Is Maya Hawke Gay or Lesbian? What Is Her Sexuality?

Maya Hawke is not gay in real life. She is a heterosexual woman and has been straight all her life. However, because of the lesbian character she played as Robin, on the Netflix series, Stranger Things, many people assumed she is gay in real life. The assumptions notwithstanding, Maya has continued to keep her romantic life private but is believed to be involved with singer, Spencer Barnett.

Maya Hawke is Not Gay

Maya Hawke’s outstanding interpretation of her character ‘Robin’ on Stranger Things has certainly fueled plenty of speculation about her sexuality and romantic life – so much so that many believe that she is a closeted lesbian.

However, in real life, Maya Hawke is not gay and is romantically attracted to men as such, the Little Women star is nothing like her onscreen character. The assumptions of her fans is not surprising seeing as it is often difficult for fans of a show to detach the actors from their real lives, and in Maya’s case, the screenplay was a bit too believable.

When her character first came on board, many viewers initially thought that she and fellow actor Joe Keery would eventually fall in love. This is because of the sterling performances of both actors. Even now, many fans still believe that Maya and Keery are dating in real life, contrary to what is shown on the show.

Nonetheless, all the rumors regarding Hawke’s sexual orientation and her alleged relationship with co-star Keery are completely unfounded. While Maya is presently dating a man she met online, Keery has been in a long-time relationship with Maika Monroe.

Why Did Fans Think Maya Hawke is Gay?

Maya Hawke was cast in Stranger Things Season 3, as a supporting character. She portrayed the character of Robin Buckley, who on the show was the best friend of Steve Harrington.

As already stated, that particular performance of hers sparked a lot of discussions surrounding her sexuality, especially after Robin revealed she was a lesbian on the show. Joe Keery played the character Steve Harington who was the co-worker and friend of Robin Buckley – Maya Hawke’s character.

The friends were known to openly share their romantic experiences and seek advice from one another on how to find love. Still, despite her obvious attraction to women, Hawke’s character hasn’t yet found a gay or lesbian partner on the show.

The friendship between Robin and Steve was blown out of proportion by online viewers who believed that Maya Hawke and Joe Keery’s on-screen romance reflects their real-life connection. On the show, the two had a very close relationship with very intense dialogue peppered with quirky one-liners from Maya Hawke’s character.

It is now a known fact that the rumors surrounding Maya Hawke’s sexuality weren’t birthed from any other source than the sole knowledge that Robin Buckley was a lesbian. It would seem ironic that even though the character Robin is known to be LGBT-compliant, she was not seen to be romantically involved with another woman on the show.

Instead, most of the romantic rumors surrounding Robin’s sexuality revolve around her friendship with Steve Harington. With the fans pushing for both actors to be in a real-life relationship, one wonders why the rumors about Maya Hawke being gay have persisted over the past few years.

Maya Hawke is Not Very Open About Her Love Life

Sadly, after the rumors about her sexuality began to spread, Maya Hawke began making efforts to keep the details of her love life away from the public. While there are a lot of theories on whom Maya Hawke is dating at the moment, the actress only confirms those details sparingly.

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This hasn’t really done much to prevent the public from figuring out the objects of her affection, but anyway, it seemed like an attempt by Maya to buy some privacy for herself after her sexuality was subjected to so much scrutiny from the public.

She is Currently Dating Spencer Barnett

American singer and musician, Spencer Barnett has been reported to be Maya Hawke’s current boyfriend. They have been keeping their relationship on the low for a while until they were spotted kissing sometime around February 2022, in New York City. This prompted the Daily Mail to write about their budding romance.

After the news of their relationship got out, Maya and Spencer decided to be a bit more open about their relationship. They have also frequently attended events together since then.

The true details of when and how Maya and Spencer met each other have been kept from the public still. The most probable answer to that is that they met through mutual friends, since both artists roll in similar Hollywood circles.

Although it has only been a few months since news of their relationship first got out, it does appear that the couple has been together for a while longer. The two lovers, both in their twenties, appear to be very happy with each other. Spencer, in particular, seems to be very supportive of his girlfriend’s rising acting career.

Maya Hawke’s Relationship Timeline

The interest in Maya Hawke’s romantic life has existed as far back as 2017 when she was only 19. Then, she was interviewed on The Sydney Morning Herald show about the presence of a boyfriend in her life. In response, Maya said that she had recently ended a year-long relationship and was single at the time. She also revealed that she had no desire to start dating again. However, Maya’s decision to remain single was short-lived as she was soon reported to be in another relationship, not too long after that.

In 2019, the relationship lid was lifted for Maya and she was in the dating space again. This time, the Do Revenge actress was reported to be dating Gus Wenner, the CEO and President of Rolling Stone. And even though it took two years to happen, the relationship fizzled out just as it started.

The buzz died down shortly after and they stopped appearing in each other’s social media feeds. It appears the relationship was only a fling and was never that serious, however, after that, any other relationship that Maya Hawke had been in between the remainder of 2019 and 2021 was never made public.

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