Is Lindsey Graham Married, Single or in a Relationship?

Lindsey Graham is not married, nor is he currently in a relationship. Though he has already clocked 68 years of age, he doesn’t seem to be interested in embracing matrimony any time soon.

Talking about his past relationships in an interview session, the American politician said he only ever came close to tying the nuptials once in his life. Lindsey then went on to tell a tale of his days in Germany as an officer of the US Air Force. According to him, he met and fell in love with a flight attendant, Sylvia, but their marriage plans were aborted because she declined to return with him to South Carolina.

Is Lindsey Graham Married?

Lindsey Graham is not married and has never said “I do” to a woman in his lifetime. Lindsey is the United States senator for South Carolina. He is a Republican and the chairperson of the US Senate Judiciary Committee. He was a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Though he has clocked 68, Graham doesn’t appear to be interested in changing his relationship status from single to married or, at least, “in a relationship.”

Talking about his reason for staying single into his old age, Lindsey cited his political career. According to what the South Carolina senator told The New York Times in a 2014 interview, politics has defined his life, and getting married would affect his career as a politician. Going further, Graham said he would not go into any form of relationship with either male or female throughout his stay in office as a senator.

Who has Lindsey Graham Dated in the Past?

Everything about Lindsey Graham’s past relationship emanated from rumors he never verified except for one.

While studying for his law degree at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, it was revealed that the US senator had a girlfriend simply known as Debbie. Details of Debbie’s identity never surfaced in the public arena to date, and the lady in question has never spoken up.

After completing his studies, Lindsey moved to Europe, where he began working with the Air Force. During that period, he was reportedly going steady with another lady identified as Carol. The only known fact about Carol is that she worked as a JAG officer.

Graham himself came up to confirm that he once dated a lady named Sylvia, and that was the only lady he ever came close to marrying. According to him, he was in his late 20s and working for the Air Force in Germany when he met and fell in love with Sylvia. He never mentioned Sylvia’s full name, but he revealed that she worked as a flight attendant at the Rhein-Main Air Base in her home country, Germany.

While talking to Herald Online about his ex-fiancée, Graham unveiled juicy tidbits; he narrated how his close friend and roommate dated and married Sylvia’s roommate, but his relationship with her never worked out.

Going on, The US senator said they had to call it quits with their relationship because Sylvia was committed to taking care of her elderly mother in Germany and couldn’t return to South Carolina with him when he completed his assignment in Germany.

This tale was the closest Lindsey Graham ever came to changing his relationship status in his entire life. Since Silvia, no other woman has ever evoked tender feelings in Graham’s heart, and he has never displayed interest in any to date.

His Single Status Jeopardized His Bid For Presidency in the United States 

Being perpetually single has denied Graham many things in his career life, including running for the office of the United States President.

In 2016, Lindsey announced his interest in running for the office of the number one citizen in the United States. However, history was totally against him because only one President of the US, James Buchanan, managed to stay single throughout his tenure as the POTUS. Though Woodrow Wilson and Grover Cleveland started ruling America as bachelors, they both wedded while in office. With that said, it is glaring that all other Presidents of the United States were married before going into office, leaving Graham as the odd man out.

Throughout his campaign in 2015, Lindsey Graham’s single status made headlines across all media outlets. Talking to POLITICO, the South Carolina senator said taking care of his sister, who was 13 when their parents died, gave him a feel of family life, and though getting married and having a family is a blessing, he didn’t see himself as a defective person.

When quizzed about who would fill in the office of a first lady during his tenure, Graham said his younger sister, Darline Graham Nordone would suffice, and he had so many other female friends who would be rotating the role. However, he later dismissed that particular comment as a joke.

In clarification, Lindsey revealed that one can still have a loving family whether married or not. Counting himself as someone in that category, the South Carolina senator said his family comprises his aunt and uncle, whom he has been catering for as they took care of him in his younger days. There is also his sister.

In conclusion, the Republican politician said he thinks that being single ought not to disqualify anybody.

He was Accused of Being Gay by Comedian Chelsea Handler

In January 2018, Chelsea Handler stated in a vulgar tweet that Lindsey was being manipulated and blackmailed to support Trump’s Republican administration. The reason for this was that they had an incriminating video clip capable of outing him as gay.

Handler, who was one of the most outspoken critics of Donald Trump’s administration, has been known to go up against the Republicans.

Handler’s criticism elicited a response from Lindsey Graham, who told TMZ that he doesn’t bother to pay attention to whatever the lady was saying and tries not to think much about it.

Elucidating, Lindsey said it is up to Handler if he wants to live her life leveling unfounded criticisms against others. In a tweet, the South Carolina senator maintained that Chelsea knows zero about him, confirming that he is straight and not gay. Grahan also confirmed his straight status to New York Times in 2010.

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