Is Emmett Blois Jackie Redmond’s Husband?

Emmett Blois is the husband of Jackie Redmond, the NHL commentator and host. They have been married since September 2021 and have never missed an opportunity to show how much they love each other.

Emmett is an Instagram personality, gym instructor, and former Big Brother contestant who has been in partnership with Subway and some other brands. On the other hand, Jackie Redmond is a Canadian games commentator, sportscaster, reporter, and producer at the NHL and MLB networks. She has gained much fame for her coverage of the hockey league.

Being a public figure, Jackie Redmond has tried to keep her personal life separate from her professional life, which has left most of her personal information unknown. Since her rise to the limelight, there has been a growing curiosity from the public to know more about her love life. Read on as we unfold all that is to be known about the commentator’s love life.

Emmett Blois and Jackie Redmond Met in 2015

According to available reports, Emmett Blois met Jackie Redmond through social media way back in 2015. They kept their relationship away from the public until 2019 when they started uploading pictures of each other on their social media handles.

From when they met in 2015 until they got engaged, they kept their relationship strictly private. Jackie Redmond also maintained restrictions between her private life and her professional life.

Even as rumors of her affairs with Josh Donaldson and other Blue Jays players swirled around her relationship, Jackie maintained her composure and distanced herself from it. At the time, she worked on the MLB coverage team. However, the rumors affected her career, as she was reassigned from the MLB team to the NHL coverage team.

Josh Donaldson, on his end, was not happy with the rumor and publicly debunked it, stating that he has never been romantically involved with the journalist. All through the scandal, Emmett Blois was with Jackie and never made a comment.

The NHL Anchor and Her Husband Went Public With Their Relationship in 2019

Emmett Blois and Jackie Redmond dated for over 4 years and successfully kept their relationship away from the public for those years. In 2019, they thought it was time to make the romantic side of their lives known to the public and decided to post their pictures on Instagram.

Their first picture on Instagram was uploaded on May 1, 2019. The picture was taken at a wedding ceremony of Emmett’s friend, which they both attended. From that moment on, they started sharing pictures of each other, keeping their fans updated on their relationship.

Reports have it that Emmett Blois proposed to Jackie Redmond on the 10th of October, 2021 on a beach. They made use of the opportunity to announce to the world that they would soon get married.

Emmett Blois Became Jackie Redmond’s Husband in Late 2021

Emmett Blois is Jackie Redmond’s husband. The 36 year-old former Big Brother Canada contestant got married to the NHL anchor on September 2021. Unlike a lot of people at their level of fame who would love to have a loud wedding, Jackie Redmond and her husband decided to go with a very private wedding.

According to a report, their wedding was held in a tent and it was honored by a few friends and some close family members. Ever since they got married, they have maintained their love for each other, as there has not been any controversy.

As a result, their fans see them as a perfect match. So far, the couple has been married for almost 2 years now and has not welcomed any children yet. With time, probably, they might decide to change their status by becoming parents.


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