Is Joan Jett Gay or Lesbian? Who Is Her Partner?

Joan Jett is neither gay nor a lesbian. Judging by the fact that she has been in relationships with both genders, we believe she is bisexual. However, she has not yet openly confirmed her sexuality. 

Joan Jett is an American guitarist, singer, record producer, and actress, who is known as the founder and frontwoman of the group Runaways. Aside from her fame in the music industry, Joan Jett’s sexuality has raised much curiosity, as she has refused to clear the air about it. Everything you need to know about Joan Jett’s relationship and partners is right here.

Is Joan Jett Married?

Joan Jett is currently single and has never been married to anyone in the past. Likewise, there is no report available on her current relationship, as such, no one can tell if she is dating or not.

However, the Runaway co-founder has been linked to several people in the past. Her relationship history has made a lot of people conclude that her sexuality is bisexual. This is because she has been in relationships with both the male and female genders.

Is Joan Jett Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual?

Joan Jett has not identified herself as having any particular sexual orientation. Some of her fans labeled her a lesbian because she has been in relationships with other women. Likewise, Joan Jett has also dated men in the past which has made many people believe she is be bisexual .


In an interview with Out Magazine in 1994, Joan Jett made it clear to the public that they could assume whatever they liked about her sexuality. Also in 2006, the rock singer was  asked if she was a lesbian and she responded by saying that she has never made any such statement.

Meanwhile, Joan raised the speculation about being a lesbian during an interview with the New York Times in 2018. In the course of the interview, she was asked about her sexuality and why she has refused to be public about it and in response she pointed at her necklace, which was designed with two labryses across each other and two women’s symbols also crossing each other (she also has the same design tattooed on her back).

The design and the tattoos were interpreted to mean that she is a supporter of same-sex marriage and maybe a lesbian. However, Joan Jett has not openly supported the LGBTIQ+ community, nor has she confirmed being a part of any of them.

A Look At Joan Jett’s Dating History 

As we have stated before, it was rumored that Joan Jett’s love life wasn’t restricted by gender. She has had relationships with both people of the same sex and with people of the opposite sex.

Here are a some of the women Joan Jett has been linked to in the past.

Kira Roessler

The relationship between Kira Roessler and Joan Jett is rumored to be one of the rock singer’s first dates in the 1900s. In an interview with Alice Bag, Kira disclosed that she had an intimate relationship with Joan Jett, confirming that the singer is the only woman she had real intimacy with.

Kira Roessler is one of the most talented musicians to emerge from the Los Angeles Hollywood punk movement. She has performed with numerous bands throughout the course of her extensive career. It’s not known how long Kira and Joan’s relationship lasted. However, according to some reports, it didn’t last long, as it was more of a hookup between them.

Cherie Currie

Joan Jett also had a fling with Cherie Currie, one of her band members in The Runaways. It was revealed in a 2010 Hitfix interview that Jett and Currie started dating in 1976. Their romance lasted for less than a year, according to available reports.

Lita Ford, a member of the band, sort of confirmed the duo’s relationship in her 2016 memoir, Living Like A Runaway. She disclosed that she had to leave the band once when she found out that one of the band members was interested in women. Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, on the other hand, have not reacted to her claims.

Lisa Curland

Lisa Curland once dated Joan Jett between late 1976 and 1977. When compared to Joan Jett’s previous relationships, theirs was the shortest. Just like others, it was speculated to be a very private relationship.

Pleasant Gehman

Reports have it that after she ended her relationship with Lisa Curland, Joan Jett began dating Pleasant Gehman. Their relationship, like most of her other ones, was brief. They started dating in 1977 and also separated in the same year.

Stephanie Adams

The American model, Stephanie Adams, was also listed among those who once dated Joan Jett. Although it wasn’t stated how they met each other, according to available information, they started their relationship in 2003 and also ended in the same year. So far, not even Stephanie Adams or Joan Jett have openly come out to counter the rumor.

Jenna Jameson

It was also reported that Joan Jett had a thing with Jenna Jameson in February 2006. They were spotted severely together in romantic positions. Meanwhile, their relationship didn’t last long, as it was reported that they separated in March 2006.

Carmen Electra

Joan Jett also dated Carmen Electra immediately after he separated from Jenna Jameson in 2006. It was gathered that the rock singer and Carmen were really ready to build their relationship. However, it came as a surprise when after a year it was also rumored that they had separated. Although they didn’t disclose the reason for their split, a source revealed that Carmen wasn’t comfortable with the way she was getting exposed.

Joan Jett Has Also Dated A Few Men

Here are some of the men the co-founder of The Runaway rock band once dated.

Tom Peterson

Tom Peterson was reportedly in a relationship with Joan Jett in 1977, the same year she dated Lisa Curland and Pleasant Gehman. Her relationship with the Rockford, Illinois-born musician lasted less than a year. The reason they ended the relationship was never revealed.

Billy Idol 

Immediately after Joan Jett separated from her relationship with Tom Peterson, she was also rumored to have started dating Billy Idol. The relationship was also short-lived, as they also broke up a few months later without making the reason for their split known.

John Lydon

John Lydon and Joan Jett were claimed to have started dating in mid-1978, just a few months after she broke up with Billy Idol. Although nothing was revealed in relation to how they started, it was revealed that they ended the relationship in the same year.

Chuck Zito

The American actor Chuck Zito is also alleged to have dated Joan. Just like the rest of the relationships in which Joan had been involved, they separated the same year they started dating.


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