Is Gabe Kapler Gay?

Contrary to all the rumors flying about on the subject, former Major League Baseball (MLB) player, Gabe Kapler, is not gay. He was previously married to a businesswoman named Lisa Jansen, but unfortunately, they are divorced now.

Despite not being gay himself, the former MLB star is an advocate for LGBT+ rights and has never shied away from the task. He has also become a role model for homosexual sports enthusiasts. So how did rumors about his sexuality come about? Read on to find out.

Gabe Kapler Is Straight And Not Gay

Baseball manager, Gabe Kapler, is not gay but he does advocacy work for the rights of bisexual fans and players. Born Gabriel Stefan Kapler, Gabe sexually identifies as straight. Even a decade after making his final appearance for the MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays, the admiration for the former athlete is still as strong as ever.

It’s clear to see that everyone has a great deal of regard for Gabe just by asking them about him and the public opinion about him is overwhelmingly positive.

If there is any word many would use to describe Gabe Kapler, it would be the word “brave.” In a world where gay people are instantly met with hostility and rejection, Gabe has taken a stand by speaking up in support of the LGBT+ community. He has also made an effort to ensure that the community felt included and appreciated.

He has never given a thought to stereotypes, which is likely why people still have huge respect and admiration for him. This singular move demonstrated his level of professionalism and open-mindedness, an irresistible combination.

In addition to winning many renowned awards and championships, the player has cemented his place as one of the first MLB supporters of the LGBT+ community. Still, his support notwithstanding, Gabe has always been sexually attracted to women.

He has never been spotted on a date with a man nor has he been found in compromising situations with any of them. While Gabe isn’t much of a ladies’ man, he has been with enough women in public to squash the rumors that he is gay.

Rumors About Gabe Kapler Being Gay Started After He Made A Few Comments On Bisexual Athletes

After his most remark regarding the San Francisco Giants’ headgear debut on June 4, 2021, rumors about his sexual orientation started making the rounds. During an exclusive interview, Gabe Kapler stated that his team members were all supporting the LGBTQ community and that he thought it was an essential move.

He said by firmly supporting the LGBTQ community, he was also fighting for the rights of fans who identify as bisexual but are nonetheless not very well accepted in society. However, this wasn’t perceived by all as straightforward and honest support for the LGBTQ community.

When Kapler posted this on Twitter, a vast percentage of the general public immediately assumed he was gay. While some people applauded his open-mindedness on the issue of homosexuality, some others felt his tweets also implied he was more than just an LGBT+ ally.

Let’s take a look at some of Kapler’s tweets to give you a general idea of why these rumors are still going strong. In one tweet from February 11th, 2014, Gabe said,

“I hope when the first actively gay baseball player comes out, he’s a superstar. We need a Jackie Robinson-style earth-shaker.”

To conclude his tweet, he added a hashtag that served to highlight just how much he endorses the LGBT+ community and how much he supports gay sports athletes. In a hetero-normative society like the USA, coming out as an ally often leads to a lot of public misunderstandings, many of which athletes like Gabe Kapler battle for the remaining part of their careers, and in extreme cases, their lives.

Gabe Kapler’s Used to Be Married to Lisa Jansen

As further proof that Gabe Kapler is straight, it might be interesting to know that he has already walked down the aisle with a female lover once. Lisa Jansen, the ex-wife of Gabe Kapler, is a beautiful and successful woman. The pair first connected in the fall of 1994 while attending Moorpark College.

Gabe Kapler Gay

They were both students at the college and after some time, they started dating. Later, on December 17, 1998, they were wed in a private ceremony that involved only their closest friends and family members, as well as Gabe Kapler’s MLB colleagues.

Their marriage was a happy one while it lasted. Together with him Lisa founded the Gabe Kapler Foundation—a nonprofit group that works to raise public awareness about the harm that abusive relationships may do to one another.

Lisa and Gabe might have had their differences, but for the most part, they always managed to create an image of togetherness when facing the public. The two of them maintained a 15-year-old marriage with zero public scandals.

He Has Two Sons With His Ex-Wife, Lisa Jansen

The marital union between the former couple, Kapler and Jansen did not end with them alone as they expanded to include two boys.

Chase Ty (born on October 8, 1999), and Dane Rio (born on November 3, 2001), are the former couple’s two adorably gorgeous children. Not so much is known about the boys as it seems their parents prefer to raise them away from the spotlight.

They Announced Their Divorce In 2013

Sadly, in October 2013, Gabe Kapler and Lisa Jansen declared their marriage to be null and void due to irreconcilable differences after being married for a total of 15 years. Their divorce, although painful, was humane and peaceful.

At the time of their separation, their boys were 14 and 12 years old respectively and they settled on a co-parenting formula and custody schedule that worked for them even though the details have not been publicly published.

Following his divorce from Lisa, Gabe Kapler has not been in a relationship and appears to be content being single, choosing instead to raise his two sons. His sons who are currently 24 and 22 years old respectively are handsome and seem to be growing up very quickly.

The most exciting aspect of it all is that both of his sons appear to have continued in his path. After graduating from Malibu High School, Chase Kapler actively participated in high school football for two MaxPreps-affiliated teams. Dane, his second son, also participated in sports for Ventura High.

It appears that they admire their father more than we realize, and hopefully, it won’t be long before the Kepler name returns to the fields as it did decades ago.

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