Is Ryan Newman Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Ryan Newman (born December 8, 1977) is not married currently. The 46-year-old American car race professional NASCAR driver was formerly married to Krissie Newman for 16 years. However, the pair got divorced and Ryan Newman is currently single.

Just like Newman, his now ex-wife, Krissie Boyle Newman, is an animal lover and previously worked with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) before co-founding the non-profit organization, Rescue Ranch alongside her ex-husband. Read on to know more about Ryan Newman’s marriage and relationship.

Ryan Newman Met His Ex-Wife, Krissie, On A Blind Date

It is a common saying that people can find love anywhere, and for Ryan Newman and Krissie Boyle, they probably found theirs after meeting on a blind date. It is reported that the date was set up by Krissie’s grandmother with the help of a close friend from their church and at the time, Krissie was working as a court clerk.

Ryan Newman

True to the saying, the pair had connected on their first meeting as they both shared a lot in common. They then became friends and began communicating with each other on a regular basis. This went on for some time before they decided to go on a proper date after which they began a beautiful relationship that went on for about three years.

Ryan Newman Married Krissie In 2004

After a few years of being together, Ryan Newman and Krissie Boyle decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level by exchanging their vows. It is unknown when Ryan proposed, but in 2004 the lovebirds had a wedding ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Before the beginning of the racing season that year, the newlyweds chose Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as their honeymoon destination.

While it lasted, they were known to be a “made in heaven type” couple – some even referred to them as the “power couple of NASCAR race driving.” Krissie always supported her husband in his racing career, which earned her the name “First Lady of NASCAR.” The two were happily married for 16 years and they got to create some beautiful memories together.

The Couple Had Two Daughters Together

While their marriage lasted, it produced two beautiful daughters. The oldest of the two is Brooklyn Sage Newman, who was born on the 18th of November, 2010 and is currently 13 years old. she soon became a sister to Ashlyn Olivia Newman, who joined the family on the 16th of July 2012 which, makes her 11 years old.

In fact, Ryan Newman’s life revolves around his daughters, especially now that his marriage has ended.

Ryan Newman And His Ex-Wife Both Work Together As Philanthropists

Along with her husband, Ryan Newman, Krissie was involved in charity work. The two of them were considered to be among the most generous couples in the world of racing, as they both dedicated themselves to charity. The couple connected with various organizations to do a lot of good, including waiting tables, fundraising, taking pet food to animal shelters, and coordinating food delivery trucks.

In her role as Ryan Newman’s wife, Krissie was the Executive Director of the Ryan Newman Foundation. She was also in charge of managing the day-to-day operations of Ryan Newman Motorsports. When Ryan was still driving for Stewart-Haas, Krissie would bake a cake for his team.

The previous NASCAR power couple was in charge of Rescue Ranch, a charitable organization devoted to promoting and respecting animals, as well as increasing the bond between people and animals. They were also raising awareness about environmental, agricultural, and wildlife conservation.

Are Ryan and Krissie Newman Still Married?

As they say, all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, the ‘good thing’ that Ryan Newman and Krissie Boyle shared also came to an end. Contrary to the expectation of most fans, the couple’s marriage did not have the happily ever after ending story as they called it quits on their union of sixteen years and went ahead to get divorced in 2020.

Ryan Newman and Krissie Boyle jointly announced the end of their marriage after 16 long years as husband and wife. The couple took to Twitter just before the COVID-19 pandemic, on the 13th of February 2020, to let fans and the general public know their decision.

Ryan also reached out to his fans via his Instagram account stating that he was getting divorced and that it was a mutual agreement between him and Krissie. In Ryan’s own words, he they decided to go their separate ways, and the decision was amicable.

He also announced co-parenting plans for the girls, saying they intend to remain friends for the sake of their children. Talking about their joint philanthropic activities, the father of two said they would continue with their support for Rescue Ranch.

Ryan thanked fans for their support over the years, urging them to respect their need for privacy at this time in their lives. In all, the car racer and his ex-wife never revealed the reason for their split. In fact, to date, the reason for their divorce has remained one of the most guarded secrets of the universe.

Moving ahead after his divorce, Ryan Newman has remained single and there has been no news of him getting involved or breaking up with anyone. The car racing expert appears to be more interested in building his career and spending his spare time caring for his daughters whom he considers to be the most important people in his life.

Ryan has an enviable bond with his girls, Brooklyn and Ashlyn, and he has been severally spotted hanging out with them. The proud papa is forever talking about his children and never misses an opportunity to share the things happening in their lives on social media.

Who Was Ryan Newman’s Wife?

Ryan Newman’s Ex-wife, Krissie was born Krissie N. Boyle on October 28, 1977, in Vernon, New Jersey. She earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a focus on Law from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania.

After obtaining her college degree, Krissie relocated to North Carolina and began working as a courtroom clerk at the Mecklenburg County Criminal Courts. Additionally, she worked as a paralegal for a criminal defense lawyer.

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