Is Mark Laita Married or Dating Anyone: Who is The Wife?

Mark Laita’s relationship status is a mystery to the public. Though he is a father of two daughters, he has remained mute about whether or not he is married or in a relationship.

Mark Laita is an award-winning American professional photographer and the founder of the project Soft White Underbelly. He is well known for his commercial work for top brands like Apple, Mercedes Benz, and Adidas. Despite his fame, the photographer has kept people in a huge twist when it comes to his relationship.

Is Mark Laita Married?

Mark Laita’s marital status has remained a mystery. The professional photographer might have a wife but has chosen to keep the public in the dark with regards to information about her. With the existence of his two daughters, many believe that he has a wife but has kept her secret.

If actually the photographer is married, there are no details of when they met and started dating. Following this, information about how long they dated before getting married and how long they have been married have also remained a mystery. Although there’s nothing to prove that he is married, there’s every possibility that the public’s view might not be wrong.


On the other hand, the speculation about Mark having a wife might be untrue. This is evidenced by the absence of their wedding pictures or news of their wedding.

Mark Laita has uploaded numerous pictures of women but has not pointed out any of them to be his wife. Also, there are no intimate pictures of him with anyone claiming to be his wife. In addition, the photographer has not reacted to the rumors surrounding his marital status and has managed to keep the public in suspense.

Since he usually uploads his photo works, including those of several women, pegging his lover on his social media handles seems quite a tedious job. Meanwhile, chose to believe that he will reveal the identity of his wife when the time is right, if he has any.

Who Is Mark Laita’s Girlfriend?

Mark Laita is no doubt a very private person. Aside from his profession and personal details, other details like his love life have been kept under shade. He usually avoids discussions concerning his relationship, making it impossible to link him to anyone. According to various sources, he was revealed to have been dating a mystery lady for a long time.

There are no details of how he met the lady or how long they dated, but it was said that he got engaged to her. However, there is nothing to prove if the engagement truly happened. Following this, it is believed that they are still together as there are no breakup rumors.

This information still remains mere speculation as he has also chosen to remain mute. Mark Laita has not come out to accept or refute the claims, making many believe that the rumor is true, while some have remained in suspense. He has been able to maintain the thin line between his profession and his love life.

Since he has not made his relationship status public, people can only assume. Mark is fully focused on his career as a photographer and his project known as the Soft White Belly.

A Glimpse At Mark’s Past Relationships

Mark Laita keeps his relationship life away from the spotlight, and as such, little is known about it. Though he has not made any comments about his love life, it still doesn’t change the fact that he might be married or dating someone and has chosen to keep their identity a secret. Also, there are no details about whom he dated in the past.


Aside from the time that he spends with his daughters and friends, he is quite devoted to his profession. Though he seems reluctant about revealing his relationship, he might have a rethink someday.


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