Is Lil Dicky Gay?

Lil Dicky is not gay. Though he has not expressly confirmed his sexuality, he has revealed a past relationship of his with a girl named Molly, leading to the reasonable assumption that he is not gay.

The rapper has, however, faced gay rumors. The reason for this is that he tightly shields his love life from public scrutiny. There is also his on-screen bromance with producer and songwriter, Benny Blanco, on the TV series, Dave, which debuted in 2020.

Is Lil Dicky Gay?

Lil Dicky is not gay. The Freaky Friday rapper has never come out to clarify his sexuality but he has previously spoken about dating a girl named Molly in the past. In fact, he dropped a song titled Molly in 2015 which chronicled their break up. Given all this, it is obvious that the rapper is not gay.

Lil Dicky has, however, faced gay rumors and one of the reasons for this is that he hides his love life. Despite the fact that he has been famous since 2013 when he dropped his hit single Ex-boyfriend, there are no confirmed reports of him dating any of his fellow celebrities or even someone that is not a celebrity. His dating history is scant and this has led to gay rumors.

Lil Dicky has also faced gay rumors as a result of his on-screen bromance with Benny Blanco on his TV series, Dave. Dave is based on a fictionalized version of Dicky himself and follows him as he tries to build a music career. In episode 3 season 2 which aired in June 2021, Dave and Blanco, who is male, have a bromance moment. They run around naked, take a shower together and put bubble gums into each other’s buttholes. All this was quite homoerotic in nature and sparked rumors that Lil Dicky may be gay.

The rapper refused to respond to the rumors and they subsided. It, however, reared its head up again around July 2022. Blanco posted a throwback picture of himself on Tik Tok and declared that he wished the 12-year-old version of himself could see who he was dating now. He then shared a picture of himself hugging Lil Dicky from behind during the season premiere of Dave. All this once more sparked gay rumors but it is not true. Lil Dicky is not gay and Benny Blanco himself is also not gay.

Is Lil Dicky Dating Anyone?

Lil Dicky is not dating anyone now to the best of public knowledge. The rapper may possibly be carrying on a romance at the moment but he has chosen to protect the details and the person involved from the public glare leading to the presumption that he is single.
While we wait for Lil Dicky to disclose the finer aspects of his love life, he was recently rumored to be dating Doja Cat.

Lil Dicky and Doja Cat sparked dating rumors after Cat was featured in an episode of Dave on the 21st of July. In that episode, Dicky matches with Doja Cat on an online dating platform and is super psyched about it. There is nothing, however, to show that this romance goes beyond the screen.

Who is Lil Dicky Ex-girlfriend, Molly?

Lil Dicky has been stingy with details of his love life but one thing that is known for sure is that he previously had a girlfriend named Molly. He loved her very much but the fact that he was trying to pursue his rap career interfered with their relationship. At some point, Molly decided to cut her losses and moved on with her life.

The break-up was quite harsh on Lil Dicky and he later sang about it in his 2015 song titled Molly. The video for the song was as haunting as the lyrics. It showed the rapper getting ready for a wedding ceremony which sees his ex-girlfriend get married to a friend of his.

Lil Dicky confirmed that Molly is real during a 2016 Reddit session. He also stated that it wasn’t difficult choosing his career over Molly but that the difficult thing was living with the outcome of that decision.


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