Is Josh Groban Married or Is He Dating A Girlfriend?

Most people know Josh Groban as one of the most popular musicians in the United States of America. Many people also know that the You Raise Me Up crooner is equally a talented actor and has appeared on several movies, TV series, as well as some highly-acclaimed theatrical productions. However, what about Groban’s love life? Is he married or does he have a girlfriend? Is the singer-cum-actor gay? All these and more issues are explored below.

Josh Groban’s Past Relationships

Josh Groban has not only enjoyed a thriving showbiz career but also fascinating love life. The curly-haired crooner has dated a bevy of talented and beautiful ladies over the years. First on the list is January Jones. Jones is an accomplished model/actress, who has appeared in several movies and TV series but is most popular for her role as Betty Draper on the AMC series, Mad Men. Groban and Jones commenced their relationship in August 2003. They did not attempt to hide their relationship and often attended public events together. The loved-up couple later called it quits in June 2006 and their breakup was an amicable one, as they remained good friends.

Following his split from Jones, Josh Groban took some time off from the dating game to focus on his burgeoning career. The singer, however, made a reappearance on the dating scene three years later in 2010. During this period, Groban was romantically linked with several ladies including award-winning singer, Katy Perry, model/actress, April Bowlby and American actress, Selma Blair. These relationships were never confirmed by the parties involved and may have well been a case of just two friends hanging out.

After several rumored relationships and flings, Josh Groban commenced a confirmed romance with Two Broke Girls actress and Broadway star, Kat Dennings, in October 2014. The couple was first introduced by Dennings Two Broke Girls co-star, Beth Behr. On discovering that they shared a mutual appreciation for nerdy and geeky things, they hit it off immediately. Their relationship lasted for about two years and during this time, the couple gushed about each other at any given opportunity. Groban described his girlfriend as a brilliant and funny person while the actress described him as a musical genius. The relationship between the pair sadly came to an end in July 2016. A source close to the couple disclosed that the breakup was a mutual decision.

Is He Married To A Wife or Dating A Girlfriend Now?

Josh Groban is not yet married but he is presently in a relationship with Schuyler Helford. Helford is a budding actress, writer, and producer. She was born on the 10th of March 1991 in Los Angeles. Her father, Bruce Helford, is an accomplished Hollywood producer and writer while her mom, Jan Corey, owns an art gallery. The actress also has a brother named Aven. Aven is an artist as well as alumni of the prestigious Parsons School of Design.

Josh Groban
Groban with his girlfriend, Schuyler Helford image source

Before joining Hollywood, Schuyler Helford honed her skills at several institutions including the British-American Drama Academy, London. She has since appeared in several TV series including Anger Management. She has also created several web-based series like Indoorsy and #Sobriety. Groban and Helford commenced their relationship in 2018, making a joint appearance at the Tony Awards ceremony held in June that year. The pair have remained strong ever since and have been spotted on casual outings in Los Angeles. They have also made joint appearances at several formal events.

Is Josh Groban Gay or Straight?

If there is one thing that is also popular about Josh Groban, that would be questions regarding his sexuality. The singer has been surrounded by gay rumors for the majority of his career. This may not be unconnected with the fact that he is quite good looking and equally, has an amazing voice. While he is however not fazed by these speculations, he has revealed that he is not gay. He has also disclosed that if he were to be gay, he would be the first person to shout it from the rooftops as he doesn’t view it as a bad thing. According to Groban, he was brought up in the open-minded family background. He grew up with gay friends and his parents equally had great gay friends as well. As such, he was inculcated with the principle of love and acceptance right from the onset.

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