman’s Illness

Tami Roman became well-known for her appearance on VH1’s Basketball Wives, the American reality TV show that chronicles the everyday activities of the women in the lives of several NBA professionals. She has starred alongside other famous basketball wives such as Evelyn Lozada, Draya Michele, and Shaunie O’Neal, and her participation in the reality show gave fans a more detailed insight into her life.

Tami Roman Sick

This fresh insight has made it possible for fans to notice the various changes her body has undergone over the years since she began starring on the show. Tami’s weight loss has been quite visible to fans of the show over the years and it became more prominent in the early 2010s and concern for her health grew when she was hospitalized in March 2012 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after suffering a mild heart attack.

Several pieces of information regarding the state of her health emerged in the aftermath of her hospitalization with one particular source pointing out the fact that she looked sickly and malnourished on the eve of her heart attack. She was later released and placed on heart medications. Since then, concerns and speculations about the true state of Tami Roman’s health have been a hot topic with every fresh weight loss.

Does Tami Roman Have Diabetes?

Tami Roman was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2014 following a call from her daughter to the hospital after the reality TV star passed out in her home in Houston. When she was brought into the emergency room, the doctors assigned to her ran some tests on her and discovered that she had passed out from dehydration. Further tests revealed that she had type 2 diabetes and the shock from her ailment had contributed to the fainting episode.

Tami Roman Sick

Roman’s health history showed that she had undergone surgery to lose weight in 2011 but had ended up regaining the weight before the episode that landed her in the hospital. It was revealed that she weighed around 84 kg when she was brought to the hospital and for someone who had just been diagnosed with the deadly ailment, her trip to the hospital could have been fatal.

Fortunately for Tami, her daughter’s timely intervention and initiative to contact health authorities saved her life. She ended up spending the night at the hospital and was deemed strong enough to return home the next day.

After she left the hospital, however, Tami was forced to make wholesale changes to her lifestyle and these changes saw her toe the path of using supplements, a strict exercise regimen, and dieting to lose more than 14kg in just a few short weeks following her overnight stay at the hospital.

Tami’s determination to shed the extra weight that posed a threat to her life also compelled her to turn to the dieting pill known as NV Clinical in the weeks that followed her death scare. According to the actress, she lost around 3 kg in just one week of using the pill and the significant change convinced her that she was on the right path health-wise.

Tami Roman’s Weight Loss Drew Criticisms

While Tami Roman seemed satisfied with the results of her efforts to curb her body’s excess weight, fans were less than enthusiastic about the way she looked. One particular fan remarked that she had become too thin and looked older than she actually was.

Tami also felt the sting of criticism from close quarters as one of her colleagues on Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada compared her legs to candlesticks while telling her that she looked like a crackhead and advised that she stick to doing squats and to eat more vitamins and vegetables.

Evelyn Lozada’s remarks stung just as much if not even more than the comments from fans about her weight loss but she found comfort in some other observations from fans who supported her decision to choose to look skinny rather than spend time in the hospital due to her diabetic condition.

Tami also took to her Instagram to clap back at those criticizing her weight loss by telling them that she didn’t lose weight but rather lost the willingness to die. She also revealed the severity of her diabetic condition while pointing out that she was going to do whatever it took to live for her two beautiful daughters.

Tami’s decision to prioritize her health will always come in for criticism because of the way she has chosen to go about it, but it is becoming increasingly evident that the reality TV star could care less about these criticisms as long as they don’t affect the results she enjoys.

Does Tami Roman Have Cancer?

Tami Roman does not have cancer but aside from being diabetic, she also suffers from a condition that is known as body dysmorphic disorder. The actress has suffered from this mental health disorder since she was 13 years old. It all started when she tried her hand at modeling.

Her first trip to an unnamed New York modeling agency brought her in contact with a modeling agent who brutally picked apart every flaw in the then 13-year-old Tami Roman’s physique. In Tami’s words, the agent had put her in front of a mirror and showed her the back folds on her skin, the fat over her knees, her lopsided chin, and her sagging breasts.

Tami Roman Sick

That mindset plagued Tami for years and kept her focused on all the things that were wrong with her body. Ironically and aside from the nasty modeling agent, she was the only one who noticed these flaws. To keep the embers of her modeling career lit, Tami, who at the time had no idea that she was suffering from body dysmorphic disorder did whatever was necessary to lose weight and become skinnier.

She started abusing laxatives, starving herself, and vomiting just to achieve the body type required for her to be a model. Her dreams were ultimately achieved at the cost of her mental health.

The Latest On Tami Roman’s Health Condition

Time and circumstances have not tempered Tami Roman’s desire to be skinny. The actress believes that her diabetic condition means that even if she wanted to, she would not be able to stop the fluctuating nature of her weight and the criticisms only serve to strengthen her resolve to maintain her skinny look.

Tami has found a way to manage the health condition that landed her in the hospital over a decade ago and has no interest in changing what has worked so well for her because some people don’t like it.

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