Is Kenny Chesney Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Kenny Chesney is not gay and has not been in any publicly known relationship with any male. Kenny Chesney’s sexuality is straight and he was once married to Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger. However, their marriage was a brief one as it ended as quickly as it began, which in part gave rise to rumors about him being homosexual.

Being famous has its drawbacks, as one is bound to have a slew of fans bombarding them with questions and rumors about their lives. This has been the case with Kenny Chesney, as there have been rumors and speculation about his sexual orientation since his divorce, leaving fans wondering if he is gay. Continue reading to learn the truth about Kenny Chesney’s sexual orientation.

Kenny Chesney Is Not Gay

As earlier stated, the rumor of Kenny Chesney’s sexual orientation began after his divorce from Hollywood star actress, Renee Zellweger. The ex-lovers got married on May 9, 2005 in a simple wedding ceremony which took place in the Virgin Islands.

According to information, they met each other for the first time in January 2005 in NBC’s Concert of Hope, a tsunami aid telethon, and after getting acquainted with each other they began dating. They dated for a short period and in no time they got engaged.

After their wedding, the couple seemed like the type of couple who would grow old together and have the happily ever after ending story considering how they had gushed about each other. Even Kenny on the show titled The Tonight Show, had talked about how cute his wife was and the overwhelming love he feels for her.

Unfortunately, to the surprise of many, their marriage came to an end after four months of living together as husband and wife with Renee seeking an annulment, claiming the marriage was all a fraud. For clarity, the annulment of a marriage is very different from a divorce because an annulment simply means the marriage never existed.

Kenny Chesney’s Short Marriage To Renee Zellweger Triggered Rumors About His Sexuality

The word “fraud” as claimed by Chesney’s ex-wife, Renee Zellweger got many fans speculating lots of things and the majority came to the conclusion that Kenny Chesney was gay. This rumor about him being gay propelled the American country music singer to talk about his sexuality in a 60 minutes interview to clear the air.

When questioned about the truth of his sexuality in relation to the persistent rumor that he is gay, Kenny simply said, “It’s not true”. The musician claimed that while he ought to have addressed the rumors long ago, he was trying to avoid attaching more attention to them because what had been said about him had never really bothered him and he did not need to establish his credibility with anyone because he was not accountable to anyone for how he lived his life.

He further stated that he loves and is sexually attracted to women, but was not prepared for marriage which was why his marriage with Renee did not work out. Kenny Chesney’s candidness about his sexual orientation has helped to quench the rumors about his sexuality once and for all although some still tag him as gay.

Kenny’s ex-wife, Renée, has also since come out to clarify that the word “fraud” which she used as a basis to annul their marriage was based on the legal sense not on her ex-husband’s sexual orientation and character.

Is Kenny Chesney in a Relationship?

Kenny Chesney Gay
Kenny Chesney and long time girlfriend, Mary Nolan

Kenny Chesney is said to have moved on from his failed marriage and is currently dating  Mary Nolan, a popular model, singer, dancer and actress. The lovebirds are believed by many to have met at one of his concerts and have been together since 2012.

Although their relationship is 11 years now, there has not been much information about their relationship and many had attributed their privacy to Kenny’s experience from his past relationship with Renee Zellweger. However, Mary has been spotted with the famous singer on several occasions hanging out and they have also shared pictures of them kissing.

Is Kenny Chesney Married?

Kenny Chesney is currently single as he is yet to remarry since his divorce, although he has been allegedly involved with a number of women, including Amy Colley and Miranda Lambert. More on them below:

Amy Colley

Amy Colley was former Miss Tennessee – a title she won in 2005 – and was also said to be pursuing a career in nursing. She dated Kenny Chesney in 2008 and they were together for two years, socialized frequently, and took trips together, including one to the Bahamas.

Kenny Chesney Gay

Later, Kenny and Amy broke up because of his infidelity; Amy had seen him with an unknown woman who he was allegedly dating. It turns out that this mysterious woman is renowned ESPN sportscaster Jenn Brown. Since the couple was only observed by photographers while they were out for a walk, it has not yet been established whether Kenny and Jenn were dating.

Sara Evans

Kenny was also rumored to have dated fellow country music star, Sara Evans. As at the time the rumor began circulating, Sara was still married to her husband which made the news seem false and both parties had denied the accusations which was hard for fans to believe because Evans and her husband got divorced shortly after.

Miranda Lambert

The country music star was also rumored to have dated Miranda Lambert, however, he debunked the rumor stating that they were just enjoying a good professional relationship as colleagues in the entertainment industry..

Who Is Kenny Chesney Married To Now?

The famous country music artist and producer is not married to anyone at the moment. He is presently involved in a longtime relationship with Mary Nolan and they are yet to tie the nuptial knot although it’s been rumored that they are currently engaged to each other.

Is Kenny Married To Mary Nolan?

Kenny and his longtime girlfriend, Mary Nolan, are yet to commit to each other martially, but there have been rumors circulating on social media about their being engaged. This is hard for sources to confirm as they have both been very private with their relationship.

Is Kenny Chesney Married To Grace Potter?

Kenny Chesney is not married to Grace Potter nor have they dated each other before. The latter is a married woman who is married to Eric Valentine. According to sources, Kenny had never met Grace before until the day he called her to join him in a song and since then, they both became good friends who enjoy working together to produce good music.

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