Is Dream Gay or Straight? What is His Sexuality?

Dream is not gay. The American YouTuber and Twitch Streamer has not been in a relationship with any male that is known to the public. He is known to be romantically involved with only women.

Dream is an American YouTuber and Twitch Streamer who is known for creating Minecraft content. The YouTuber’s sexuality has, over time, sparked a heated debate, which has made him come out to clear the air about it.

Is Dream Gay? What Is His Sexuality?

Dream is not gay. Though the YouTuber initially kept his sexuality a secret, he later came out open with it. Meanwhile, the rumor of him being gay began to circulate for various reasons.

The fact that a greater part of his fans is members of the LGBTQI+ community sparked the claims. In June 2021, Dream reportedly donated funds to the Trevor Project and the LGTBQI+ youth charity. This further made the members of the community regard him as a member and icon of the community.

The series of speculations on whether Dream is a member of the LGTBQI+ community propelled him to reveal his sexuality. On April 21, 2022, Dream took to Twitter to reveal that he is not gay. He went on to state that he thinks that women are attractive and some men are OK too. Dream’s Twitter post sparked varied responses.

Some commended him for having the courage to come out about his sexuality to the public. However, some still tagged him unlabeled as he did not state the exact sexuality that he associates with. He was further tagged as bisexual by some of the members of the LGBTQI+ community. Dream was also tagged as homophobic by some in the LGTBQI+ community.

The YouTuber reacted to this claim by stating that his community is open to all gender identities and sexualities. At the time that the debate was going on, some believed that the tweets were answers to the claims about whether he was a member of the LGTBQI+ community or a strong supporter.

Dream’s closeness to fellow streamer George has also led many to claim that they were more than friends. On March 9, 2021, Dream took to his Twitter handle to clarify that he and George were not gay and that they were not in a gay relationship with each other. The YouTuber made it clear that he just thought he would clear up the common misconception.

Meanwhile, all that can be deduced from his reactions to the claims is that Dream is not gay, though he has not disclosed his exact sexuality.

Is Dream Dating Anyone? Who Has The YouTuber Dated?

At the moment, Dream has not revealed if he is in a relationship or single. Meanwhile, the YouTuber might be in a relationship but has chosen to keep it off the radar. However, with time, he will come out open about who he is dating, if he has any.

Dream was in a relationship with a lady known as Sam. Though when they met and started dating were not mentioned, it is known that they were already dating when Dream started creating content. Meanwhile, according to the YouTuber, they met through a mutual friend and co-YouTuber, Zak “Skeppy” Ahmad.

They broke up after dating for about three years and without stating the reason for their split at that time. However, after some time, Dream came out with the reason for their split, stating that Sam cheated on him severally.

He also stated that she flirted with some YouTube stars like Josh “Fruitberries.” The YouTuber also pointed out that his ex-girlfriend has a bipolar personality disorder. Sam, on her path, accused Dream of rape and physical and verbal abuse. She also stated that her ex-boyfriend starved her.

The public, especially Dream’s fans, was not having the whole messy split. They hung on to the aspect of infidelity and criticized Sam. Dream was forced to come out in defense of Sam and stated that did not support any hate toward her. Sam later appeared on SoarinSky’s video to state that she was still friends with Dream and that they had seen each other.


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