Is Christian Navarro Gay? An Inside Look at the ’13 Reasons Why’ Actor’s Relationships

American actor Christian Navarro can these days barely walk 10 paces down a busy road in the United States without a fan identifying who he is. This is largely thanks to his role in the web series 13 Reasons Why, a show that continues to shed light on social issues like online bullying, suicide, and sexual assault. In addition to his work on the Netflix show, he is also known for his roles in the HBO series Vinyl and the 2018 biographical film Can You Ever Forgive Me?

But while many people may point to 13 Reasons Why as being the show that gave him his breakthrough as an actor, Navarro has had to face some tough questions about his sexual orientation due to the role he plays on the show. The actor plays the character of a mysterious gay teenager named Tony Padilla.

Why Christian Navarro is Rumored To Be Gay

Just as many actors can point to one role in either a movie or TV show as being the reason why they achieved fame and fortune, Christian Navarro’s career struck gold when he landed a role in the Selena Gomez produced-web series, 13 Reasons Why which premiered on March 30, 2017.

Navarro took on the role of a gay teenager named Tony Padilla and received the 2018 Rising Star Award at the San Diego International Film Festival for his performance. Unsurprisingly, as many other actors before him have had to go through almost the same thing, his exceptional performance in the role brought along with it rumors that he was gay.

In 13 Reasons Why, Christian Navarro’s gay character had not just one but three boyfriends in the course of the series. His first boyfriend on the show was Brad, a character played by actor Henry Zaga in the first season. After the two broke up for reasons that were not explored on the show, Tony Padilla moved on to launch an affair with Ryan Shaver, a student at Liberty High played by actor Tommy Dorfman. The third person Padilla then entered into a relationship with on the show was Caleb, a boxing trainer played by actor R.J. Brown. The relationship between the pair proves to be the more significant one to this discussion as they notably shared a hot kissing scene in season 2 which fueled the rumors even more.

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In 2018, while fans were still debating whether or not Christian Navarro was gay in real life, the Bronx-born actor appeared in the biopic Can You Ever Forgive Me? which centered around LGBT characters. The film tells the true story of Jewish lesbian writer Lee Israel (played by Melissa McCartney) as she forges dead authors letters in an attempt to refresh her career. It also featured a witty HIV-positive gay man named Jack Hock (played by Richard E. Grant) while Navarro, himself takes on a non-gay character named Kurt.

After having seemingly had enough of the gay rumors, Navarro came out to clarify that he was not gay and any misconceptions that there is about his sexual orientation are a result of him being very good at his job.

It is noteworthy to mention that aside from his roles in projects that had gay themes, the actor has appeared in a number of others that do not. This includes TV series like Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Blue Bloods, Taxi Brooklyn, The Affair, and Rosewood. On the film acting front, he has appeared in Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005), Run It (2009), and Bushwick (2017).

Who Is Christian Navarro’s Girlfriend?

Since shutting down the gay rumors, many have been curious to find out if Christian Navarro, who has disclosed that he has a crush on female boxer Paige VanZant and thinks actress Hailee Steinfeld is phenomenal, has a girlfriend.

The 13 Reasons Why actor has in the past dated several women, including Pakistani actress Shazi Raja who appeared as Eesha in the HBO web series High Maintenance. The duo reportedly went their separate ways in 2017 after dating briefly.

Since Raja, Navarro seemed to have turned his focus towards his career until recently when he reportedly entered into a relationship with model Kass Ramirez. While it is not known when exactly the pair started dating, they appear to be having the best times of their life together. This is evident as they always flaunt their relationship on social media platforms like Instagram.

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