Is Post Malone Gay and Does He Have A Wife, Girlfriend, or Fiance?

Post Malone is not gay, as he has not been involved with anyone who is of the same sex. The rapper is also currently not married, however, he has a fiancée known as Jamie and has also been linked to several other women in the past.

As far as the American music industry still thrives, Post Malone is a well-known figure in the industry. He is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer popular for his mix of music genres. He started singing when he was in high school and has risen to become one of the most accomplished rappers in America. Meanwhile, as his name keeps popping up in the music industry, so is his love life, and here is all to know about it.

Post Malone Is Not Gay

Post Malone is not gay, nor has he been romantically involved with anyone who is of the same sex. The singer’s sexuality remains straight despite the rumors that have been circulated about it. He has been speculated to be gay in the past, but nothing has linked him to being gay. This is because he kept his sexuality a secret, which made many associate him with many sexual orientations, mostly gay.

He was linked to fellow male musicians like Justin Bieber, but he refuted all claims of being gay. Post Malone’s relationship with the singer, along with his sexual orientation, was questioned in an interview with GQ Magazine. The rapper aired his view on what he thinks of his co-artist and stated that he was a cool dude. He went on to point out that he was not gay.

With his revelation about his sexual orientation, many people believed him. However, some still believe that he has something up his sleeve. This is because of the way he dresses most of the time (he has an unusual fashion sense). The fact that he is hell-bent on keeping his relationship secret and is rarely spotted with women has also contributed to escalating the claims.

Is Post Malone Married?

As earlier mentioned, Post Malone is not married, nor does he have a wife that is known to the public. However, all that is known is that he is engaged to his girlfriend. He once disclosed that he was expecting a child with his girlfriend in May 2022. Months later, he revealed in an interview that he woke at 2:30 am to kiss his baby girl.

Since the public has been curious about his love life, he was asked to state who he was referring to. The rapper went on to confirm that he was referring to his daughter. It was then that Post Malone disclosed that he was engaged to his baby’s mother and his girlfriend who many believe to be a lady named Jamie.

Is Post Malone’s Girlfriend MLMA?

MLMA is not Post Malone’s girlfriend. MLMA, which is the acronym for Me Love Me Alot, is a South Korean-born fashion designer, rapper, and artist. She is well known for her unique fashion style, which is mainly displayed on her Instagram handle.

Speculations about MLMA being Post Malone’s girlfriend began to spread in 2020 after she uploaded a picture of herself and the rapper on her social media handle. She captioned the post, which has since been taken down, ” I did makeup on the cutest face.”

Since Post Malone has kept his love life a secret, the picture caused quite a buzz on the internet and made the public jump to a conclusion quickly. Many concluded that they were lovers, while many remained in a skeptical state. However, the duo did not help matters as they kept mute throughout the whole rumor. They also refused to let out a word to some media outlets that reached out to them on the matter.

A Look At the Rapper’s Past Relationships

The speculations about the singer not being open-handed about letting details of his relationship be known to the public might be false. This is because his past relationships are well known to the public. Here are the women that Post Malone has been romantically involved with in the past.

Post Malone’s Relationship With Ashlen Diaz Lasted 3 Years

Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz, an American music promoter, met at work and fell in love with each other instantly. In 2015, they started dating but decided to keep their relationship secret. They eventually went public with their romance during the rapper’s debut performance on The Breakfast Club.

Ashlen was reportedly supportive of his career and helped him in every possible way. She once booked him a show in Dallas before he gained global fame. Post Malone was revealed to have loved Ashlen but lived his life as a rock star. However, in 2018, they called it quits after three years of being together.

At the time of their split, the rapper was spotted with an unknown woman on a luxury yacht in Saint-Tropez. This made many accuse him of cheating, which they believed led to their separation, however, it later turned out to be part of a video shoot. Meanwhile, he ignored the public and revealed that his relationship went sour because he couldn’t strike a balance between his music and Ashlen.

Ashlen, on her end, did not take things lightly, though their split was revealed to be mutual. She was revealed to be upset and went on to share their relationship drama on Instagram, which she later took down.

He Had a Short-term Relationship With Kano Shimpo

Months after Post Malone called it quits with Ashlen Diaz, he started dating Kano Shimpo, a supermodel. Details of how and when they met are not known, but they started dating on August 2019. They were spotted a few times in public displaying their affection. However, their love story ended in November 2019, just three months after they started dating.

This is recorded as the rapper’s shortest relationship. Meanwhile, while they were dating, the duo succeeded in keeping details of their relationship off the radar. Following this, they did not care to reveal the reason for their split.

Who Is Post Malone’s Baby Momma?

The public became curious to know who Post Malone’s baby momma was after he announced the birth of his child. The rapper revealed on The Howard Stern Show in May 2022 that he was expecting a baby with his longtime girlfriend-turned-fiancée.

Unfortunately, since Post keeps details of his relationship private, finding out who his fiancée is has become a daunting task. He was spotted several times in 2021 with a mystery woman whose name is Jamie. Despite being in a relationship with a well-known rapper, Post Malone’s baby momma has preferred to live away from the spotlight.

This has left many details about her unknown. Also, when they started dating and how long they have dated have remained under wraps. Meanwhile, since the rapper now refers to her as his fiancée, our fingers remain crossed while we wait on the wedding bells and her reveal of identity.


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