Is Mikey Chen Married or Dating Anyone?

Mikey Chen is married. The 43-year-old social media food content creator, whose real name is Chen Xing, married his longtime girlfriend who is simply known as Christine Chen, in 2021.

Mikey Chen’s love life with women had been less publicized until he decided to take everyone unawares by sharing pictures of his big day with his teeming fans and followers on Instagram. Let’s take a quick peek into how the food vlogger’s marital status has changed.

Mikey Chen Surprised The Social Media Community With His Wedding Announcement

Mikey Chen is a good-looking young man and a very eligible bachelor who had been perceived to be a perennial bachelor by his teeming fans. With this in mind, they were in no way ready for the shocking announcement they were about to receive.

And so when the Strictly Dumpling star took to his Instagram page in October 2021 to announce to the world that he had finally exchanged marital vows with his longtime girlfriend, more than a few people were surprised by the development but congratulated him on his nuptials.

While the news sunk in and questions about who the lucky lady who stole Mikey Chen’s heart started gathering momentum, there was a feeling of closure for so many who had had to endure speculations about the social media star’s marital life.

The announcement also confirmed some of the rumors making the rounds before Chen’s announcement. Recall that the YouTube food content creator moved to Texas sometime in 2021 and one of his first posts on arrival mentioned that he had a girlfriend he intended to spend more time with even though she wasn’t living in Texas with him at the time.

As expected, Mikey Chen’s vlog intimating his recent relationship status change was the platform netizens needed to launch a full-scale investigation into the details of his relationship. It didn’t take long for people to start speculating about his marital status. He eventually confirmed those rumors in October 2021 when he revaelled that he was indeed a .

Mikey Chen Has Always Been Secretive About His Relationship

We would want to believe that it was not an oversight on Mikey Chen’s part that his announcement left out one very important piece. Fans did not need so long to realize that in Mikey Chen’s ‘big reveal’ Instagram post about his wedding that he didn’t even mention the name of his bride.

As a matter of fact, his fans only got to know about her identity from the numerous congratulatory comments under the post, including the one from a close friend wishing him and a certain “Christine” a happy married life. As the proverbial cat had been let out of the bag by a close pal, his followers were now in on his closely kept secret – the first name of Mikey Chen’s wife.

Additionally, the Cook With Mikey YouTube channel creator also promised to share a picture of Christine with us once he got a better one, but so far, he has been unable to keep that promise. Furthermore, we have been unable to uncover the finer details of their relationship, including how they met or where.

At some point in their relationship, though, Mikey Chen’s disposition and comments about being single gave most of his fans and the rest of the members of the public the impression that he and his then-girlfriend were taking a break from each other. The impression was further perpetuated by the fact that he completely stopped referencing her in his videos as he did.

Not Much Is Known About Mikey Chen’s Wife

Aside from the knowledge of her first name, Christine, not much is known about Mikey Chen’s wife. Several aspects of her life, including her maiden name, nationality, place of birth, date of birth, early family history, and other basic pieces of information about a person’s identity, have remained under wraps for now.

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To add to the mystery enveloping her identity, no one seems to know what she does for a living. In fact, it is a very uphill task trying to dig out information about his mystery wife, who has so far remained a “ghost.” With no public appearances, no YouTube video appearances with Mikey Chen, and no interviews, no one seems to know who Christine Chen is or any other aspect of her life.

The truth is that since he announced his marriage on Instagram, fans and new viewers have kept their eyes glued to Chen’s various YouTube channels in a bid to catch a glimpse of Christine. Unfortunately, they have always been disappointed – video after video.

Mikey Chen is a Widely Acclaimed YouTuber

While we have established the fact that Mikey Chen seems to enjoy his efforts in keeping his wife’s identity off the grid, we can at least tell tales about his own endeavors.

It would seem, though, that the YouTube food content creator is still hesitant about letting the world know who his wife is or how she earns a living but on the other hand, Chen, whose family moved to the United States when he was 8 years old, is a content creator who uses the video sharing platform, YouTube to upload video contents for his subscribers. He began making vlogs about food in 2013.

He seems to be obsessed with food, and over time, he has created multiple YouTube channels, including Strictly Dumpling, Cook With Mikey, and Eat With Mikey, amongst others, all dedicated to his passion for food. Before his journey toward earning a living as a social media influencer, Chen harbored dreams of working as an accountant for the FBI.

To achieve his dreams, he acquired an accounting degree from Truman State University. From 2005 to 2006, Chen worked as a financial analyst for Morgan Stanley. When he left Morgan Stanley, he started working with a non-profit media company known as New Tang Dynasty Television.

Mikey Chen created a side hustle as a part-time wedding videographer while working at the media company. However, today, he is widely known as a social media personality and YouTuber. We also hope that in due time, he will fulfill his promise to his fans and subscribers by revealing a picture of his wife, Christine Chen.

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