Is Queen Of The South A Real Life Story And Who Was It About?

Queen of the South
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Anyone who has ever been involved in any activity that requires a reasonable amount of creativity will attest to the fact that inspiration can come in a million forms; sometimes it comes during the process of cognition, other times, the mere sound of a bell is enough inspiration to send someone spiraling into a trance filled with ideas. Film making like other creative works relies on the aforementioned principle except all stories at the end of the day fall into two categories; fiction and non-fiction. In recent times, one movie that has come under intense speculation and scrutiny by fans and movie lovers as regards the originality of the story or otherwise is Queen of the South.

Still interested in finding out how true a story Queen of the South is, as well as several juicy revelations as regards the movie? Keep scrolling down.

Is Queen of the South a Real-Life Story?

Before going on to give an answer regarding the trueness of Queen of the South storyline, let’s make something clear; it’s the digital age and the internet has made the concept of movie production very competitive. With hundreds of films being released on a daily basis by several production houses, it really is anyone’s game. However, for a film to stand out of the multitude, it has to possess a few characteristics such as inch-perfect cinematography, graphics, world-class directing, editing, acting and most importantly it must have a very compelling storyline – characteristics which the Queen of the South possesses in entirety.

The American crime drama television series created by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller which first premiered on June 23, 2016, on USA Networks received massive recognition on its release. At the end of its first season, it had already become a fan favorite and thus, the network renewed it for yet another season without hesitation.

Queen of the South
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As regards the trueness of the story, it might interest you to know that the series is far from being a true story. As a matter of fact, it is based on Arturo Perréz Reverte’s 2002 novel titled La Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South). The book which is purely fictional tells a story about a young Mexican girl born in abject poverty who eventually moved to Spain where she joins a drug cartel hence marking the start of her career as a smuggler.

It is highly germane to know that before USA Networks decided to air Queen of the South, the story was a telenovela titled La Reina del Sur which was based on the same book that aired in 2011 on Telemundo. Despite being based on a novel, the producers of Queen of the South tweaked the story a little bit by introducing several elements and characters which were not in the book so as to make the TV show a bit more intriguing, thereby, creating a lasting impression.

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Who was Queen Of The South about?

The hit TV series Queen of the South revolves around the adventures of Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga), a poor woman from Sinaloa, Mexico and her rise to prominence. Despite being born into abject poverty Teresa decides she isn’t built for that life and as such makes a pact within herself to become successful legally or illegally. As a result she moves to the USA where she falls in love with a successful drug dealer who happens to be a member of a powerful drug cartel, as time goes on she becomes involved in the drug trade and eventually ends up creating a very mighty drug empire for herself thus making her one of the richest women in the world.

Despite being a propagator of negative vices, Teresa Mendoza happens to be the most loved character by Queen of the South fans, thanks to Alice Braga’s impeccable acting. That being said the series also features a long list of popular actors such as Veronica Falcón (who plays the role of Doña Camila Vargas), the leader of the Vargas drug cartel Dallas branch; Hemky Madera (who played the role of Pote Galvez) and Joaquim de Almeida (who played the role of Don Epifañio).