Is Rachel Shoaf Married and Who is She Married To?

Rachel Shoaf’s marriage has been a huge twist. She has been rumored to be married to a fellow inmate, Amy Cobbs, a former West Virginia-based nurse. However, this still remains a rumor until the alleged couple confirms it.

Rachel Shoaf is an infamous inmate who gained the public’s attention at as a teenager for the murder of her friend, Skylar Neese, with a co-friend, Sheila Eddy. The two perpetrators were reported to have lured the victim to a desolate area where they stabbed her to death. Recently, Rachel began to hit the headlines for getting married to a co-inmate, which has not been confirmed. Here is all to know about Rachel Shoaf’s alleged marriage.

Is Rachel Shoaf Married to Amy Cobb?

Many online sources have reported that Rachel Shoaf had gotten married to a fellow inmate named Amy Cobb, but this information has not been confirmed by either Rachael or her alleged wife.

There are also no pictures or videos of their claimed marriage to serve as proof that they are really officially a couple and because they have chosen to maintain their silence on the matter, we may never be able to figure out the truth about their relationship.

Speculations about Rachael and Amy’s marriage stems from the fact that they were once inmates in the same prison. They are believed to have met in jail and dated for quite some time before getting married, but even this part of the story is not yet confirmed to be true. However, Rachel’s sexual orientation is a strong indicator that the rumors might be true.

Amy Cobb Was a Nurse

Rachel Shoaf’s alleged wife, Amy Cobb, is a former West-Virginia-based nurse in the United States of America. She was born around 1985, making her about 39 years old.

Aside from the information given above, and her year of birth, which was deduced from when she was arrested, there are no other available details about Amy. Similarly, information about her parents and siblings have been kept under shade. There are no available records of her education, but judging by the job before she was convicted, it wouldn’t be erroneous to conclude that she was well-educated.

The former West Virginia-based nurse was arrested on March 12th, 2016, in the U.S. She was arrested for making three transactions worth $297.59 with a credit card belonging to someone known as Laura Asbury. For this, she was charged with fraud, credit card theft, and petit larceny. On a different note, Amy Cobb was also charged with driving with a suspended license, obstruction of justice, and many other crimes.

She admitted to having committed the crimes and was given a jail sentence that lasted up to 5 years. She served her prison term in the West Virginia Division of Corrections. By June 17, 2021, she had completed her prison sentence and was released.

Rachel is Believed to Be a Member Of the LGBT Community

Rachel Shoaf is reportedly a lesbian. Although she has not come out as one, the fact that she was always around her female friends and was never in a relationship with the opposite sex before she was convicted has led people to conclude that she is.

It is believed that she couldn’t come out with her sexual orientation then because of what people would think of her and her religion. In addition, her mother was a very strict Catholic and wouldn’t take it if she came clean about being a lesbian.

Was Rachel Shoaf In A Relationship With Sheila Eddy?

Rachel Shoaf and Sheila Eddy were reported to be in a relationship before they both received prison sentences. According to a source, the truth about their relationship was discovered in their murdered friend’s diary, Skyler Neese.

When the deceased was still alive, she walked in on them having sex in her home on one of their sleepover weekends. She took their pictures and made a video, unknown to them, and equally wrote down what he saw in her diary.

Rachel Shoaf

She made sure that she made it known to them that she knew about their sexual activity. Skylar also took to her Twitter handle to shed some light on it but did not reveal fully what it was all about. In one of her tweets, she just stated, “just know I know.” In another tweet, she stated that she would tell the whole school about all that she has on everyone, which, according to her, was a lot.

However, she did not let her friend’s little secret out because she was an advocate for homosexuals. She was later murdered by her two lesbian friends, who revealed that they killed her because they did not like her. On the other hand, the public believes it was because she knew a lot about their sexual lives and was about letting it out. Though the two infamous friends did not confirm it, the public has concluded that it was their sole reason for murdering their friend.


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