Is Esme Young Married, Who Is the Husband?

There has been no information as to whether Esme Young is married or not. The much that is known about her centers around her career and what good she is making of it.

Esme Young has been known in most parts of the media for her role as a judge on the much-watched BBC program called The Great British Bee as far back as 2016. She has been known since then as a fashion icon because of her fashion design career and fans have been curious to know whether she was married all that while.

Esme Young is not Married

There have been no records of Esme Young being married in the sense of having a husband, neither has she been recorded to have been in any relationship either openly or a secret one paparazzi would have found out. She is mostly known as a reserved career woman and fashion icon. There’s very little information available about her private life.

Beyond The Young Sewing Bee, Who is Esme Young?

Esme Young was born in 1949 in Bedfordshire and has built a career as a successful fashion designer. She revealed her talent for fashion at an early stage and started designing costumes at the age of 7. It is even said that she did not hold back on her talents as she was able to design all her clothes and outfits. That’s genius for a young lady at her age, isn’t it? The talent would take Esme far and lead her to groom a successful fashion career that spanned 50 years.

Esme had her basic education at a convent school and later honed her art skills as a student at St Martins College of Art. At the college, she met Millie Walters and became her model, and that marked the beginning of a budding business relationship that helped Esme to complete her final collection while in College.

Esme learned sewing at school and was very good at her knitting and embroidery classes. Her attention to detail led inspired her to get clothing from charity shops which she re-designs to her taste. Furthermore, Esme often mentioned in interviews that when she started, her clothes were not really great to look at but she made them anyways. She took the time to make her patterns without referring to popular patterns. She has always been original.

How Esme Young Built a Career in the Fashion Industry

Esme Young collaborated with her friends Willie Walters, Judy Drewsbury, and Melanie Langer to open a London-based shop they tagged ‘Swanky Modes’. The shop later closed in 1993.

Without relenting, the dogged Esme established her brand by working with independent stylists and costume designers. She partnered with a lot of brands, companies, movie producers, talent managers, and even established stars who featured her apparel in movies and music videos. Some of the big names that she worked with on their projects include Yardley and Rimmel, Max Factor, De Beers, Pretty Polly tights, Levi’s Boots, and others.

Esme has also revealed that she made the dress for Leonardo DiCaprio’s iconic dress for the 1996 popular tragic love movie, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Fans were amazed at this revelation as this was the first time the information was ever mentioned in a public space. This is in addition to a host of other movies such as Saint-Ex, Fierce creatures, Heartlands, Code 46, The Beach, and others that she has worked in.

Esme Young Was a Judge on the Show, Young Sewing Bee

Esme became one of the judges on the BBC talent show dubbed ‘The Young Sewing Bee’ in 2016 alongside Patrick Grant. The show was a favorite for most people and further endeared her to fans.

Esme mentioned that she got the job when she met with a producer at a dinner party and was deemed to be a perfect fit for the series. The opportunity brought her connection with the executive producer of the show, Susanne Rock. Esme joined the cast after her predecessor, May Martin, left the show in 2015.

Where is Esme Young Now?

Esme Young became known as a renowned fashion designer that has designed for many brands around the globe. Unfortunately, apart from her professional life, very little is known about her life. Even with stardom, Esme lives in London and has been said to be living in rented housing after she became homeless in the 80s.

The last known information about her residence was when she shared a council apartment with a friend of hers. Unfortunately, she could not retain the house as a renter when her friend left as a result, she was forced to leave.

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