Is Lewis Hamilton Gay?

Lewis Hamilton is not gay. He is currently not dating anyone but has been rumored to have dated Camila Kendra and other women like Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna, and Rita Ora in the past. 

So far, Lewis Hamilton has had one of the most spectacular careers in the history of Formula One racing. His fame isn’t only from his career, but also from his outspoken stances on social and environmental issues. His support for the LGBTQI+ community has raised curiosity among fans about his sexuality. Get to know all about Lewis Hamilton’s sexuality and his relationship life.

What Raised the Rumors that Lewis Hamilton is Gay?


Lewis Hamilton frequently speaks for the LGBTQ community and openly supports them. He has also spoken out against some groups that are anti-LGBTQ. With his constant support for the LGBTQ community, the public believed he was gay. However, taking a look at his relationship history, the F1 driver cannot be regarded as gay, as he has been linked to a few women in the past.

Meanwhile, we cannot draw any conclusions about his sexuality as he has not opened up about it publicly. Lewis Hamilton has never revealed on any social media platform that he is straight or a member of the gay community. Therefore, we will have to keep it in the middle until he comes out publicly to embrace one side of the claims.

Is Lewis Hamilton In Any Relationship?

There are rumors that Lewis Hamilton is dating Camila Kendra. She was born in Miami and is a model with Dominican roots. Camila initially wanted to be a pilot like her father, but eventually decided to pursue a career in modeling. The agencies she works with include The Industry LA, The Industry NY, Elite Miami, and Next Models London.

They were known to be very close friends, and not as having any relationship. Their friendship was rumored to have crossed lines when Camila was spotted at Hamilton’s house back in 2021. Meanwhile, in mid-2022, some reports claimed that they had ended their relationship. However, none of them acknowledged or denied the rumor, thereby convincing some people that they dated while leaving others hanging.

Lewis Hamilton Has Been Linked With Other Women in the Past

Aside from his most recent speculated relationship with Camila Kendra, Lewis has been linked to several other women in the past. Read on to get insight into his relationship with these women.

Daniella Lloyd

Lewis Hamilton

Daniella Lloyd, an English model and television personality, and Lewis Hamilton were involved in a short-term relationship that lasted just six months in 2002. Lewis, who was an F3 driver at that time, met his ex-lover at celebrity haunt 10 rooms and fell in love with her. Though they never stated the reasons for their split, they still remained friends after that. Lewis also graced the event in 2004, when she was crowned Miss England.

Jodia Ma

Lewis Hamilton

Jodia Ma, Lewis Hamilton’s childhood friend, began dating the F1 driver in 2003. The duo met at the Cambridge School of Arts and Science, where Jodia was studying event management and Lewis was still pursuing his dream of becoming a pro in his career. They were together for a period of four years before they called it quits in 2007 without citing the cause of their break up.

Lotta Hintsa

Lotta Hintsa, who was once Miss Finland and the daughter of Lewis Hamilton’s mentor, Aki Hintsa, was speculated to have dated the F1 driver in 2006. The reason for the speculations was not stated, but the ex-beauty queen debunked the rumors. She stated that she had a good relationship with Lewis but never dated him.

Vivian Burkhardt

Lewis Hamilton

There is no doubt that Lewis Hamilton goes for the most beautiful and classy ladies. He dated Vivian Burkhardt, a beauty queen who was once crowned Miss World. The beauty queen charmed Lewis after she was crowned Miss World in 2007. The duo dated for a few months and attended events together before they called it quits.

Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton once dated one of the world’s most popular pop singers, Nicole Scherzinger. Reports have it that they were in an on-and-off relationship that started in 2007. According to reports, the F1 driver admitted that he didn’t put more time into his relationship life as he travels most of the time.

It was reported that they had a tumultuous relationship that lasted for seven years. Before their breakup in 2015, they were constantly seen together on red carpets and on social media. After their split, Nicole Scherzinger moved on and is currently dating Thom Evans, a former rugby player.


Lewis Hamilton

The British F1 driver was recorded to have had a relationship with the Umbrella crooner, Rihanna. Reports have it that they were spotted on several occasions flirting up a storm somewhere in Barbados and also in New York.

They started off their relationship by being just friends, as Lewis once confirmed in a report. He stated in the report that they hung out on a regular basis. Meanwhile, when it looked as if they were about to take the friendship to a more serious level, Rihanna turned it down and called it quits, according to some reports. She broke up with the sportsman because she was not ready to tie herself down then.

Veronica Valle

Veronica Valle, a glamour model, and Lewis Hamilton dated for a period of three months in 2015. The F1 driver saw her on Instagram in August 2015 and sent her a message. After chatting for a while, he flew her from Huston, Texas, to Barbados. However, Veronica soon found out that the charmer had a bad side.

She revealed that she quit because of how he spoke to her. The model further disclosed some of the things that he did that got her really pissed and made her leave him.

Rita Ora

Lewis Hamilton

After Lewis Hamilton’s last relationship with Rihanna, he was later reported to be in a relationship with Rita Ora. She is a singer and songwriter from the UK.

The British singer was reported to have started a relationship with Lewis in 2016 when she was spotted leaving his apartment after spending the night together. Their relationship was also confirmed after she was seen supporting him at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. However, though they were spotted together on several occasions, the duo never confirmed their relationship.

Barbara Palvian

Lewis Hamilton was linked to Barbara Plavian back in 2016 after they were frequently spotted together in the late summer. The two met at the Cannes Film Festival and became pretty close. Barbara also sat beside him when he took part in Monaco, Hungarian, and European Grands Prix held that season.

Kendall Jenner

Lewis Hamilton

The F1 driver was also linked to Kendall Jenner, an American model, media personality, and socialite. The duo was speculated to be in a relationship after they were spotted at Cannes and Monaco in 2016.

Winnie Harlow

Lewis Hamilton was reportedly linked to model Winnie Harlow after they were spotted several times. The duo was first spotted at the GQ Awards held in September 2016. They were later seen together at the amfAR Gala in Cannes in May 2017. This notwithstanding, they still did not confirm or deny having had a thing together.

Sofia Richie

Lewis Hamilton

Sofia Ritchie, the daughter of singer Lionel Richie, was speculated to have dated the F1 driver in early 2017. This claim came up after they were spotted for the first time together in the front row at Couture Fashion Week in Paris. A few months later, he took her for a launch, but they did not react to any of the claims.

Nicki Minaj

Lewis Hamilton was allegedly linked to the Trinidadian-born rapper Nicki Minaj back in 2018. The news about their relationship started circulating after they were spotted at New York Fashion Week together. The duo further fueled the speculation by sharing pictures of their getaway in Dubai. However, they never cared to confirm or deny the claims, thereby making them mere speculation.

Zahra Elise

Lewis Hamilton

Zahra Elise, a model and businesswoman, was allegedly linked to Lewis after they were seen together at a friend’s birthday party in 2019. The model later cleared the air on their relationship, making it known that they were just friends.

Florence Mueller

Lewis Hamilton

In 2020, Florence Mueller was linked to Lewis Hamilton after they embarked on a yachting holiday. The American model and the F1 driver were reportedly not dating but had something romantic going on as of then.


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