Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay and Does He Have A Partner or Girlfriend?

Nicholas Galitzine is not gay, and nothing about his existence suggests that he has a partner or a girlfriend. However, the speculations that he is gay have stemmed primarily from the various movie roles he has taken on in recent times. One of these roles includes that of Conor Masters in the 2016 movie Handsome Devil.

With the actor yet to respond to these rumors, read on to explore everything about Nicholas’ sexual preference and whether or not he is in any romantic relationship.

Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay?

Nicholas Galitzine is not gay. At least we don’t think so. Several people, including some of the actor’s fans, have formed that as an opinion about the actor’s sexual preference based on his splendid portrayal of gay characters in some of the movies he has to his credit at the moment.

Born Nicholas Dimitri Constantine Galitzine on September 29, 1994, 29-year-old Nicholas is a British-born actor with Russian roots because he is a descendant of the Golitsyn family, a noble Russian family. His parents fled to England to escape the Bolshevik coup and the Red Terror. His father, Geoffrey Galitzine, was in the glass recycling business, while his mother, Lora, was a homemaker.

After graduating from Dulwich college and being part of the youth theater company known as Pleasance Islington, Nicholas landed his first acting role as Tom in the 2014 movie title The Beat Beneath My Feet, where he also brought his musical abilities by performing some of the movie’s soundtracks. At first, Nichola’s roles were pretty straightforward and didn’t pose any questions about his sexuality.

All that would change, however, when he landed the role of Connor Masters in the 2016 movie, Handsome Devil. Nicholas had been asked to portray the character of a closeted gay kid at an all-boys school. It was a role that would challenge the actor to dig into his acting skills and he stood up exceptionally well to the challenge. His excellent portrayal of the Conor character showed off that he was a top actor who was willing to go out of his comfort zone to achieve perfection.

One might not be able to understand the level of perfection in question until the person has seen the movie but there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Nicholas did an excellent job of portraying a gay character his first time of asking. His success proved to be a double-edged sword as the majority of netizens, fans, and other observers began to wonder about his sexual preference with many of the opinion that he is gay.

Fast forward to 2020 and the same questions about the actor’s sexuality reared their head again when he portrayed the character Timmy Andrews in the movie The Craft: Legacy. Released in 2020, The Craft: Legacy is a drama, fantasy horror movie which tells the story of a group of high school students who band together to form a witch coven. It is a sequel to the 1996 American teen supernatural horror film The Craft.

In the movie, Nicholas’ character, Timmy starts as the school bully who eventually becomes friends with the movie’s main character Lily, who is portrayed by actress, Cailee Spaeny. As the movie progresses, viewers are let into the fact that Timmy is bisexual before he is eventually murdered by Lilly’s stepfather, Adam played by David Duchovny. It was initially believed that Nicholas’ character had taken his own life but later events proved that Adam was the culprit and that he had been after Lily’s powers from the onset.

Staying true to his growing reputation as a highly talented actor, Nicholas once again pulled off the role of a bisexual as if it was second nature to him. This time around, rumors that he might be gay were amended to peddle the narrative that he is likely to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community either as a straight-up gay man or as a bisexual man.

Nicholas Galitzine Has Not Responded To These Gay Rumors

The easiest way to put an end to these rumors which have been raging since the actor’s first LGBTQ+ role in 2016 would have been for the actor to expressly reveal his sexual preference to his fans and the public. Nicholas has, however, chosen to remain tight-lipped on the issue, choosing instead to focus on his acting career.

Nicholas, it would seem, believes in the maxim that upholds the saying that no publicity is bad publicity as the rumors in question have simply boosted his public profile and brought him to the attention of several moviemakers. Having begun his Hollywood career in 2014, Nicholas Galitzine already has more than a dozen movies and TV series credits to his name.

He has already proven that he can interpret any given role regardless of the character’s sexual preference. One would certainly not be able to get a glimpse into the British actor’s sexual preference from his acting roles because he has proven quite adept at portraying all his characters excellently.

For now, though, fans would be hard-pressed to determine his sexual preference until he decides to open up about it. Given the level of social tolerance in the world at the moment, none of it should matter in the grand scheme of things as long as he keeps putting in the kind of performances that have seen him rack up the number of acting credits he has to date.

Is Nicholas Galitzine Dating Anyone?

Nicholas Galitzine is not romantically attached to anyone at the moment. Part of the reasons for the gay rumors has been the fact that the Handsome Devil actor has not officially presented anyone, male or female, as his partner. That has also meant that the possibility that he is in a romantic relationship cannot be ruled out completely.

One would, however, go back to Nicholas’ pre-acting days to catch a glimpse into his romantic life. The actor himself revealed in an interview that he was prompted to go into acting by a girl he fancied. He reportedly went to an Edinburgh Fringe Festival just to catch the girl’s attention only to return with an acting agency.

Although he declined to mention if something had come of that pursuit, he has subsequently been linked with some of his co-stars, the first of whom was Lili Kay. Lili Kay was Nicholas’ co-star in the series Chambers and the fact that they were seen together often during production helped to solidify the rumors.

Neither Nicholas nor Lily came out to deny or confirm the rumors and that invariably was that. Later on after his appearance with Camila Cabello in the 2021 Cinderella, some speculated that they were a real-life couple, even though Camila was with Shawn Mendes at the time. That relationship (between Camila & Shawn) has since ended leaving even more people wondering about the possibility of the co-stars (Nicholas & Camila) becoming an item. The jury is still out on that one.

Nicholas Galitzine’s sexual preference will continue to divide opinion until when he decides to be upfront about it. Until then, we believe that Nicholas Galitzine is not gay.

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