Is Emily Compagno Married and Who is the Husband?

Emily Compagno is married to Peter Riley, a real estate agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate. The couple got married on September 13, 2017, in Italy in a private wedding ceremony.

Emily Compagno is an attorney, a TV host who works on Fox News, and a former National Football League cheerleader. She is known for covering programs like Gutfield and Outnumbered on the TV channel. The reporter has been dishing out quite impressive talks on her shows, which made many want to know what her love life is like. Here is all to know about the reporter’s heartthrob, Peter Riley.

Who Is Emily Compagno’s Husband?

Emily Compagno’s husband is Peter Riley, a real estate agent from Northwest. The couple had known each other since they were teenagers but did not go into a romantic relationship till they connected years later on a Seattle sidewalk. They started something romantic a few years after they connected on the sidewalk.

Years later, the real estate agent popped the big question, she accepted his proposal, and they got engaged. However,

Although they are both sports lovers, they have never supported any team together. But that notwithstanding, their love keeps growing. Even though their relationship has been in the limelight because of the fame that Emily has gained over the years as a presenter, the public does not know how long they dated before walking down the aisle.

Also, nothing is known about the date of their engagement. The only information that was made available was their wedding date, which was on September 13, 2017.

The ceremony took place in Italy and it was a one with no guests in attendance. Emily Compagno reportedly wanted the wedding to take place at her family’s estate in Villa Cimbrone, Italy. However, it took place at an outdoor tea pavilion in the city.

The reason for having a private wedding was not made known by either of them since they kept their relationship on the low. They also kept their wedding pictures away from the media until early 2020 when they surfaced from an unknown source. To date, the lovebirds are still living their lives to the fullest and have kept their marriage away from the prying eyes of the media.

Peter Riley is A Real Estate Agent

Peter Riley was born in 1979 in Portland, Oregon, to his parents. Unlike his wife, his exact month and date of birth have been withheld from the media. He has also chosen to hide the details of his family members from the media.

Based on this, his parents’ names and what they are up to are not known. Also, there is no information about whether or not he is a lone child or has siblings.

Details of Emily Compagno’s husband’s primary education have been kept under wraps, but he obtained his middle and high school education from his hometown. Afterward, he enrolled at Portland State University from where he graduated in 2003 with a degree in geology, computer application, and data analysis.

Upon his graduation, Peter started serving as a data analyst for an unknown Portland-based company. He worked with the company until 2008 before moving on to another job. After he left his job as a data analyst, he obtained a realtor license in 2009. Thereafter, he began working with Prudential Northwest Properties in Vancouver, Washington, United States.

The real estate company specializes in buying and selling properties in Washington D.C. and Oregon. Currently, the company changed its name and is operating as Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate. He has held the positions of account manager, sales representative, and sales manager in the company since he kicked off with them.

Peter Riley is Ranked Among The Top 10 Realtors in Southwest Washington

Peter Riley has achieved great feats in his career and was ranked as one of the top 5 real estate brokers in the Clark County area in 2011. He ranked top 5 in his company nationally, and by 2014, he made it to the top 2. By 2022, he had sold out over 300 properties worth over $80 million, ranking him among the top 10 agents in the Southwest Washington region.

Is Emily Compagno Still Married?

Though Emily Compagno and Peter Riley have managed to keep their marriage a secret, it still made headlines. After living as a couple for some years, rumors of their separation began to spread. Despite the fact that the couple has kept mute over the rumor, some netizens have already drawn their conclusions.

However, there are many reasons which led to the conclusions. One of those reasons is that Emily Compagno is back-bent on keeping her marriage off the media and rarely posts pictures of her husband on her social media handles. Meanwhile, they might have chosen not to post pictures of each other on their social media handles because of the privacy that they enjoy. This has succeeded in giving some people the conviction that they have been looking for.

Also, her husband is not a highly profiled celebrity that can be easily found on the internet and might have been mistaken for another Peter Riley. Notwithstanding the rumors, neither Emily Compagno nor Peter Riley has reacted to the rumors.

Furthermore, Emily Compagno does not wear a wedding ring, and this has also contributed to the speculation. Until they come out to confirm the news of their separation, it remains a mere rumor. They are both fully focused on their careers and are bent on achieving the best for themselves.

Does Emily Compagno Have Children?

Emily Compagno does not have any children that are known to the public. The reporter, together with her husband, has been quite secretive and as such, has kept their family matters out of the public’s knowledge. Meanwhile, she has been appearing on TV and has never been spotted with a baby bump.

Emily Compagno is a lover of kids, and with time, they might decide to make babies. Till then, our fingers remain crossed.

Emily Compagno Husband’s Photos

Before Peter Riley got married to Emily, he lived a life away from the spotlight. This has made many of his pictures not to be available on the internet. The only available pictures of the real estate agent are a few of his wedding pictures and fun pictures with Emily Compagno. Here are some of the photos of Peter Riley, Emily Compagno’s husband.

Peter Riley and Emily Compagno on their wedding day
Emily Compagno
Peter Riley playing lawn tennis on his wedding day
Peter and Emily having fun


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