Is Martin Short Gay and Is He Married?

Martin Short is not gay, but straight. The Canadian actor, comedian, and writer was once married to Nancy Dolman, but since her death, he has remained single. This notwithstanding, several reports have it that he might be in a relationship but has decided to keep it a top secret.

Since the 30-year-old marriage of Martin Short and Nancy Dolman came to an end after her death due to cancer, the actor’s love life has once again become a topic for discussion. This is because he has not remarried or been in any relationship that is known to the public. The actor’s style of acting in most movies has also got the public questioning his sexuality, and here is all about it.

Is Martin Short Gay?

Martin Short is not gay, nor has he been romantically involved with anyone of the same sex. His 30-year-old marriage to his late wife, Nancy Dolma, justifies the fact that he is not gay. Also, taking a look at his relationship life has added to the fact that he is not gay.

However, the actor has been speculated to be gay because of his style of acting in some of his movies. The movie titled Father of the Bride, in which he was cast as Franck, a wedding planner sparked a heated debate among fans who tagged him as queer.

Meanwhile, in an interview, Martin revealed that it was never his intention to portray the character as gay. He further stated that he loved adding eccentric behaviors to his role to amuse the public, but unfortunately, they misinterpreted his role.

The actor later revealed that one could not spot a gay guy by their physical appearance, as some who looked gay were actually straight. He continued that he has seen people whose physical appearance speaks of homosexuality, but when you get closer, you will find out that they are straight and married with kids.

Martin Short

What is Martin Short’s Sexuality?

Since it has been clearly stated earlier that Martin Short is not gay, the public is still keen on finding out his sexuality. Martin Short’s onscreen charisma in some of his movies has kept people questioning his sexuality. Meanwhile, the actor’s appearance in the series Only Murders as Oliver still kept his sexuality on the questioning side.

Oliver in the series portrayed a queer character, but the creator of the series, John Hoffman, never confirmed that the character was queer. However, he stated that most people he met in his school days who bore the name were either gay or not. Aside from portraying gay or queer characters, Martin Short has been associated with many members of the LGTBQI+ community. This further led many to conclude that he was a member of the community, but the fact still remains that the actor is straight.

Meanwhile, the actor has also taken measures to keep his records with the public straight concerning the gay rumors. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he blamed the role that he portrayed for the misinterpretation of his sexuality. He stated that he was not gay and would never be gay in his entire life.

The actor further stated that playing a gay role does not mean that one is gay in real life. He continued, stating, “I am not gay. I’m straight. I love women. I love me. But I’m not gay.”

Who is Martin Short’s Wife?

Martin Short’s wife was Nancy Dolman, a Canadian comedic actress and singer. She was born Nancy Jane Dolman on September 26, 1951, in Toronto, Canada, to Canadian parents whose names are not known. The Canadian national was born under the Libra sign, while her ethnicity remains unknown.

Though she kept her family away from the spotlight, she has a brother known as Bob Doleman, who is a director and screenwriter. Nothing is known about her childhood, but it is believed that she grew up somewhere in Canada under the care of her parents.

Nancy, during her lifetime, was well educated. She attended York Mills Collegiate Institute, a high school in Toronto. The singer later went to the University of Western Ontario, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

Martin Short’s wife began her career in the entertainment industry in the 1970s with Jesus Christ Superstar, a Canadian Rock Theatre production. She also inked a role in the ABC sitcom Soap as Annie Selig Tate. Meanwhile, in 1985, she retired from her entertainment career to become a homemaker.

Nancy and Martin Tied the Knot in 1980

Martin Short

Nancy Dolman and Martin met for the first time in 1972 on the set of Godspell in Toronto. Though when they started dating was not mentioned, they reportedly dated for eight years before getting hitched in an elaborate wedding in 1980. While they were married, they were admired by the public because of the way that they flaunted each other.

Meanwhile, their marriage did not welcome any children, but they adopted three children: Katherine Elizabeth Short, Oliver Patrick Short, and Henry Hayter Short.

Unfortunately, Nancy Dolman died in the Pacific Palisades in 2010 at the age of 58 years due to ovarian cancer after 30 years of marriage to Martin. Her death came as a big shock to her children and husband. Despite the fact that she is dead, Martin still believes that she is with him, and he communicates with her every time.

Did Martin Short Remarry?

It is a norm for one to remarry after the death of their spouse, especially when it has been long after their death. However, this is not the case for Martin Short, as he has not remarried after 13 years of his wife’s death. At the moment, the actor’s relationship status still reads single, as he has not been spotted with anyone perceived to be his girlfriend or lover.

Martin Short’s Dating History

Martin Short is known to have been married, but that does not mean that he has not dated anyone in the past. The actor dated Gildar Radner, an American actress, comedian, singer, and writer. The duo met in the 1970s at an audition for Godspell in Toronto. Martin revealed that he was not just attracted to her for her skill but also for her hair, how she walked, and her appearance.

In 1972, the duo started dating each other and dated for a period of two years. Meanwhile, their relationship was toxic, one as they were in an on-and-off relationship. In one of their breakup sessions, Martin met Nancy, and they never made up again. While Martin moved on, Gildar also moved on and dated a few men before getting married.


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